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This week is the three-year anniversary of breaking my left foot. What seemed like bad luck happening on Friday the 13th   by tripping over my black cat– didn’t turn out to be.  Spending Valentine’s Day in the ER hanging out with my Valentine, wasn’t either. This event oddly enough was what got me to take my writing seriously and publish. I had time to lay around and think. There are only so many shows you can watch and after binge watching “Supernatural” I started looking into self-publishing my work (after some encouragement from my daughter). I can’t say I enjoyed hearing the snap of a bone as I was in midair, but I did enjoy hearing the click of the button as I published my first book, “Elizabeth’s War”. I have learned a lot over the last three years and will keep learning and growing. The most important thing I took away from this event was: when bad things happen–they may not end up being bad.😊

Here are two of my reviews from books I’ve been reading. I can’t say I can keep up this pace of reading, but I’m certainly enjoying getting to read all these wonderful authors work!

LOVE The Beat Goes On 

by Lynda Filler

I believe in miracles and this is what “LOVE The Beat Goes On” is about! Sometimes, in life we forget about the miracles that surround us, and this book is a reminder of them. Ms. Filler was faced with a dire diagnosis from her doctor and set out on a healing journey. This is an uplifting book that reminds you to trust your inner voice.  To joyfully do things that only make sense to yourself.  It is necessary to heal our bodies, minds and souls.  With references to Dr. Wayne Dyer, and a reading guide at the end, the reader is given some tools to do this journey on their own– if they are ready for it. I will definitely be listening to the Shaman’s chants and checking into books I haven’t read. This book was recommended to me and I am thankful for that recommendation! I have fought past some of my own health issues, but this story is a guiding beacon for everyone dealing with that– or just needs an uplifting story in their lives.  I highly recommend this for anyone on a journey to find themselves, heal—or needs to be reminded of miracles.

Mind-Shaft: Paranormal Anthology

by S. Burke

I love to find a great book of short stories where I can read a story in one sitting. In “Mind-Shaft”, no story stood out as being the best—because they were all good! Each one has its own unique flavor with interesting twists. Ghosts, revenge, murder, justice, suspense, and excitement saturate the stories. If you enjoy short stories with a paranormal flavor you won’t want to miss this gem!


Happy Valentine’s Day! Not only embrace those who share your life and love, but give some of that to yourself, too! D.L. Finn

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  1. The saying comes to mind, “there is a reason for all things.” Your accident spurned you in a whole new direction Love both of the reviews. Lynda Filler’s book touched me deeply and I have Mind-Shaft on my Kindle. I just need more hours in the day.

    1. There definitely isn’t enough time in the day to get everything done…especially reading! Yes, there is a reason for all things and I’m glad for the outcome of that event! Thanks for recommending the book and being my secret Santa, too:)

  2. Thanks for your beautiful words. I’m happy you enjoyed the book LOVE The Beat Goes On. I still can’t read the last chapter without tearing up. There is controversy on my methods and beliefs as not everyone is ready to take responsibility for their lives and healing. Health professionals are not all open to the emotional aspects of how we can take control of our healing but today I feel vindicated. The Harvard Medical School published a report about Cardiomyopathy and said the Japanese have determined that this heart condition can indeed be caused by emotional trauma, like the loss of a child or in my case I believe possibly the very dangerous and life-threatening birth of my first son. And therefore, it can also be healed!
    I don’t know why I’m telling you all this! Thanks again for the great review and most important, that you found something in the telling of my story that touched your heart.

    1. I didn’t see the Harvard report and I’m glad to hear they are starting to confirm this, but I believe the same as you that life events take a toll on our physical health. I’m glad you said this– and yes, we can heal! I fully believe that, too having been told I’d be bed ridden in a couple of years…I wasn’t. It still amazes me how illness in certain parts of our body reflects past emotions. I always have some “work” to do, but so glad your book is out there as a guiding light and reminder:)

  3. OUCH!! I have never broken a bone (knock on wood), but I have sprained my ankles more than I can count. Those times were quite painful. However, look what came from it. You are a published author and I now have had the honor to read your books and be a friend.
    Love: The Beat Goes On is on my TBR…sounds like a very moving and informative book. I enjoyed reading Mind Shaft. Good reviews on both.

    1. Thank you, Karen:) It was my first broken bone actually less painful than tearing the ligaments which I’ve done more than once in the same foot;) So much good came from it and glad it led me to your books– and you as well!

  4. I know it was years ago, but I’m sorry about your foot. But look what came of it! (And hey, binge-watching Supernatural is never a waste of time!)

    Great reviews, Denise.

  5. You’ve written a lot of work in three years, Denise. I hate how you came into publishing, but I’m happy that you gave into your talent. Great reviews! I’ll add them both.

    1. Thank you Linda..i guess you could say I feel into it…lol. I think you will enjoy both books.

  6. You seriously tripped over a black cat on Friday the 13th? That is one for the record books, Denise!
    I’m so glad everything turned out well in the long run and you embarked on your writing journey.
    And the reviews are awesome. You are reading up a storm!

    1. It is a great story…it went over well in ER:) Thanks, Mae. Yes, I have been able reading a lot so far this year…and not even making a dent on my reading list:)

  7. Gosh, I had forgotten about your foot and didn’t know you tripped over your black cat on Friday the 13th. That’s a story you must write! 🙂 I’ve loved reading your books, Denise. You’re a beautiful writer, so thank goodness, your cat helped you realize that fact. Thank you for the reviews. I loved Love, the Beat Goes On and I look forward to reading Soooz’s book. Big hugs ♥

    1. I will never forget my cats expression when I landed next to him. He was so calm didn’t even flinch…a lot of trust I wouldnt hurt him. Yes, I am glad it happened the way it did and how it did. Thank you Gwen it all led me here…i am grateful! Glad you enjoyed the reviews and big hugs back to you:)

  8. I love your positive energy, Denise. It’s great how you turned a potentially bad situation into a great opportunity. Good for you! Great reviews! Thank you. <3 xx

  9. Thanks so much for the great review of “Mind-Shaft” Denise. I have Lynda’s book coming up soon and look forward to it. I do find times when my bad-health overwhelms me, this book may open avenues I hadn’t considered exploring, thanks for sharing your thoughts and experience.

    1. I really enjoyed Mind-Shaft….fun to read short stories:) I hope the book helps you find some new things to try…it was a good reminder to start doing some things again to feel better:)

      1. 😊 I’ll be reading it over the weekend, Denise. Our Aussie Winter is fast approaching and I need to be geared up emotionally and physically. I was hospitalized 4 times with pneumonia last winter. I’m not looking forward to it. My self talk needs a good kick in the rump.😊

      2. I hope you find a way to avoid that this winter! There are a lot of good reading suggestions, too at the end of the book, but definitely inspiring. I tend to go back to Louise Hay’s either Love your Body or Heal Your Body…it certainly seems to fit and a good place to get started (one of the suggested reads):) It sure is hard to keep up on the good self talk sometimes, isn’t it?

      3. 😊 It surely is, my friend. I always try to maintain a positive attitude, but must admit there are those times when it becomes very difficult to maintain. The PTSD can be debilitating. I’ll be certain to let you know how I find the read. I also have read Louise Hay’s books, and they have always been helpful. 😊

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