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Was I as wild as Lynn and Stacy “back in the day”? That’s an interesting question. I suppose it depends on how you define the word “wild” and the time frame. 1980 was the time when I got my first apartment and I found ways to have fun, but in 1983 I got married. So, it was a limited time frame to explore and add my limited knowledge and research to this book.

I might have a friend or two wondering if I’d bring “that” up. Good thing about “that” is we are the only ones that know whether I did or did not.

The characters for “The Button” grew out of those memories I have–and some I don’t.

Lynn Hill is a survivor. She grew up in an abusive household. She lost hope for a moment at 14-years-old and tried to take her life. But, that moment may have changed her because of an angelic intervention. Now she’s a rebel with a button, a determination to take care of herself and unsure whether she believes in love. I’m sure there’s a bit of me hidden in Lynn the survivor. We were both hairdressers, too.

Kent Stuart works at the local bar serving drinks. Lynn is immediately attracted to him, even with his goofy quotes. But, it seemed like his interest was in Stacy until they talk again. Lynn quickly learns he reads the same horror books as her and comes from a family with drinking issues, too. Kent gives Lynn his phone number, yet he has another side and another job unknown to her. Lynn has no idea if she should trust him or not.

Stacy Kelly has been Lynn’s best friend since they were kids. They’re room mates and like sisters. She’s a beautiful blond that is full of herself, but very loyal to Lynn. She’s the only person Lynn completely trusts. The two girls look out for each other. When Stacy goes missing, Lynn will do whatever it takes to find her.

Warren Stone is Lynn’s step brother. He’s newly released from prison after embezzling from a company he worked for. He reaches out to Lynn when she needs someone the most. He says he has changed and learned a lot from being in jail. He wants to make up for not being there for her in the past. They both share the same abusive childhood and she wants to trust him.

The Angels: Zelina who was in This Second Chance is the angel training Thomas, who had issues in the past. Zelina brought Thomas along when she spoke to Lynn during her coma. Zelina and Thomas are keeping an eye on Lynn until she needs them again.

Dian the evildwel has a hold of someone near Lynn.  She thrives and feeds off fear. Her current host satisfies all her needs, but she desires Lynn’s death.

The battle begins…will Lynn survive it?

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21 thoughts on ““The Button” Characters”

  1. This is a fantastic introduction to the characters. I have a feeling there are bits and pieces of us in all the characters we create. I am excited to read more of this story and have pre-ordered. Best wishes, Denise!

    1. Thank you Jan:) I’m sure you’re right about bits and pieces of us in our characters. I can’t wait to hear what you think about The Button.

  2. I’m so happy for you, Denise. CONGRATULATIONS! I’ve just pre-ordered and can’t wait to read it. ♥

    1. Thank you Gwen! I appreciated your input. I’m looking forward to hearing what you think about The Button now.

  3. What a cool blog post! I love the way you introduced each character, their backgrounds, and motivations.
    Congrats on The Button, and thank you so much for setting aside time to share my cove reveal tomorrow.I’m honored!

    1. Thank you Mae! I never know how to introduce the characters, so glad you liked it. I’m always happy to spread the word on your work:) I’m hoping for a night like your cover very soon.

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