A Stormy Poem and Book Review!

Spring arrives in over a week. So, I’m sharing my last stormy poem of the wintry season (included in “Just Her Poetry). With the coming of spring, may the storms continue in Nevada City and beyond to ease the drought–and fill our well!



I immerse myself into the storm.

Its power engulfs me,

As it cleans my soul

With a brush of existence.

Ruling firmly without warning,

It is a delicate balance between

What it can give–

And what it can take away.

I connect to this authority

As its wind, rain and snow…

Rule the landscape.

It is the same inside me

With my hidden emotions–

I’m immersed in the rage of the storm.

I wait for the calm,

Safe where I am now.

Soon the sun will shine

My soul will be whole again.

But until then—I welcome…

This healing immersion into the storm.


While snow is finally making a comeback, I’ve been reading “The Improbable Journey of Billy Battles” and plan to jump right into “The Hat” next. Here is my book review of “Retaking Pervaiske”:

Retaking Pervaiske (The Army of Orphans #2

by F.B. Veneziano

I loved the first YA book in the “Army of Orphans” series and “The Retaking Pervaiske” takes over where it ended. It follows the plight of the Krisko siblings Alex, Anton, Irina and their army of orphans living in an abandoned underground shelter. It’s eastern Europe and thirty years into the future. The country is at war with itself and they are part of the rebel rebellion. There’s plenty of action with the small band being sent on missions with very real consequences–as the government repression strengthens. More relationships are developed as well as revisiting characters from the first book. My heart can’t help but go out to these brave young adults and children fighting for what they believe in. Although, you could read this as a stand-alone, with the very detailed recap at the beginning, I suggest you read the books in order. I liked how the story starts off with a glimpse into what was coming and then going back to find out how they got there. This kept me reading late into the night, with the only thing slightly slowing me down was the recap of the last book. The ending was sudden, and my first thought was: “no, it can’t end like this!” I eagerly await the third book to find out what happens next to this army of amazing orphans, because I can’t help but love them! I recommend this for young adults and adults, too.


Embrace your inner child, D.L. Finn

24 thoughts on “A Stormy Poem and Book Review!”

  1. I love how atmosphere is charged with energy before a storm….how calm and changed everything is after the storm passes.
    A beautiful poem, Denise, and another thoughtful book review.
    Well done!

    1. Thank, Mae! I love how weather feels and to be able to get that into words. Yes, such a difference in before the storm and after. Glad you liked the book review and thanks for dropping by:)

      1. LOL! Glad mine didn’t make your list….I will be laughing about this for a while!

  2. I love, love, love this poem! There’s something about the power of a storm that seems to “reset” my anxiety to null. It’s like it can take all that chaotic energy away and leave calm behind. Disclaimer: I’m going to keep this poem handy 😀

    1. Thanks Julie! The calm it leaves behind is wonderful:) I’m enjoying a real storm right now thunder, lightening and all;) I’m happy you are keeping it handy…yay!

  3. Love the beautiful poem, Denise. It says SO much and sometimes it takes the power of a storm to cleanse us and bring us back to center. Great book review for Fran!

    1. Thank you, Jan:) Yes sometimes we need it to renew our souls. I like how you put it to cleanse us back to whole…very true! I’m listening to thunder rumbling now and enjoyimg that storm:)

    1. Thank Gwen glad you enjoyed it:) That was one of my favorite lines and a place we’ve all been.

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