Book Reviews and Name Reveal!

Here are my first YA reviews of the year:

The One Discovered (Chronicles of the Diasodz Book 1) 

by Yvette M Calleiro

I admit to having read (and loved) the second book of the Diasodz series “The Enlightened One”—first. My plan was to read the first book before continuing with book three. Part of me wondered if doing so would rehash everything I knew, but I found that wasn’t an issue. I was quickly lost in “The One Discovered”. The depth and creativity to which Ms. Calleiro takes her story and characters pulled me in as I learned more about my favorites like: Sophia, Ar’ch, and Angel! Watching Sophia discover things aren’t what they seem, and the developing love triangle was fascinating. I don’t want to give too much away in this amazing YA story, but if you love a skillfully blended mix of romance, adventure, fantasy, magic and other worldly beings– along with a mix of new age and earth lore–you will love this. I eagerly dove into book 3 “The One Betrayed” and cannot wait to see where Ms. Calleiro takes us next. I highly recommend this book!

The One Betrayed (Chronicles of the Diasodz Book 3) 

by Yvette M Calleiro


Book three of the YA “Chronicles of the Diasodz” series does not begin where the last book ended–and that is a good thing! Ms. Calleiro takes us back to an event and shows us another perspective of it. With both sides being so sure they are right–I loved seeing the story from the “bad” side. We are introduced to new characters and some familiar ones from the first book. This insight is told through Rafe, Mel, and other viewpoints in this new world. I appreciated how past events from book two were blended in. The characters are so strong that you care deeply what happens to them. I’m already reading the fourth book in this amazing series and highly recommend it for all fantasy, love, and paranormal fans!

I guess I was celebrating too much over the holidays–so I missed posting two reviews. Here they are::

Acts of Betrayal. (Unintended Consequences Book 2.) 

By S. Burke

“Acts of Betrayal” picks up where the first book in this series “Acts of Redemption” ended. Ms. Burke quickly lets the reader know what has happened to the FBI agents and their counterparts from the last book. What is different in this book is the line between good and bad becomes very blurred and has to be crossed for the good of all. The book swiftly starts with an event I wasn’t expecting and a few changes of perspectives of the characters including Sheila, Mike, Trish and Nigel. Like the first book, this has suspense, mystery, intrigue and everything that makes a great story. This is a unique twist where the bad guy has hidden heart and the good guy has many personal issues to overcome. There are a lot of characters to keep track of along with their nicknames, but they are fully developed. My curiosity to see the pictures that made the characters “sick” shows how the story pulls the reader in. This is a great second book in the series and I look forward to the next book.


Our Justice

By John W. Howell

“Our Justice” is the final book of the John Cannon series and it continues where “His Revenge” left off. We quickly find John Cannon heading home, but there is little calm before everything gets crazy—again. John’s on-going battle with a terrorist determined to take down the United States for religious reasons, challenges our hero to find ways out of situations most couldn’t. You can’t help but love John’s determination and wit–while cheering him on. John finally gets into a spot he might not be able to escape. This fast-paced thriller is written in the author’s unique style that pulls you right into the story with a nail-biting ending that had a few surprises. The details Mr. Howell uses throughout the story not only enhances it, but leaves you wondering if this could really happen. I highly recommend this series, but start from the beginning with “My GRL” so you can enjoy the ride all the way to the end!


Now is the time for the name reveal! Drum roll please…DENISE

I would like to say I was named after the song by Randy and the Rainbows, but the song was released AFTER I was born. I have been left to form my own conclusions about that. Click on my name to enjoy the song!

Watch for a special blog this week for fellow author, Lizzie Chantree’s new book release!

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Next week I will be sharing some poetry and thoughts.

Embrace your inner child, D.L. Finn



16 thoughts on “Book Reviews and Name Reveal!”

  1. Thank you so much for the lovely review of Our Justice, Denise. I am certainly humbled to be in the company of these other authors. I did not guess your name but now that I know it I can say it fits perfectly. So nice to meet Denise. 😀

  2. You are quite welcome..I thoroughly enjoyed the series and recommended it to my husband:) There is an amazing amount of talent in RRBC, I’ve found. I wish there was more time in the day to read more.
    Thanks, I am fond of my name and you made a good guess–that guess has to end up in a future book!

    1. Thank you, Billy! I have having a lot of fun reading all these books! I can’t wait to get to one of yours!

  3. That was a fun song, Denise! So great to learn your name. 🙂
    And also great to see so many good reviews here. I’ve read two of these books and others are on my TBR. Congrats to the authors on the great reviews!

    1. Thanks, Mae! I figured it was better than always calling me D.L.:) I think you will enjoy the ones you haven’t read! Thanks for stopping by:)

  4. Hi, Denise! (I love finally knowing your name.) Thank you so much for the wonderful review! I have read all of these books, and agree they are each a unique and captivating reading experience. 😊🐨

    1. Thank you, Suzanne! I think Denise is better than calling me D.L. all the time:) I have enjoyed your work and look forward to reading more. Empty Chairs is on my must-read list–but I keep eyeing your short stories, too! Too bad I need to sleep or I’d read through the night. Yes, each of these books has been unique and captivating to read for sure! including yours I have found so many authors in our group that I really have become a fan of! Each on on this list is included. Thanks!

  5. Ah, I see you’re enjoying Yvette’s series as much as I did! (I won’t say more because I don’t want to spoil anything.)

    Nice to learn your name. I have two cousins named Denise, so I (probably) won’t forget. 🙂

    1. Hi Stacy! I just finished Yvette’s last book…loved it! Gonna miss those characters:)

      Two cousins with the same although a wonderful name;) I didn’t run into many Denises growing up.

      Glad you stopped by!

  6. Hi Denise! It’s lovely finally knowing your name.😊 Loved your Reviews. I read Our Justice and loved it. I’m very intrigued by both Yvette’s series and Suzanna’s. Thanks for the reviews! Great post!

    1. Hi! Thank you, Vashti! Both very different, but good reads– definitely. Very glad you stopped by!

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