April Book Reviews Bring May…

Shadow of the Drill: Born of Circumstance, Bred for Revenge

By Rhani D’Chae


“Shadow of the Drill” is a story that contains killers, strip clubs, sex, prostitution, torture and rapists. All the characters are bad, but well-written. I found myself wondering if I could find empathy in the main characters: Decker, Rudy and Charlene. As cruel as they were, and as brutal as their actions were, I quickly realized–yes, I could. I was invested in Decker’s relationship with Charlene and her strength to stay by his side fighting to be an equal. Rudy’s long-time friendship and loyalty to Decker was also explored with insight into their past and what event held them together. There were some parts that were so ruthless I had a hard time reading them, but at the same time they were completely honest for these characters. Even with the violence and dark story-line this was a book I couldn’t put down. If you love action with the reality of damaged human beings, this is a story for you.

Thread and Other Stories

by Eric Halpenny 

“Thread and Other Stories” is a short story collection that ranges from historical to science fiction. There are seven stories that I’d have a hard time picking my favorite from because they are so different, but they are all well-written. I was involved in each story with the characters and outcome for different reasons. “Conflict” the tale of two friends in World War 1 was the one that touched me the most with their friendship and the horror of war. In “Thread” I was immediately drawn into the story of two poor orphans and their struggled to survive—I was rooting for them. The most interesting though was the story “Conversation” that was weaved around the other stories in six parts. I thoroughly enjoyed the different genres and the mystery of “Conversation” in this creative collection. I look forward to reading more from this author!

Embrace your inner child read an indie book! D.L. Finn

17 thoughts on “April Book Reviews Bring May…”

    1. Thank Natalie! It sat on my Kindle for a while, too. I am so glad it moved up and I got to read it.

  1. Great reviews, Denise! Shadow of the Drill is on my Kindle. If I ever catch up with my perpetually growing TBR, it’s on my list! Congrats to the authors.

    1. Thanks Mae! I understand the growing TBR and never being able to catch up! I’ve lost track of how many pages of books are on my Kindle…lol.

  2. I read Shadow of the Drill and loved it. Very well written. After reading your review I must put Threads on my list. Like everyone it is hard to keep up on the reading and still have time for writing, etc. Thank you, Denise

    1. Hi Karen! Yes, it was a great read. It is hard to find time to read as much as we want to. I feel like I forgo sleep to do it right now:) But the list is ever growing and I’m enjoying the books.

  3. Fantastic reviews, Denise. I haven’t read “Thread” yet, but have it sitting on my Kindle. Short stories seem to be the theme for this year. 🙂

    1. Thanks Jan:) Yes, it is the year of short stories, been many years since I’ve attempted it. Reworking old ones are fun. Have a great weekend!

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