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HaiKu Moonlight D.L. Finn

My daughter Danielle, who you met in a previous blog, got my husband and I involved in a worldwide scavenger hunt or what was installed on my cell phone–GISH. She was our group leader and worked on many things including earning money for charity. I was given tasks to do during this week-long event.

The first task was to write a poem that rhymed and included world history. I got that done in less than a half hour and sent it off to her to submit.

Another task I was given was to learn a new skill. I puzzled over that one and then decided to write the Haiku above. That 5-7-5 poem was a lot harder to write than I would have imagined. It was more time consuming for me, but I got it done.

Then, one night we got together with my daughter and a friend to finish up our tasks.  I helped out with a picture.  My part was to hold up a blanket, so it was under the sun while Danielle “read” the setting sun the book “Goodnight Moon”.

Next, I got to judge a belly flop contest at a neighbor’s swimming pool. The flops sounded painful to me, but everyone got a 10! I personally placed the gold medal around the winner’s neck. The following event I was required in the pool to do water ballet to heavy metal music. I think we looked pretty good as my husband filmed us going in a circle bringing our arms in and out of the circle and then jumping together.

Out of the pool and wrapped in our towels Danielle placed large goggle-eyes on the neighbor’s tractor. Moving the bucket up and down got the eyes moving or that task. Finally, the “Goodnight Moon” book was presented to the neighbor’s son.

Back home again on our side of the street again, Danielle’s friend tried to fling chocolate pudding into my daughter’s mouth from three feet back while I filmed that. All you can hear is my laughter.

Later that night I helped my husband on his task to learn a new skill.  I showed him how to do some night photography…or make me look like a ghost. Boo!

Jeff pic smaller for gish

Joining my daughter’s team became about: spending time with loved ones, learning and trying something new, and laughter. Things we need in our lives, especially the laughter.

Here is the the poem I wrote during this event.


Since the beginning of humankind

We have pushed forward with our mind

With the useful first stone wheel

To the current luxurious automobile

From revolutions that tore down a wall

To gruesome wars that produced bombs to fall

This mind has been used for bad: including pure greed

Or for generosity, charity, altruism and to lead

Now in this time in history humankind has a choice

To decide which side, we are on and raise our voice

We can stand by our fellow human being

And lift our world up to a place our minds are seeing.

Embrace your inner child with laughter! D.L. Finn

35 thoughts on “Trying new things”

  1. The scavenger hunt sounds like it was fun and challenging! I loved your Haiku poem. This is something I have yet to try. Your poem about the Mind is quite thought-provoking. The last two lines ring very true.

    1. Hi Karen! It was a lot of fun. I was glad to be pushed to doing a Haiku. Thanks Karen I’m hopeful we will lift this world up!

  2. What a beautiful Haiku poem! Your’e a natural at this 5-7-5 syllable effort. And, what an amazing scavenger hunt. I’ve never experienced anything like that. I loved you final poem a well – the choice is ours for sure. Big hugs to you! ♥

    1. Thank you Gwen! It was a challenge to write that Haiku. For some reason I miss extra syllables along the way, but I was glad to try it out. I’ve never been a part of a scavenger hunt either what fun it was plus you can earn money for charities. I like to think we will make the right choice. Hugs back!

  3. Hi Denise! You did great with the haiku and loved your poem at the end too. The scavenger hunt read like a great time. I love the idea.😊

    1. Thanks Vashti! I was glad I finally tried it. I always loving reading others like your Haikus but never got to it until now! The hunt was great fun…sometimes we get busy and forget about just having some good laughs:)

  4. This sounds like you had a lot of fun with it! The haiku is beautiful, and so is the poem. A worldwide scavenger hunt? That sounds interesting. Now, if you could actually travel around to find the stuff…. 😀

    1. I did have fun Julie! Thanks! I wouldn’t mind traveling the world to find stuff…I am still working on my time travel abilities to get that done! Have a great week.

  5. I’ve thought about doing that for a while now. (Misha Collins’ emails about it are hilarious.) Glad you had fun. I can imagine the pudding fling and I’m laughing about it.

    Loved the poem. And that you made wonderful memories with loved ones.

    1. You should join our team next year! It was a blast! Misha always has me laughing. That pudding will make me smile for a long time. I found a bit of it this weekend still on our deck.

      Thank you Staci it was very memorable!

  6. What a wonderful family thing to do. Anytime you can spend quality time is always a good thing.

  7. Wow! It sounds like everyone had a blast with the scavenger hunt. What a fun, adventurous, and entertaining thing to do. Your poem is beautiful and I really loved the night/ghost photo. What a cool effect.
    This was such a fun, heartwarming post, Denise. I was cracking up over the water ballet to heavy metal music among other things 🙂

    1. It was so much fun Mae. I had no idea what I was getting into, but so glad I did it! Thank you. I noticed that picture is kind of hard to see here but the ghost effect is pretty cool. Our family likes to play with that. The ballet was pretty fun and that music fit nicely. It was nice to just focus on some fun!

  8. Your poem made me choke. Ever since I verbalized my personal writing mission on RRBC, it’s been on my mind. We can stand by…or take a stand. Thanks for this and for sharing your world.

    1. Thank you Lynda! I think about it a lot too. I always wonder what I would have done in the past…

  9. How wonderful to have the warm precious laughter that family and friends hand us so willingly. Recognizing and capturing those memories to be taken out and smiled at on even the dark days is a gift. Thanks for sharing that with all of us, Your poem touched me, especially
    “Now in this time in history humankind has a choice
    To decide which side, we are on and raise our voice”

    Uniting as a species is something we all still need to learn to get right. I have to believe we can do it.

  10. It is wonderful to have those times Soooz. We do need them in the darker of moments in our lives. Thank you I feel very strongly about uniting together for a good purpose. I believe we can do it, too! I believe in the good that is in almost every person.

  11. Congratulations on taking this challenge and coming out triumphant! Learning a new skill is always a challenge, but you did a great job with the Haiku!

    1. Thanks Jan! It was certainly a lot of fun to accomplish sometime and not be stressed about it at the same time:) Haikus, I found, are not as easy as they look!

    1. Thank you Maretha:) I’ve always had a hard time metering so it was a challenge but glad I did it. Yes it really was a lot of fun all around. Sometimes you just have to do silly things.

  12. I’m so glad I didn’t miss this post. I will be late to pages time to time due to health or hospitalizations, but I keep emails and try not to mass delete. I love this post. The entire thing sounds like a fun event with everyone getting into it. While reading, I found myself smiling all the way through. Your poem is beautiful. Have a glorious weekend!

    1. Thank you Mary! Hope your health is improving. I had a lot of fun doing it and I’m glad it brought a smile to you. Hope you have a great weekend too.

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