35 years later…roadtrip

I talked about a road trip to Southern California I took 35 years ago with my husband in a previous blog: Roadtrip. In May, my husband and I hit the road again, this time pulling the long, long trailer behind us.

long long trailer....

We went south and settled in Anaheim after a long nine-hour drive on Highway 5. After relaxing to an already cooked dinner (thanks to a day of cooking before we left) we headed outside to watch the Disneyland fireworks from our RV park. We got six days of it! There is something magical standing in the darkness and watching the sky light up in beautiful colors.

fireworks pic

The next two days were given to exploring Disneyland. As always, we headed first to our favorite ride, The Pirates of the Caribbean. Unfortunately, it was closed for refurbishing for several more weeks. So, we proceeded next to the Haunted House or another favorite as a first ride for us. It was closed—it had broken-down. Not to be discouraged, we got in line for Thunder Mountain ready for the thrill of a roller coaster. Right when we got up ready to board…it also broke.

thunder mountain

At this point I was beginning to wonder what was going on. After they cleared us out of the line at this ride we headed over to Peter Pan– another one of our favorites. Twenty-five minutes, we were in the shade. We thought we’d made it. Guess what? It broke down, too. By now I was laughing and wondering what the message was. I didn’t ponder on that thought too long, as I was determined to get onto a ride.

We waited as others left for them to fix the ride. Finally, we saw the first boat come into port. It was going again. We got seated and were whisked off into Neverland. We weren’t disappointed, and things went smoothly from there. Then our fun continued as we flew through outerspace on Space Mountain and raced in Radiator Springs (I admit to giggling a bit on this ride).  My inner child got quite the work out.

After our amusement park fix we got a nice visit in with some relatives and then headed for the beach. Exploring on the sandy landscape always brings me to a peaceful state of being.

beach trip

Then, on our final day we headed to the San Diego Zoo. It had been 35 years since we’d been there. It had changed a lot in many good ways. We started with the bus tour and then when it was done we worked our way downhill through the many different areas with the map in hand.


We had lunch with the elephants and I spent some time watching a tiger (I was born in the year of the tiger and have a connection to all cats big or small…).

me and tiger

The grounds were beautiful with lots of greenery and waterfalls, and it brought back a lot of memories of a younger version of us walking the same path.

Then, we headed back home knowing we had two more road trips to come…

Thirty-five years might have separated these trips, but they were both amazing. Our younger versions had more energy and we explored further. This older version paced ourselves, stopped more and observed. Either version of us, though, our hearts were still the same along with our wonder. We laughed like children on the rides, were amazed at nature’s beauty and at peace around the animals. This time we slept in comfort and had a kitchen to use, over an ice chest and a bed in the back of a van 35 years ago, but it was still us–together.  And the message was when the rides kept breaking, that it didn’t matter what we did as long as we did it together.

on boat

Embrace your inner child! D.L. Finn

32 thoughts on “35 years later…roadtrip”

  1. What a crazy day at Disney, with most of the rides breaking down! I’m glad you had a chance to go on a few. The trip sounds like it was a great time, despite a few setbacks. As always, I enjoyed reading your post!

  2. That’s a heartwarming post. As I was reading about all the rides breaking down, I kept thinking “What are the odds?” I am so glad everything worked out in the end, however, and you and your husband had a good time. I definitely sensed the spirit of your inner child in your writing! 🙂

      1. I did the math in my head giving you a guessing age of 20 when married, plus 70! Now, how did I guess at your correct age? I used the memories of your first trip and I can be intuitive. So here is to the next 35 years!!!

      2. LOL Mary! Perfect guess and I believe you have to be intuitive to do math sometimes:)

  3. Now THAT is an adventure! Thanks for sharing your journey. I loved this > … that it didn’t matter what we did as long as we did it together.

    So fabulous to read your post and know how much fun you had.


  4. What a fabulous post! This, folks, is what life is all about. Enjoy every day! Thanks for sharing this with us, Denise, and the thing I noticed most was the positive attitude you and your husband took when all the rides were broken. I love it!

    1. Thank you Jan! Yes, it is something we should apply everyday and not just on vacations! It was pretty funny and I wondered was it because it was Mother’s Day? No matter we had a blast in all we did:)

  5. Very nice Denise. I’ve been to Disney in Anaheim many years ago when I was in California to get acquainted with my mother’s side of our family. My cousins took me on a tour and Disneyland was at the top of the agenda.

    1. It is interesting to go back to something you did a long time ago. Funny thing is I feel no different than I did then, just move a bit slower, but then I get to see more that way:) I definitely appreciate all more. Thanks, John:)

  6. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip, Denise! I think if it had been me wanting to go on rides and every one I hit was down, I’d consider that the universe’s message that I should probably just stick to the zoo 😀 Thank you for sharing your vacation with us!

    1. Thanks, had a great time Julie. Yes, it did cross my mind perhaps we shouldn’t be going on rides, but my stubborn side took over at that point:)

  7. Thanks for this lovely “trip advisor” post, D.L. Unfortunately, the places themselves are unfamiliar to me, but I enjoyed your trip description which is filled with all resorts of memories. The beach photos are great, too. 🤩

    1. Its hard to take a bad photo at the beach isn’t it? Yes this trip is filled with lots of good memories for me. I have never had a bad time at Disneyland it always makes me feel like a kid! Have a great weekend Maretha:)

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