June Book Reviews

Daisy, Bold & Beautiful 

by Ellie Collins

“Daisy, Bold & Beautiful” is a sweet story geared for 9 to 12-year-old readers.  Ms. Collins tells the story of a young girl D.J. who moves to a new town with her father, after her mother’s death. She has to start a new school and make new friends.  It’s well-written and I could sympathize with her getting onto the bus knowing no one and heading for a new sixth grade experience. D.J. quickly makes friends and learns about herself along the way. I loved the relationship between father and daughter as well as her new friends.   What makes this story so interesting is what happens when she goes to bed and her experiences in another realm. This book for middle grade readers drew me in, but the amazing part was it was written by a middle grade writer!  This is a children’s book I highly recommend and a new author I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next!

PURE TRASH (Historical Fiction) Short story prequel to DOG BONE SOUP

by Bette A. Stevens

“Pure Trash” is a charming and insightful glance into rural 1955 as we are taken through a day with two boys: Shawn and Willie. They are poor and judged on the merit of their drunken father. Heading into town it is apparent they are considered, “pure trash”. They’re able to earn enough change to get some treats and play freely on the playground. An unforeseen accident confirms what Shawn already knows, they aren’t treated the same as everyone else. I can’t wait to read “Dog Bone Soup” to see what happens to the boys. I recommend this short story for children– as well as adults.

DOG BONE SOUP (Historical Fiction): A Boomer’s Journey 

by Bette Stevens

“Dog Bone Soup” is a story told through a boy’s eyes as he grows up in a desperately poor family in the 50’s with an abusive-alcoholic father. Shawn spends time surviving and taking care of his family’s needs, as well as finding time to enjoy life with his brother. I wondered what dog bone soup was and quickly found out it came from Shawn having to get dog bones at the butcher, so his family could eat. Ms. Stevens’ descriptions of the era really pulled me into the story. I loved the relationship between Shawn and his younger brother Willie and the creative ways they found to supply the family with food. It was sad how people treated them and the pride the family had–that ended up hurting them at times. Using an outhouse and having to bring water in each day when everyone else had indoor plumbing was made worse when the father made sure he had electricity for his TV. This was one of many examples of what four children had to endure from a selfish father and a mother struggling to care for her family. A beautifully written coming of age story that I can highly recommend!

If Only There Was Music. The Poetry of Forbidden Love 

by Nonnie Jules (Author), Giani Jordan (Author)

This is a beautiful book of poetry with the first half written from the female’s perspective and the second through the male’s. “If Only There was Music. The Poetry of Forbidden Love” does something unique–it tells a story through the poetry. Each poem shows the pain and longing for their forbidden love. I like that the female and male side are written by different authors making it all the more real. The images and rhythm of the words held me captive– reading late into the night. It reminded me just how strong real love is, even at a distance. If you love poetry, like I do, you will love this book!


by Nonnie Jules

I just finished reading: “If Only There Was Music. The Poetry of Forbidden Love” the book of poetry that precedes this short story. Instead of going to sleep I had to know how it all ended and immediately started reading “…And the Music Played”. The couple in a forbidden love were both married to other people. Christine in an abusive marriage, and Giani in a loveless one. A murder plot is twisted into this love story nicely with plenty of action. I was drawn in and rooting for Christine and Giani. You can read this well-written short story as a stand-alone, but I recommend you read the book of poetry first.

There will be no blog on June 10th because my husband and I will be celebrating our 35th Wedding Anniversary. It is a weekend trip with our long, long trailer by the ocean! Be back on June 17th!

Watch for special edition blogs on June 5th and 15th!

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18 thoughts on “June Book Reviews”

  1. What a great selection of diverse reading! I have just added Pure Trash to my TBR and have moved Dog Bone Soup up the list. Thanks for sharing your insights with us, Denise, and a big Congratulations on your upcoming 35th wedding anniversary, have a marvelous trip.

    1. Thank you Soooz! I’m not sure where all the time went though…lol. The TBR list never stops growing does it?

  2. Great roundup, Denise. I just finished both of Nonnie’s books and I agree. The others are on my TBR. Thirty-five!!! That’s awesome. Congratulations to you and the Mister!

  3. I’ve read If Only There Was Music, Pure Trash and Dog Bone Soup. All great reads. Dog Bone Soup is particularly special—a book that still resonates with me over a year after reading it.

    Enjoy your wedding anniversary and congrats! 🙂

    1. Yes, all good ones! “Dog Bone Soup” is one of those that will hang on I agree. Would make a great movie.

      Thank you I am looking forward to a weekend at the beach!

  4. Great reviews, Denise. I still haven’t read “Dog Bone Soup,” or “Pure Trash,” but read the others and agree wholeheartedly with your reviews. Happy Anniversary!! Enjoy your time away!

  5. All good books and I think you will enjoy “Dog Bone Soup” and “Pure Trash”. Thank you I’m looking forward to “camping” on the beach!

    1. Thank you Lizzie:) All good reads! Thanks for dropping by and have an amazing week!

  6. Thanks so much for your thoughtful reviews of PURE TRASH and DOG BONE SOUP, Denise! 🙂 It’s an honor to be included in this great lineup of books–I’ll be adding the others to my TBR. Wishing you and your husband A Very Happy 35th and a year filled with blessings! xoxo

    1. Thank you Bette! I am looking forward to our coastal trip! I’ve been wanting to read “Dog Bone Soup” for a while now and really enjoyed it and “Pure Trash”. It really leaves you thinking after.

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