Catching Rabbits


I watch with a heavy heart as fires rage through California, again. The images of the flames bearing down on a busy freeway are chilling. Yet, when I saw a video of a young man getting off this busy freeway and going to the edge of the flames to save a rabbit who was trying to escape– I felt hope. My heart lightened as he finally scooped up the scared creature and brought it to safety. It was a beautiful gesture among all the destruction. This got me to thinking about how in life sometimes all we can do is save the rabbit—one beautiful being at a time–when life is bearing down on us.

I had planned on introducing my own animals this week, but I thought this moment was more important and perfectly symbolized the compassion of our existence and the beauty in the chaos.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those effected by these winds and flames on the other side of California.

Here is a link in case you missed it:  Man Saves Rabbit

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Here is a link to a November review for This Second Chance (again, the review is above the link).

I’ve never gotten two reviews like this before…I think Zelina the angel from This Second Chance is hard at work again.

If you get a chance check out this picture my daughter got for me from a Supernatural Convention. As you can see, Zelina the angel and Castiel the angel are good friends.

Embrace your inner child– and any rabbit that crosses your path keep it safe, D.L. Finn

10 thoughts on “Catching Rabbits”

  1. The fires are so upsetting and unrelenting. I hadn’t seen the rabbit video, very touching, thank you for sharing it. My family lives mostly in Southern CA and the Sacramento area. I’ll be flying out in another week and will be staying near the Bonsall fire, unless the situation takes a turn for the worse. ♥

  2. A touching story. I have heard all the criticism of this act and I want to tell them to butt out. I applaud the young man. If each human would care enough to save one animal this would be a better place for all.

    1. I hadn’t seen the criticism on it, but it doesnt surprise me or change my mind. I like your butt out directed to them. Reminds me of the saying if you don’t have anything good to say then don’t say anything at all. It was a beautiful act and you are right if each person saved just animal…just how amazing that would be for our world.

  3. Oh my goodness, D.L. This is a beautiful story and what a kind heart that would stop to save a rabbit. It speaks volumes. Praying for all affected by these horrible fires.

  4. The wildfires are dreadful. Some of the images I’ve seen are mind-boggling. I did see the video of the man who saved the rabbit on Twitter and was really touched by his care and concern. What a fabulous thing to do.

    And hey, that picture is pretty awesome! 🙂

    1. Those images are overwhelming to process sometimes so seeing that kindness helped a bit. Thanks, Mae I took that picture on a drive to see mount Rainer in Washington….such beauty and when there is a rainbw involved, well can’t ask for more:)

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