A Spring Poem




Gone are the days when I lay on the couch

By the crackling wood stove

Huddled under a blanket with five cats…

Sleeping on, or near me.


Gone are the cabin fevered stares

Of those cats who don’t understand

When I tell them it’s too cold outside…

It’s snowing.


Gone are the silent crisp nights

When I have to convince

Our two dogs they need to go outside…

They can’t hold it all night


Gone are the mornings

When I leave early to remove the built-up snow

From my car’s windshield…

And drive more carefully on the ice.


Gone are the times

When I sit in wonder.

Watching the landscape turn white…

In a beautiful dance of the snowflakes.


Gone is the silence of snow

And the soothing patter of rain

Or the roar of the wind…

Pounding its fury against the house.


Gone are those candle lit nights

When the outside rages on

Gone are the coats, boots, hats and mittens…

All tucked away until next season.


These things are gone

But, they are coming back

Until then I sit outside…

Surrounded by life.


The birds are singing,

And the crows screeching

As I catch the sweet scent of the flowers…

A small fluffy cloud floats by.


The cats sit by me, again

Basking in the sun, along with my dogs

This will be gone soon, too…

When the leaves start to fall.


Each season is unique

In what they have to offer

Now, I’m blessed in a spring moment…

In its blissful brilliance before–it’s gone.


Embrace your inner child with poetry! D.L. Finn

31 thoughts on “A Spring Poem”

  1. BEAUTIFUL! You’ve captured the change of seasons and with your phrases (cabin fevered stares) brought us into your home and your family. Absolutely beautiful! ♥

    1. Thank you Gwen. It’s a beautiful day and they all get to go explore. Glad you liked it and happy spring.

    1. Thank you, Jan:) I do love something about each season, although I have to admit spring and fall are my favorites! We are enjoying a beautiful spring day here!

    1. Thanks, John. We are enjoying some spring here today! Glad I could return the favor of a smile!

  2. It’s not quite that nice where I am, Denise, but you’ve got me dreaming. There’s an owl that returns to my house and he loudly heralds in each new Spring season. Thanks to you, I imagine his return.🤗

    1. Hi Linda, glad to get you dreaming! I like you have an owl that signals the new season! We have a dove that does the same thing for us. We are getting a beautiful spring day here, which of course means the bear is back tipping the garbage cans, too! Hope you get a visit from your owl soon!

  3. Fabulous poem, Denise! You captured the change of season so well with your tapestry of words. Each season truly is unique. Thank you for sharing such lovely impressions. And I’m glad the cats and dogs are happy again 🙂

    1. Thank you Mae:) The animals are happy soaking up the warm sunrays again for sure. Although, the dogs seem to have fun in the snow, but not the rain. I think spring makes most of us happy;)

  4. Love this poem, Denise! And all of it–so true! I can’t wait to sit outside and just absorb spring–there’s such a short time frame for that, but it’s distinctive. (And boy, I cannot wait to put the winter stuff away 😀 )

    1. Hi Julie! Thank you:) Yes, that change is limited but so intensely amazing. I have been absorbing it in the last few days. Its very distracting, but at least I got some poems written. I’ve kept out the winter coat, but pulled out my sweaters again:) Have a great weekend.

  5. Lovely poem, Denise. Spring is elusive this year. The days are getting longer but still so cold. Now we expect snow in a couple of days!

    1. Thank you, Eden:) I enjoyed a week in the sun writing poetry, but we are getting more weather in a few days, but I think just rain not snow! Yes, spring is always a bit elusive at times.

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