The Journey–A Poem

the little bird


The tiny brown and white bird clung to the cedar’s bark

The corn snow fell heavy and hard around it.

Then, the bird slowly began its journey by climbing upward.

A few feet up the tree, it was knocked back down to the ground

It paused for only a few seconds and tried again.

Deliberately, it made its way back to where it fell

The bird carefully passed that point without stopping

It moved higher, toward the promised shelter from the pounding chaos.

Wings open, it faltered a few times, but hung on…

It kept rising until it reached the first bare branch.

Tucked underneath the little bird had found limited shelter

But, it wisely did not linger there, and it continued the climb

Finally, the brave bird was immersed into the green branches–

Now, it was safely nestled in the cedar, as the storm raged around it.


Gone from my sight, I contemplated this journey.

When the bird was knocked down, it got up and tried again.

It passed the point where it had been impeded.

There was no hesitation as it kept advancing.

Not looking back, it climbed higher and higher.

It didn’t accept the first offer of partial protection,

Instead, it kept climbing until it reached its goal…

Until it found sanctuary from the pelting ice and winds.

And, having watched this journey–I was just a bit wiser for it

Because whatever life throws at me, I need to pick myself up,

And keep climbing, no matter what the odds, until I reach the top–

Exactly like the wise and brave bird did on its journey in the storm.

I watched this event take place while I was on my elliptical a few days ago. I was so happy and impressed to see this tiny bird make it up the tree.  It amazed me that something so small could leave a lasting impression. (The bird pictured is from another day, but for all I know could be the same bird…)

“The Journey” will be in my upcoming book: “Just Her Poetry”. I hope to release it this year!

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Embrace your inner child with poetry, D.L. Finn


29 thoughts on “The Journey–A Poem”

  1. Lovely, D.L. Sometimes I think these little ones are messengers, reminding us of life’s deeper purpose. “Keep climbing, no matter what the cost” for your beautiful spirit shines through your work. ♥

    1. Thank you Gwen:) I think you are right–they are messengers and I always try to remember to look and notice them.

    1. Thank you Mae. It was an excellent lesson to see and perfectly timed in my own life:)

    1. Wow…thank you Mary. That really resonates with me– and I do believe we are shown what we need to see.

  2. Your inner strength shines through in your poetry, Denise. I am delighted that you are releasing a new work soon. 🦋

    1. Thank you, Julie! Yes, little bird, but I loved how it kept going and got to safety in that pelting storm.

  3. What a beautiful poem and message, Denise. Like the little bird, we often get knocked down. The choice is ours whether to get back up and climb to the top or stay down. Thank you for this beautiful and profound expression. I look forward to the new poetry book.

    1. Thank you Jan. That little bird gave me the lesson I needed right then. Yes, we do have that choice for sure:)

  4. I enjoyed this poem and especially your use of this picture and that which it evokes in one’s mind. I enjoyed your poetry from “NO FAIRY TALE: … A Princess and her Poetry” very much. So, I’m looking forward to your next book, D.L! All the best. 💐🌱🌱💐

    1. Thank you Maretha:) I was kind of surprised I got that bird shot. I ran back into the house to get my phone–luckily it was on and the bird waited for me. Glad you enjoyed the poem and I hope to get my poetry book out this year.

  5. Such a beautiful message of hope and persistence. A lovely sight to witness and a gift for the soul. Reading your words, it’s impossible not to smile. Thank you so much for sharing this. 🙂
    I’m really looking forward to your upcoming poetry collection. Cheers to you!

  6. I am late in responding to this beautiful and touching poem. I love the words, “…whatever life throws at me, I need to pick myself up and keep climbing…” This has been my philosophy all my life. Your poetry is always such a joy to read.

    1. Thank you Karen. I felt like I was being reminded of that in the moment. It is a good philosophy to live by Karen and why your book Outshine is high on my list to read.

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