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Coral Amber Dover:  Appears to be a typical shy 16-year-old female with green eyes, glasses, and dark hair.  Right after her seventh birthday Coral’s parents were lost in a plane crash off the Hawaiian Island, Maui. Her nightly dream started after this tragic event. It was always the same: Coral would start off swimming and end up on the back of a dolphin entering a cave where all would be explained- but she always woke up before that part. Coral’s aunt and several therapists tried to convince her the dream was her way of hanging on to her parents. Finally, she agreed with them and claimed her dream stopped, but it hadn’t. Coral believed she would find answers- or at least finish her dream – if she traveled to where her parents plane crashed.

Tara: Coral’s best friend with long brown hair and expressive brown eyes was one of the popular kids at school. Coral confided to Tara about her dream. Tara encouraged Coral to dance and express herself and emotions through that art-form. Although, Tara’s a good friend to Coral, she can be shallow, too. Tara has a crush on awkward Ben Penny.

Aunt Ruby Hyde: Hides her large brown eyes behind heavy glasses. Very introverted (like her niece) and works a secret job at Dunning Corporation with General Penny – or the same place Coral’s parents had worked. She keeps to herself and never dates.

Coral’s mom, Emerald (Emmie) Hyde Dover: Had red hair like her sister, Ruby, but had startling green eyes like her only child- Coral. She was a scientist with a degree in Marine Biology from the University of Hawaii and was a teacher. When she met Coral’s father they relocated to Scuttle Valley, NV where they went to work for Dunning Corporation in jobs that (like Coral’s aunt) were confidential.

Coral’s dad , Morgan Dover: Had dark hair and an olive complexion. He met Emmie while he was on vacation in Hawaii, and they married three months later. He’d been an Air Force pilot for eighteen years  under General Penny before leaving to work for Dunning Corporation- so he could be with his new family.  He and Robert had become close working at Dunning Corporation.

Sabella: Has long gray hair that she wore braided and then neatly pinned up. A large pearl showcased the golden crown that sat heavy on her head. She watches over Coral and sends her the nightly dream from an undisclosed place.

General Robert Penny: Has thinning dark wavy hair and brown eyes with a round pleasant face. He’s become a second father to Coral. He’s a retired one-star General Brigadier and the other person Coral confides in regarding her dream.

Beth Penny: General Penny’s daughter is a year younger than Coral. She never has a hair out of place and loves to shop – like her mother. Beth always wears her long blonde hair in an old-fashioned braid. She’s taken up dance, but she is into ballet, while Coral prefers modern dance or contemporary.

Ben Penny:  General Penny’s son who’s a year older than Coral, and Tara’s love interest. He’s constantly reading and never talks to Coral. He may look like his father with brown eyes and hair, but his personality couldn’t be more different.

Sarah Penny: Robert’s wife and mother to Ben and Beth. She loves to shop above all else. She’s very much in love with her husband and adores her children. She was a teacher before she became a full-time mother.

Aaron Harvey: A very typical tall, dark, and handsome man Ruby meets on the flight to Hawaii. He’s very interested in Ruby, but Coral is suspicious of him.

Lilly Belle: Coral’s third therapist and where Coral made the fake breakthrough about her dream. She has a standing appointment once a month (when she remembers to go).

Man taking pictures (Evan). Coral catches him taking pictures of the Penny’s, Ruby and Coral at the airport in Reno .

Lady in muumuu (Kini): Is the second person Coral notices taking pictures of their group in Hawaii.


Next week is part two of the Dolphin’s Cave blog series: Aloha! I will keep you updated on an expected release date.

The release for This Second Chance is still set for September!

Embrace your inner child, D.L. Finn

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