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One of my favorite episodes of The Twilight Zone TV show from 1959 is, “Enough Time at Last”. It follows Mr. Henry Bemis in his daily life. All he wants to do is read, but he never gets a chance. His wife belittles him for reading, going as far as to vandalize his books. His boss at the bank wants him to work —not read– leaving him no place he can do it. Finally, one day he’s able to sneak off and read on a break in the Bank’s vault when a huge explosion occurs. He finds everything he’s known gone. He tries to make the best of it, but finds himself lonely and almost takes his life. This is when he runs across a library with all the books intact. It’s everything he’s wanted. He spends a lot of time sorting through the books in large stacks– or preparing for this perfect moment. Proudly he announces, “There’s enough time at last”, but then the worst possible thing happens. His glasses shatter and his response is “That’s not fair at all” –and it wasn’t. But, even with the sad outcome of this story it has always made me think about what I want in my own life. How I put things off I want to do, because I have decided there isn’t enough time or I’m waiting for that “perfect moment” that never comes. Sometimes we might get what we consider the “perfect moment”, but then it doesn’t last, like with poor Mr. Bemis.

I got one of those moments in my life with my “empty nest”. I finally had time to write and I did. As it always happens in life these “perfect moments” we wait for, don’t last–or our glasses break. My moment was gone as my empty nest is now over flowing. First, my granddaughter stayed with us for the last few weeks. Next, she was followed by her three siblings, mother (my daughter) and step dad. Four of them ended up living in our travel trailer out front, while my oldest grandchild is living in the house with his sister with us, or as we are called: Papa and Memaw. Moving and cleaning have been a big part of our lives lately.

Many things led up to this event that would require a more detailed blog, perhaps in the future. The biggest adjustment for me was finding myself back in the mother role. Every other week there is homework, bedtime routines, getting them to school, doctor appointments, disorders, food orders, shopping excursions, getting just one more snack…then I fall exhausted into my bed.

I ran into our neighbor at the bus stop picking up her grandchild. We used to car pool together with our kids- many moons ago. Here we both were again, with the next generation.

This current situation got me to think a lot about my own grandparents. They were always there for me– it  has gone full circle. Funny how life does that. Although, this wasn’t in my life plans, maybe this was what life had planned for me. I’m the first to admit I have more lessons I need to learn. Yet, some negativity peeked through—should I stop writing? Should I wait or take a break until that “perfect moment” comes again?

No! The future can never guarantee the “perfect time” will come again. I have an option Mr. Bemis did not have. I can repair those broken glasses…even if it is only with some tape or glue. I know this situation will likely be a blessing in disguise, even if my first reaction was “You have to be kidding me”. So, I will do the next best thing and not wait for things to be perfect and still do the things I enjoy in life — which includes writing.


Fun Note and first blessing in disguise: My seven-year-old granddaughter is able to hula hoop and read at the same time– for over a half hour.   I’m not able to hula hoop, no matter how hard I try… but I can read:)


This Second Chance has been released! Giveaway to follow soon!

Anyone interested in hosting a blog for “This Second Chance” release in the next couple of weeks–please let me know. I will send you the information. I appreciate any and all help:)

I’m back to work on The Button and Just her Poetry.

Dolphin’s Cave: Stay tuned!

Newsletters went out. This month’s Hat winners (picked by my husband and grand-kids) were: Rabia, Jan, and Jennifer!  Many free copies of “This Second Chance” were sent out! Thanks for all the support!

Book reviews next week.

So much is going on in the world, including hurricanes and earthquakes. My thoughts and prayers go out to all who were affected by natural disasters, and other events.

Happy Fall!

Embrace your inner child, D.L. Finn

15 thoughts on “Time Enough at last…”

  1. Oh D.L. you must continue to write! I just purchased This Second Chance, and I’m soooo looking forward to reading it. Enjoy the embraces, the laughter and the pockets of time for just you and your computer! ♥

    1. Thank you, Gwen. Hope you like it. I will definitely be enjoying, the embraces, laughter and pockets of time with my computer! I will be embracing my inner child:)

  2. The perfect time is now, each now moment, You cannot get those moments back, so they each are perfect moments. Now your granddaughter can hula hoop and read for 30 minutes straight, and you can write for 30 minutes straight. I suppose one in your situation may be able to schedule your own 30 minute time out from everything else with stipulations that no one can disrupt this chosen time. I have found time outs for just me to be beneficial. Now we have a empty nest, and it gets filled here and there, but not for extended periods of time. I hope you can utilize time outs for yourself and writing. Let me know how you work your perfect time in.

    1. Thank you, Mary. Yes, the perfect time is right now. Yes, I think a few time outs for grandma are in order and I will keep you updated:)

    2. I do need to get back into mediation more and taking more time to be…I’ve gotten out of the habit. I will have to find that superwoman cape tucked away in the closet and put it on…lol. Just a matter of finding the energy to go with it:)

  3. I didn’t have grandparents when I came up. But I have 3 grandkids now. One who lives with us and is in her final year of college. The other 2 live about a block away, they are awesome and are on a trip in Europe. Things I never got to do as a child but love that they get these adventures. And they keep you on your toes, love them a lot. Going to read Second Chances this week. Thanks again.

    1. You must be proud with your grand daughter finishing up college…quite an achievement! They say it keeps you young and it is just a matter of getting used to it again for me! Isn’t it nice when they live near you so you can see them often? Yes, it is wonderful to see them do things you never got to do, I admit! I find I have such a different perspective of parenting from my own kids to grandchildren–hopefully with more wisdom second time around! Hope you enjoy This Second Chance. Have a great week, Carolyn!

  4. I’ve seen that episode! What a great show TZ was!
    Unfortunately, I think you’re right that “perfect” just doesn’t exist. One simply should adapt and do the best he or she can at the specific time. It’s something similar with Christmases. They’re never as perfect and picture-like as I imagine them and want them to be 🙂 Lowering expectations might be the solution or, to quote another good tv show, curbing our enthusiasm 🙂

  5. One of my favorite old shows! I have never watching “Curb your Enthusiasm”…on my list, though. I think trying to make things the way we think they should be, we might miss out on what they are and enjoy that instead? Working on this right now…lol

    1. Thank you, Teagan! Twilight Zone was such an amazing show to still be relavant today:) Thanks for stopping by!

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