Summer Short Story Reviews


OPEN, SHUT: A Short Story

By Nonnie Jules

Darcy’s older sister was killed while walking to school with her siblings. After her sister’s death, Darcy noticed doors, and other things, opening and shutting on their own. Then, she discovered her sister’s journal that changed her world. I found this to be an inspiring read about a girl finding her faith and applying it to her life after a tragic event. It shows we can overcome loss–if we have faith.


I’ve Always Loved Women

by Rhani D’Chae

This was a fascinating read! Although it stated clearly in the beginning there was going to be a murder I was still surprised when it happened. Once I started reading I couldn’t put it down. I had to know why. It was chilling to see through the killer’s point of view. The characters were real, the subject matter of abuse important, and the rationale almost makes sense—almost. I loved this story and highly recommend it, especially if you enjoy a story told through the “serial killer’s” prospective!


Short Stories of Fantasy: Sarpati, The Slot Machine, Broken Toys in the Attic, The Fair Lady

By Patricia A. Guthrie

This is a collection of four short stories that held my attention. The tales ranged from seeing Adam and Eve from the snakes’ prospective, what a slot machine is thinking, not to enter an attic if you are a spoiled child, and books that should never be read. Each had its own flavor that I fully enjoyed. This was a fun read for me. If you enjoy the paranormal with a bit of horror mixed in, you’ll enjoy this collection.

Two Shorts and a Snort

By Jan Sikes

There are two short stories and a poem in this collection. My favorite short story was “Obsession”. It takes the reader to a place of greed and lust, and what a dark path they can drag you down. I could sympathize with the characters and at the same time cringe at the things they did. The other short story “Maggie” was a sweet tale when a rancher finds a gift in a snow bank. I left this story wanting to know more, but very glad the couple got what they desired. The poem rang true about relationships that shouldn’t go ‘there’. “Two Shorts and a Snort” is an ideal read before bedtime–or even your lunch break.

Tequila Rose Virginity Blues: Contemporary Romance Short Story

by Wendy Jayne

Ms. Jayne takes us on a chance meeting and a forgetful morning after. Tequila wakes up with a major hangover and tries to figure out what happened between her and Jack. Was this a person she might want to have a relationship or forget she met him? I enjoyed the storyline and humor. The characters were well-written, and I was curious to see what happened between them. It wasn’t a rushed short-story ending–even with “speed-dating”.

 Saving The Evergreens: Garden Secrets 

by Maretha Botha

This is a charming short-story of a little Evergreen from the Tree Quarters named Smallun. Smallun meets up with a butterfly he names Flutter and he quickly shares his story of his home being attacked by the Zondies and escaping to safety. It reminded me of a similar issue we have in our area with tree beetles killing the pine trees. This story makes you want to look twice at what grows in our gardens or forests.


Embrace your inner child by reading an awesome book! D.L. Finn

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  1. What an eclectic mix of short stories to choose from, Denise! I’ve read and enjoyed “I’ve Always Loved Women” and “Two Shorts and a Snort” is coming up on my TBR list. Thanks for sharing your reviews with us.

    1. I’ve been having fun reading all the new short stories! It’s been quite a mixture of genres! Thanks, Soooz:)

  2. Excellent reviews, Denise! I have read all of these except Patricia Guthrie’s and Maretha Botha’s, but they are on my Kindle waiting. Thank you for the excellent review of “Two Shorts and a Snort.” Hugs!

    1. Thanks Jan! I liked your idea of putting two short stories with a poem and Obsession…wow! It was certainly fun reading the new shorts and I hope we do this again:) Hugs back!

    1. Thanks Teagan! I’ve been on a short story mission and have a part two next week:) It’s been a lot of fun for summer reading and something for everyone. It’s a wonderful group of writers to read;) Hugs back!

    1. Thank you Karen. I am throughly enjoying short stories. They seem to fit the summer theme!

  3. Excellent reviews, Denise. I’ve read one of your selections, but they each sound good. Although I love novels, sometimes there’s nothing better than sitting down with a collection of shorts.

    1. Thanks Mae:) Yes sometimes I love to sit down and be able to finish a story in one sitting…other times it’s nice to stay in the story for a while. Great to have the choice.

    1. Hi Chuck! Welcome:) I had a great time focusing on short stories~ You are right they are overlooked, but I think much harder to write in a lot of ways. Thanks for stopping by and have a great rest of week.

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