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By Yvette M Calleiro

The written word and I

Are cherished friends,

Embracing each other’s thoughts and emotions

Like kindred spirits,

Dancing on clouds.

Bosom buddies who gossip and giggle

And gasp at all the same moments.

She and I are equals,

More than that, really.

We are two parts of a whole,

Complementing and complimenting the other,

Perfect beings.

The spoken word and I

Skirt around each other’s social circles.

We stumble around awkward pauses,

Unable to pull the perfect word or phrase

From our filing cabinet of knowledge.

Ease and grace flee without a moment’s notice.

She is more skilled than I.

She whispers her intricately woven ideas into my mind,

But her delicate strength is no match for

The hills of anxiety and the mountains of insecurity

That obstruct her path to freedom.

Before her words can reach my tongue,

They unravel into shreds of confusion,

Left unspoken.

If only the written word and the spoken word

Could meet…

They would live in perfect harmony.

But alas…

It is not meant to be,

Neither willing to leave her domain,

Each content to dance alone,

And I…

I am stuck in the middle,

Pulled in both directions,

Reveling in the comfort of the written word,

Needing the spoken word to survive.

But still I dream

Of the day when my words will intermingle

And a new love affair can be born.

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Part Four “This Second Chance” blog series


ocean beach night (2)

Here in the final blog series for “This Second Chance”. This is the poem at the end of the book:



I watch you and wonder:

Do you love her as much as you love yourself

Or do you hate her more than you hate yourself?

Your comforts come first,

Your contempt directed at her and never yourself.

Her purpose in life

Is what she can do for you.


Your purpose is to make her feel

That she is incapable of that.

The better question is:

Why does she keep trying to please you –

Is it out of love, or fear?

Does she hate herself more than you do?

Is she supposed to respect a person, who has no respect for her?


No tenderness

No empathy

No love

No feelings at all

But concern for themselves…

It’s never his fault

And I wonder why she stays.


I see her side of this, too.

I know she sees how other relationships go.

She admires them openly

With a sad smile, when he is not around.

She works

She is strong

She gives all she has.


Maybe he will change if…

If only I…

He is just stressed …

I don’t want to be alone …

No one else would want me …

He needs me.

Underneath, he is a good guy.


Excuses abound

In a vacuum of anger and fear

That feeds the existing darkness

Until it all seems normal.

It isn’t.

Help is not welcomed;

That is, until it is – unless it is too late.


Then comes innocence—a child

The woman protects and nurtures

While he watches her,

Pointing out all she does wrong

Without lifting a finger to ease her burdens.

He is her judge and jury.

He is her reality, and now she feels trapped.


In his web spun of lies and hate

She tries to please,

To create this illusion of family.

It will get better, she thinks; if only

Maybe another child –


I watch helplessly.


Any comfort is rejected by his influence.

Right now, it’s only words

Which cut into her just like a fist would.

Someday he will cross over from words.

Maybe he already has.

That wouldn’t be his fault, either.

Nothing ever is.


Once I thought she was finally free

But, she went back.

“Can’t help who you love,” I was told –

But it isn’t love.

It’s hate, insecurity, fear, and above all, control.

I hope it isn’t too late for her.


For all the hers out there

As they feed that bottomless pit of anger

They are living with –

It will never be filled

And it will never change what it is

But it is not love.

Silence is empty, but heavy on my stomach.


I bite back all the unsaid words

Even though I’ve said them before.

I quietly wait for her to wake up.

Come to me –

I will help you

I promise.

I do not want to hurt or judge you.


Just see you safe.

And to just see you happy,

To be loved as you are capable of loving.

I wait because you will never be alone.

I wait until you see what—we all do…

Not only is he watching

But I am, too.


The release date for “This Second Chance” has been moved to September. I apologize for the delay and thank you for your patience! 


Next week I will share the reviews of books I’ve been reading! Plus, “Dolphin’s Cave” cover will be making its debut here!


In August, there will be the normal weekly blogs – plus, I will be hosting special edition blogs for my fellow authors of RWISA. If you are interested in finding some fabulous new authors to read, I invite you to check it out!


This will be the final chance to win the weekly blog Amazon Gift Card. Please leave a comment by 8-1 at 9:00 PST and you will be entered to win the gift card.  I will update you on future opportunities soon!


Embrace your inner child, D.L. Finn

Part three of “This Second Chance” blog series: Background!

eBook Cover This Second Chance


I started writing “This Second Chance” years ago. The idea of the story came into existence, on my spiral notebook I kept by my bedside. Then, my space pen, (that can write at any angle) and I – worked on the draft of the first chapter. Finally, I was ready to start the typing process. Mistakes and changes were common at first, but I was lucky, I had a typewriter where I could strike out those mistakes and type over them. No more manual erasing and applying the white liquid correction fluid for me! Of course, there were still many times, when entire pages ended up in the trash can, too. The story had almost come to its conclusion, when I set it aside. Fast forward to modern times, that typewriter now sits covered in the garage and I sit in front of a computer.

I spent a couple of days, going through my old work and adding it to my first computer. Then, I disposed of all the old-fashioned typed work. What was called “Second Chance”, sat a few more years, with the exception of a mishap, when I purchased my second computer. While transferring over the files from the first computer, well, when I clicked on the button that asked which version of the file did I want to keep–I chose the wrong one. I ended up with only the first chapter. I had lost the rest of the story! No, I have no idea why I had a copy of only the first chapter, sometimes, the computer, trying to be helpful, does some things on its own- is my conclusion.

But, back to this loss of work. I tried everything I could think of to retrieve it, including bringing in the tech-savvy teenagers. No luck. Finally, I had to accept it was gone. You may think I was upset (and at first, I was…) but a part of me had never been happy with the story line. I never could decide who the bad guy was. I tried working on it, but everything fell flat at the end. There was no outline to work off (because I didn’t used to make outlines for my stories, but I did make characters descriptions–not with this story) only thing I had left of all that work was those first few pages of a woman getting ready for her wedding and reflecting.

So, that chapter sat on my computer for years– until 2016. I pulled it out again and began working and making an outline. Now, outlines are a must for me or I get too lost in the story. Yes, there are always characters that force changes in what I have outlined, but I’m OK with that! After all, it is their story! Again, I became stuck toward the end of the story–until an angel was added in. Then, everything fell into place.

Hitting the wrong button and losing hours of work turned out to be a good thing, because I was able to find the story that wanted to be written. If I hadn’t of done that, I would have never met Zelina the angel, the evildwel, and the story now called, “This Second Chance” that followed them.

I would love to hear from you. Please leave your comments below! One lucky comment posted by 7-25 (9:00 pm PST) will win a $5 Amazon gift card-or just enough to get that eBook you’ve been meaning to!


Embrace your inner child, D.L. Finn

Part two of “This Second Chance” blog series: Research and Reality!

roller coaster

Research and Reality

Every book I’ve written has had some type of research that goes into it. “This Second Chance” was no different. There were a few things I needed to double check before I was satisfied. One thing I wanted to quote properly was the history of the wooden roller coaster in Santa Cruz, CA. Now, I’ve stood in line and ridden it many times over the years. The thrill of slowly moving to the top and then the rush of the first drop might have rearranged some of those facts. What I remembered and what was the actual history were close, but my version was a bit off. The same with driving times. Now, I have made some of the drives I’m writing about, but the actual time, well, it may differ. I could have used the times it took driving from Pacifica to San Francisco—which I have done many times, but the airport was different. I hadn’t made the approach to the airport from that direction.  Again, I was close, but a bit off in my guess. All those little details are important that I get them right, even in a fictional book.

In writing “This Second Chance” I spent more time than usual, finding the right names for the characters–especially the angel. The angel started out as Lucy, but I wanted a name that reflected her age. I found an angel’s name, Sonja—but it didn’t fit her. So, I kept looking until I came across Zelina—that was it. It’s a Greek name that means Zealous. That fit her! Then, there was the name for the misty creature. What was already out there wasn’t working. This was a time I had to create a name for a new being. The term evildwel came from the combination of dweller and evil. Mae, Rachael’s mother has a name that is close to me. She proudly carries that name to honor one of my grandmothers – it was her middle name. The angel’s name is pretty close to this grandmother’s first name, too. All you have to do is take out two letters and add one, that is! Characters know what their names are, and it’s up to me to find them. Sometimes, it takes a bit of detective work on my part.

Hawaii made another appearance on the island Maui – since I couldn’t think of a better place to go on a honeymoon. We were near Hawaii in the book, “An Unusual Island” and will be spending some time on Oahu and Maui in the soon to be released “Dolphin’s Cave”. It’s a place close to my heart and I’m happy to keep researching it for future books! It’s the least I can do!

Then comes the reality- in the midst of fiction – or spouses being abused by their better half. I have a dear friend, Liz, who I watched (and tried to help) in an abusive marriage. I stood by her, in frustration, as she always went back to her husband who promised to change—he didn’t. Finally, one day she left, and has created a good life for her and her children. She’s kindly allowed me to use my observations and weave them into a fictional tale.

This type of abuse happens more than it should in today’s modern society. Thankfully, there are groups and shelters ready to help when the time comes to leave. They were there for my friend when she and her kids escaped- with the clothes on their backs. The shelter: fed, clothed, and hid them – so they wouldn’t be found. I wanted to shed some light on this, and send out some hope that there is light after the darkness. There are places to go, and people waiting to help. Although this subject matter is too extensive to cover in a simple blog, know “This Second Chance” goes beyond the abuse–giving Rachael her chance at a happy ending. In this story, I made sure the abuser…well, I won’t give that part of the story away.

There will be no give away this week. I’m on vacation- celebrating my birthday. I will be checking in, though! So, please leave your comments below. I always look forward to hearing what you think!

Next week will be part three of “This Second Chance” blog series. I’ll be covering some background in the bumpy creative process of this story.

This month’s newsletter will be going out this week! I plan to debut the new book cover in it – so watch for it in your email if you are subscribed!

Embrace your inner child, D.L. Finn

Part one of “This Second Chance” blog series to celebrate upcoming release! (from 7-9)

This is the post excerpt.

NOTE: This is a re-post from 7-9. I’m in the process of moving my website from Wix to WordPress (Be patient with me…this may take a while!)


I’m putting the final touches on “This Second Chance”, and then sending it off to get formatted in a week. Which means, I will be releasing my first adult novel–if all things go smoothly–the first week in August! I just saw the new cover–amazing! It will be making its debut, soon! In the meantime, I’ll be sharing some background on the book, along with other details, I hope you find interesting! Here is part one of “This Second Chance” blog series.

At some point in the writing process of a new book, (when the story first starts showing itself) I begin to see where it’s leading me. This is when I create an outline of each chapter, a notes section, and a bio of each character. In this blog, I’m sharing my character bios with you. I took out some of the duller details, and any information that might spoil the story. I hope you enjoy getting to know Rachael, her family, and others–a bit better. I know Zelina is excited to meet you…




Rachael (Jackson) Battaglia:  It was Rachael Jackson’s wedding day, yet, her thoughts were on her first failed marriage to Ed Jackson. She endured six years of abuse, but walked away with three beautiful children. Now, at thirty-seven-years-old, she finally had the man of her dreams and was ready to start a career in teaching. She had it all, but was afraid it was going to be taken from her. Then, the gift arrived and it wasn’t from her groom. It was a reminder of her first wedding. Was she being haunted by her deceased ex-husband?


Tony Battaglia: Tony is Rachael’s soon to be husband. He fell in love with Rachael the minute he saw her in the math class he was teaching, (at the local junior college) when she was earning her degree to teach. Rachael and Tony dated four years, before she agreed to marry him. His plans are to adopt the two youngest kids. He plays guitar and wrote the song for Rachael to walk down the aisle. He was an only child who lost his father, Wayne, at a young age. His mother, Nora, (who never remarried) passed away a few months before Tony met Rachael.


Eddie Jr. Jackson: Nineteen-year-old Eddie is the oldest son of Rachael and Ed. He’s estranged from his mother and siblings, and refused to attend the wedding.  He has issues with drugs, drinking, and criminal activities—just like his father.


Sasha Hunter: Sasha is Eddie’s loyal girlfriend.


Stevie Jackson: Sixteen-year-old Stevie is the second child of Rachael and Ed. He’s the quarter back on the high school football team.  He’s popular at school, looking for a part-time job–and a girlfriend.


Kelly Jackson: Fourteen-year-old Kelly has brown eyes and hair, and is the youngest of the children. She looks like her father, but is more even tempered. She’s into the paranormal and does well in school. Kelly is the first to notice when things aren’t as they seem—not that anyone takes her seriously.


Mae Rossi: Mae is Rachael’s mother. She’s a widow after 45 years of marriage to Rachael’s father, who died suddenly from a heart attack. She loves pink, and her favorite saying is: “Thank the pink”.


Ava Thomas: Ava is Rachael’s best friend from high school. She’s married to Tim, her second husband, and seems completely content. Ava is like a sister to Rachael, and is playing all the music for the wedding.


Patrick Rossi:  Is Rachael’s older brother, and only sibling. He’s Tony’s best man. They are planning a fishing trip together.


Kathy Rossi: Kathy is Patrick’s wife and is the full-time mom of six children: 12-year-old Paddy, 9-year-old Sammy (both ushers at wedding) and the three year old twin girls, and the six year old twin girls (all home sick during wedding).


Hank Borders: Hank is the hotel security guard from Hawaii. He has thick grey hair with matching grey eyes and is on the stouter side. Everything about him seems average, but maybe there is more to him. He stands by Rachael and Tony when things begin to happen.


Charlie: He is the new security guard at the hotel who works under Hank.


Ed Jackson: Ed is Rachael’s ex-husband who died in a car accident, after their divorced. His mother Tammy is alive, but not in Rachael or the kids’ lives. Ed’s father left before he was born. His mother never told him who his father was—that is, if she ever knew. Ed’s been forced to watch his life over and over since he died. He wants to make things right, if he can.


Zelina: Zelina is the angel trying to help Rachael. She has black hair and shimmering wings with colors like the plumage of a male peacock’s tail. She is known for being formidable—yet protective of those in her charge. Zelina brings in some special help from a ghost/spirit for the situation with the thing called: an evildwel.


The evildwel: A dark misty being, with red eyes, whose intention is to harm the newlyweds and their family–after it has its fun with them, first.


Next week, I will continue with part two, “This Second Chance” blog series: Research and Reality.


Embrace your inner child, D.L. Finn