The Button Giveaway Winners 2018:

The Fire HD Tablet: Angela B.

$25 Gift Card: Ashleigh S.

Signed copy of “The Button”: Kayla R, Amber S. and Sarah M.



This Second Chance Giveaway! October 15-October 30 (2017)

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader: Ryan L

$50 Amazon Gift Card: Mari A

Signed copies of This Second Chance: Shannon F, Shelly H, and Laurie L

$10 Amazon Gift Card: Charlene W

Things on a Tree Re-release Giveaway (2017)

Signed copies of Things on a Tree: Jennifer B and Kimberly G

$25 Amazon Gift Card: Carrie B and Missy C.

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader: Josh W


Signed copies of An Unusual Island:  Heather R and Jed D

$10 Amazon Gift Card: Mary I

$50 Amazon Gift Card: Missy C

Kindle Paperwhite E-reader: Donna O

Elizabeth’s War Re-Release Giveaway!​ (2016)

Signed copies of Elizabeth’s War: Craig H, Patrick M and Kimmy R

$10 Amazon gift card: Carolyn J

$25 Amazon gift card: Lorri K

$50 Amazon gift card: Joy F

Kindle Voyager: Vicki A

NO FAIRY TALE GIVEAWAY July 27-August 17:​ (2016)

Signed copies of No Fairy Tale: Nicole O, Leslie W and Shannon S

$ 10 amazon gift cards: Sandi T, Chelsea C and E.M.B​

$ 50 amazon gift card: Kim L​

$ 100 amazon gift card: Nick P

Kindle Oasis: Debra H

Things on a Tree–First Release​ (2016)

$10 Amazon gift card: Kaylee J, Vanessa B and Amanda D​

Signed copies of “Things on a Tree”: Jay J, Chris C, and Crystal B

$50 Amazon gift card: Cristian T

$100 Amazon gift card: Nina​

Kindle OasisSaundra M

An Unusual Island–First Release (2015)

Kindle Oasis: ibeth R 

Signed copy of book : Michelle H, Aarón N and David P

$50 Amazon Gift Card: Sally D and Felicity

$25 Amazon Gift Card: Kim M and Fred H

Eizabeth’s War— First Release (2015)

$50 Amazon Gift Card: Cindy C

$25 Amazon Gift Card: Heather R

$10 Amazon Gift Card: Dan L, Heather D, and Pat L