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This month I had an unusual amount of book reviews, so I missed an anniversary. On February 13th in 2015, I broke my foot.

It was Friday the 13th late at night. My bedroom was heavy with the chill of a snowy day. I had finished reading for the night and made one last bathroom trip. As I leaped out of bed, my feet hit the cold hardwood floor. That sent me rushing through the icy room without watching where I was going. As I crossed over the bear throw rug, my left foot caught on our twenty-pound black cat, Coco. He had made it a habit to lie on top of the bear and blend in.

In what was only a few seconds seemed like forever as the cat didn’t move, but I did. My weight shifted trying to counterbalance, and I reached out to the dresser but missed. At that moment, I knew I was going down. So, I twisted in an attempt not to land on top of the cat who has a lot of trust in me I won’t hurt him. That’s when I heard a loud snap. Then I hit the ground.

I laid there next to Coco wondering what to do next. Through this event, my husband was still peacefully sleeping. After several painful tries to get up, I finally called out for help.

“Why are you lying on the ground? You should get up and sleep in the bed.” My groggy husband replied.

It took him a few moments to realize that I couldn’t get up and was hurt. Once he uprighted me, I hopped on one foot to complete my task. Each jump jarred my foot painfully.

Not wanting to go to the hospital in the middle of the night, I slept with a fortress of pillows protecting my injured foot.

I didn’t sleep much.

The next morning was Valentine’s Day. The special day was spent in the ER and sharing my story kept the hospital staff amused. My husband never left my side and reassured me it didn’t matter where we were if we were together. He had a good point.

Later, I left on crutches and rested through the weekend. As the days went by, I found I had too much time on my hands. I tried to fill it with TV shows, but I realized I needed something to do.

That’s when it was suggested by a family member that I should publish one of my children’s books.

With all this new time on my hands, I did a lot of research. Finally, I was ready to push that button. I was published.

Once I released that first book, I haven’t stopped. I kept going forward into the writing world.

So, happy late sixth anniversary to the time I tripped over our black cat on Friday the 13th and broke my foot. What seemed like a bad thing ultimately opened the door to a whole new world for me.

Embrace your inner child by reading a good book! D. L. Finn

Fiction In A Flash Challenge 2021.’ Week #38 #IARTG #FlashFiction #WritingCommunity #WritingPrompts @pursoot #dolphins #shortstory #dolphinshortstory

Here’s Suzanne Burke’s Fiction in a Flash Challenge #38 Image Prompt. 

Image by Dean Lofgren from Pixabay


The cool winter sun reflected off the blue sea, making it hard to see. I blinked hard to clear my vision as I dove back into the water. Why were my children and grandchildren huddled together on the white sandy beach? Didn’t they want to swim with me?

My oldest grandson, Peter, walked to the water’s edge. He tossed a lei of pink plumeria flowers into the waves. Those flowers reminded me of the wonderful day when Bob and I renewed our vows for our 50th Wedding Anniversary on a beautiful Hawaiian beach.

I jumped high into the air and called out. “Where did you get the flowers, Peter?”

An enormous wave crashed against the rocks, drowning out my words.

Peter stood with his hands folded over a black shirt and a dolphin tie that I’d bought him when he graduated from college last year. The bottom of his black pants was soaked from the incoming waves.

I shook my head and tried again. “The water’s great! Join me!”

Louder breaking waves masked my words, leaving only a whistle.

Right then, a small pod of dolphins approached and then swam urgently around me.

“What’s wrong? Are you protecting me?” I scanned the area for danger and received no reply, as expected.

A dolphin was studying me. A familiar chill ran through me as the dolphin gently brushed against me. Was it? No. It couldn’t be.


He held my stare until I shook my head and sped to the surface, only to find my family walking away.

“Hey! Where are you going?” But only a high pitch noise came from my lips. It wasn’t the loud waves; I’d lost my voice.

Peter spun around and met my gaze. He smiled and pointed to his tie. Then he wiped the tears off his face and put on black framed sunglasses. What he did next tugged heavily on my heart. He blew me a kiss just like he had as a small boy, when it was time to go home.

“Peter!” I yelled, yet nothing but that strange sound came out again. I saw him pause for a moment, offer a wave, and then keep going. He soon disappeared with everyone else.

The lei was floating toward me in a patch of grey powder. It reminded me of when we scattered Bob’s ashes into the ocean. The flowers came right to me with a plastic card attached. On it was written: Mother and Grandmother, You will be missed and forever loved.

Then it all came crashing back to me with the force of a spring-loaded trap. The uncomfortable hospital bed and the beeping machines.

The young doctor’s sad tone. “There’s nothing else we can do except make her comfortable.”

The cancer had won its battle, but I was in the ocean. I smiled. It had happened. I turned in a circle and saw what I expected, a dolphin’s tail.

The same dolphin whistled and clicked. This time I understood my beloved husband, Bob. We had found each other again. Words couldn’t come fast enough as we caught up. Then we sat comfortably in our gift long after the pod, that Bob had lived with, moved on.

It was just the two of us, and we happily explored the new world. We avoided humans, killer whales, and sharks, or maybe it was us they avoided. We were never sure.

We were peacefully investigating the purple, pink, red, green, and blue colors that mingled in the coral reefs off the Big Island in Hawaii. A lone dolphin swam up to us with eyes so familiar I immediately knew it was Peter.

The joy at that moment could only be expressed in high dolphin jumps. Later we learned our grandson had become a famous author, had three boys, and happy marriage. I didn’t ask how he died, and he never brought it up.

As the years passed, our pod continued to grow as our family slowly joined us, including ones we’d never met in life, or Peter’s amazing wife. To this day, our family still explores the ocean. We offer gratitude with our high leaps that we’ve been given such a special gift. Maybe you’ve seen us and felt our joy?

I dedicate this short story to my grandkids. We had a discussion on what I would become while watching the Disney movie, “Moana.” The grandmother became a Manta Ray after she passed. Of course, it was decided I would come back as a dolphin, as long as I promised never to leave them. Then, we went on to talk about spirit and souls which is a whole other story 🙂


Here’s Colleen Chesebro Tanka Tuesday Weekly Poetry Challenge  #214.

This week’s theme is Dreams.

I came up with this tanka 5/7/5/7/7 and a picture I found to go with it.


This space is quiet

The place I’m supposed to be

Here is that moment

My defenses stripped away

Love whispered truth in my dreams.

Feburary Book Reviews Part 3! @Sandra_Cox @WriterMSmith @pokercubster#IARTG #ASMSG #WritingCommunity #bookreviews #mustread #indieauthors

Conflicted Hearts: A Daughter’s Quest for Solace from Emotional Guilt

by D.G. Kaye

“Conflicted Hearts” is a wonderful insight of a girl growing up with an unavailable mother and father lost in that world. I could easily relate to the role of caretaker being thrust on a young girl and the guilt she carried. The blame her paternal grandparents had toward her because her father had to marry her mother was heavy, as was her parents’ on and off living arrangements and mother’s self-absorption toward her children. The guilt followed Ms. Kaye into adulthood, as she always tried to do the right thing. I appreciated how mistakes made had given her the lessons needed. One situation that made me cringe was during a trip to Greece and a broken foot. But people came into her life just when they were needed. I found that very heartening. It was hard to read about the abusive relationship she ended up in, and I was relieved when they parted ways. I loved watching the author make her way to her happily ever after. I found this an inspiring journey of how Ms. Kaye navigated her home life and then left it behind to find herself and love. I highly recommend this memoir. Five-Stars.

THE INTRUDER: A Short Thriller 

by Marlena Smith

I was immediately drawn into the life of Serenity. Her name fit her peaceful existence until she found some pictures on her cell phone. I admit it would terrify me to discover what Serenity did, and her reaction felt very real to me. This quick read had a twist at the end that was a surprise. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Smith. Four-Stars

The Crystal

by Sandra Cox

Gabriella finds a glowing crystal ball that shows her the face of a man. Once it’s in her possession, things begin to happen to her, including meeting the man whose face she saw, Christopher. I love the relationship that grows between Gabriella and Tamara, or Christopher’s aunt. Ned the dog and Jericho, the cat, are favorites of mine too. I worried about their wellbeing the entire story. Gabriella and Christopher love and hate each other, but fairy magic has an agenda of its own. It’s the greed, jealousy, love, and magic that weaves this into an exciting read, but Gabriella’s obsession with the crystal made it a page-turner as she tries to survive. “The Crystal” is a romantic thriller filled with lots of fey magic that I highly recommend. Five-Stars

I only post my 4 & 5-star reviews. If I don’t like a book, I won’t finish it. It doesn’t feel right leaving a review in that case, but I have been known to email the author:) Life is too short not to enjoy every book you read!

Embrace your inner child by reading a good book! 🙂 D. L. Finn

Fiction In A Flash Challenge 2021’ Week #37 #IARTG #FlashFiction #WritingCommunity #WritingPrompts #poetry #haibun #poem @pursoot

Here’s Suzanne Burke ‘Fiction In A Flash Challenge 2021’ Week #37.

I’m using the Haibun Poem format, which is a combination of a prose paragraph and a Haiku/Senryu.

Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay


I grasped the small brass key tightly in my hand. The wooden door was now within my reach. It was the opening to the dreaded thirteenth colony. This is the place they sent people who asked too many questions. I glanced back into the darkness of what had been my existence. There had been no tears shed, and no one had stayed to say goodbye. I accepted I was no longer a part of their lives. My hand shook as I inserted the key and heard the click. Taking a deep breath, I pushed the door open. Vivid colors and a warm glow welcomed me into a place of beauty where my mother was waiting. Smiling, I shut the door on a world of fools.

Stepping into light

Leaving the dark cave behind

I found my answer.


Here’s my tanka poem for Colleen Chesebro’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge. 

The challenge as stated by Colleen: “This challenge explores Ekphrastic writing inspired by visual art (photographs).” Also, we are to use the psychology of color.

Here’s the picture provided:

Image by Michael Bußmann from Pixabay


The angel’s gift shone
Like a rainbow umbrella
In a vile gray world
Curious, I approached her
And saw the soul of the world.

February Book Review Part 2! @teagangeneviene @PTLPerrin @WendyJayneScott @SCVincent #IARTG #ASMSG #WritingCommunity #WhatToRead #MustRead #IndieBooks

Pass the Turkey: The Small Dog’s Christmas

by Sue Vincent

“Pass the Turkey” is a charming collection of poetry, letters, and pictures. Ani, who calls herself small dog, writes letters to Santa. Through these interactions, we learn about Ani with her two-legged friend. It is a wonderful holiday read, but I found it a cheerful escape outside the holidays. If you enjoy dogs and Christmas this is a collection you will want to read.

Sleighed: A Children’s Christmas Tale
by WJ Scott

“Sleighed” is a sweet children’s tale about an elf whose first day at work takes an unusual turn. I loved what happened next and appreciate the magic of Christmas. Although this is a short story for children, adults can enjoy it too. I know I did. I’ll be sharing this with my grandchildren and highly recommend it.

Voice of Viracocha (TetraSphere Book 3)

by P.T.L. Perrin

I’ve read the first two books and enjoyed watching the four principal characters grow. Pax, Sky, Storm, and Jewel are tasked with saving the world with their healing powers. Heading to one site in South America, they soon find an evil alien is tracking Jewel. This puts not only her friends and family, but the world in danger. I love how the teens have matured through the books and the bond they share. Jewel and Pax have grown closer, and Sky pines away for someone who might not return those feelings. Like in the previous books, I appreciated the Native American lore and alien presence. The story is told from multiple points of view in the first person, which made me feel like I was there with them. Beautiful images and descriptions paint a world that’s easy to be a part of as a reader. Although this is for YA, if you love a good science fiction/fantasy with teen protagonists, you’ll enjoy this series. I can’t wait to read book four and see what happens next and recommend this series.

Dead of Winter: Journey 1, Forlorn Peak

by Teagan Riordain Geneviene

Dead of Winter is the first part of a monthly series. Emlyn is a young girl who lives in an oppressive society that has taken away women’s rights. She is gifted, being able to see ghosts, and her father has found a way to educate her, but she has learned to be careful who she trusts. I was immediately invested in her well-being and found myself upset with this fictional culture. Puritans came to mind, along with the dark ages with the drab colors, lack of education for most females, and swift punishments for any infractions. I loved her relationship with her teacher and instantly disliked her brother-in-law. This is a great beginning, and I can’t wait to see what happens next.

I only post my 4 & 5-star reviews. If I don’t like a book, I won’t finish it. It doesn’t feel right leaving a review in that case, but I have been known to email the author:) Life is too short not to enjoy every book you read!

Embrace that inner child by reading a great book. Then, give a gift back to the author by leaving a review! Happy Valentine’s Day. D. L. Finn

‘Fiction In A Flash Challenge 2021.’ NEW IMAGE PROMPT Week #36 #IARTG #FlashFiction #WritingCommunity #WritingPrompts #poetry #haibun @pursoot

Here’s the always fun Suzanne Burke’s ‘Fiction In A Flash Challenge 2021’ Image Prompt Week #36!

I went with a Haibun Poem, which is a combination of a prose paragraph and a Haiku/Senryu working together.


I had carefully reapplied the blue, yellow, black, and brown paint to the 67 VW van. I added a touch of dirt onto my metal canvas to make it look like I’d been on the road for a couple of weeks. Each sixties phrase and symbol were brought to life after being buried in the junkyard for years. The webbed glass was replaced, and the wheels now supported the body. I secured the final headlight, more than satisfied with my effort. A shudder ran through my body as I proceeded through the final check. Each positive mark on my list got me closer to the goal. Finally, each box was filled. It was ready. I sank into my hemp covered seat and took a long, cleansing breath. This van would serve as my home now, and I’d included a small stove, bed, toilet, fridge, and sink. It had been tricky building it around the powerful engine, but not impossible. I’d found a way to run the van on Vodka, but any liquor that was 70 proof or higher would do in a pinch. After selling everything I owned for this moment, all I had left was my beloved black cat, Stormy, who would be my only companion and my roof garden. I smiled and started the engine.

The time machine packed
Hope still lingers in the past
Here, I’ll save our world.

#TANKA TUESDAY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 212 #SYNONYMSONLY #etheree #poems #ethereepoem @ColleenChesebro

Here’s Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge No. 212 “Synonyms only” from these two words: Tight & Loose

This is my first attempt at a Etheree Poem 1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10



flowed down

through darkness

Touching my soul

Awakening hope

That had been constricted

Under a mountain of fear

Sparkling blue wings unfettered

Ready to return from where I came

I soared through the stars into love’s embrace.