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I’m grateful to Staci Troilo for sharing her blog with me today. Check out today’s “The Button” post over on Staci’s blog.  To keep it interesting each post has different “Random Finn Facts”.

Before you go, please take a peek at Staci’s “Author Bio”and “Amazon Link” below. She has a newly released book “Tortured Soul” that I recommend checking out–along with the rest of her catalog. She is not only a great writer, but very supportive of other authors. Take a moment to show your support.


Staci Troilo:

Staci Troilo grew up knowing family is paramount. She spent time with extended family daily, not just on holidays or weekends. Because of those close-knit familial bonds, every day was full of love and laughter, food and fun.

She grew up in Western Pennsylvania writing stories and poetry in her free time, so it was no surprise that she studied writing in college. After receiving creative and professional writing degrees from Carnegie Mellon University, she went on to get her Master’s Degree in Professional Writing, and she worked in corporate communications until she had her children. When they had grown, she went on to become a writing professor until she moved to Arkansas and began her fiction career.

Life has taken her one thousand miles away from that extended family, but those ties remain. And so do the traditions, which she now shares with her husband, son, and daughter… even her two dogs. And through her fiction, she shares the importance of relationships with you. Mystery or suspense, romance or mainstream—in her stories, family is paramount.


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Mae Clair’s Cover Reveal for “End of Day”

Please welcome today’s special guest Mae Clair! She’s sharing her new book cover with us.

Book cover for End of Day, mystery/suspense novel by Mae Clair shows old dilapidated church with bell tower and a cemetery in the background overgrown with weeds

Release Date: January 15, 2019
Genre: Mystery/Suspense/Supernatural Thriller
Publisher: Kensington Publishing • Lyrical Underground Imprint

The past is never truly buried…

Generations of Jillian Cley’s family have been tasked with a strange duty—tending the burial plot of Gabriel Vane, whose body was the first to be interred in the Hode’s Hill cemetery. Jillian faithfully continues the long-standing tradition—until one October night, Vane’s body is stolen from its resting place. Is it a Halloween prank? Or something more sinister?

As the descendants of those buried in the church yard begin to experience bizarre “accidents,” Jillian tries to uncover the cause. Deeply empathic, she does not make friends easily, or lightly. But to fend off the terror taking over her town, she must join forces with artist Dante DeLuca, whose sensitivity to the spirit world has been both a blessing and a curse. The two soon realize Jillian’s murky family history is entwined in a tragic legacy tracing back to the founding of Hode’s Hill. In order to set matters right, an ancient wrong must be avenged…or Jillian, Dante, and everyone in town will forever be at the mercy of a vengeful spirit.

End of Day can be read as a stand alone novel or as a follow-up to book one of the Hode’s Hill series, Cusp of Night.

End of Day is available for pre-order through this link
and available to add to your Goodreads to-be-read list here.

Connect with Mae Clair at BOOKBUB and the following haunts:

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The Button Blog Tour Link for 9-10

I’m grateful to Sandra Cox for sharing her blog with me today. Check out today’s “The Button” post over on Sandra’s blog.  Before you go, please take a peek below at Sandra’s amazing “Author Bio” and “Amazon Link”, which includes her extensive book catalog. Let’s thank Sandra for being so supportive to other author’s–by being supportive of her.


Sandra Cox:

Multi-published author Sandra Cox writes YA Fantasy, Romance, and Metaphysical Nonfiction. She lives in sunny North Carolina with her husband, a brood of critters and an occasional foster cat. Although shopping is high on the list, her greatest pleasure is sitting on her screened in porch, listening to the birds, sipping coffee or a latte, and enjoying a good book. She’s a vegetarian and a Muay Thai enthusiast.


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“The Button” Characters


Was I as wild as Lynn and Stacy “back in the day”? That’s an interesting question. I suppose it depends on how you define the word “wild” and the time frame. 1980 was the time when I got my first apartment and I found ways to have fun, but in 1983 I got married. So, it was a limited time frame to explore and add my limited knowledge and research to this book.

I might have a friend or two wondering if I’d bring “that” up. Good thing about “that” is we are the only ones that know whether I did or did not.

The characters for “The Button” grew out of those memories I have–and some I don’t.

Lynn Hill is a survivor. She grew up in an abusive household. She lost hope for a moment at 14-years-old and tried to take her life. But, that moment may have changed her because of an angelic intervention. Now she’s a rebel with a button, a determination to take care of herself and unsure whether she believes in love. I’m sure there’s a bit of me hidden in Lynn the survivor. We were both hairdressers, too.

Kent Stuart works at the local bar serving drinks. Lynn is immediately attracted to him, even with his goofy quotes. But, it seemed like his interest was in Stacy until they talk again. Lynn quickly learns he reads the same horror books as her and comes from a family with drinking issues, too. Kent gives Lynn his phone number, yet he has another side and another job unknown to her. Lynn has no idea if she should trust him or not.

Stacy Kelly has been Lynn’s best friend since they were kids. They’re room mates and like sisters. She’s a beautiful blond that is full of herself, but very loyal to Lynn. She’s the only person Lynn completely trusts. The two girls look out for each other. When Stacy goes missing, Lynn will do whatever it takes to find her.

Warren Stone is Lynn’s step brother. He’s newly released from prison after embezzling from a company he worked for. He reaches out to Lynn when she needs someone the most. He says he has changed and learned a lot from being in jail. He wants to make up for not being there for her in the past. They both share the same abusive childhood and she wants to trust him.

The Angels: Zelina who was in This Second Chance is the angel training Thomas, who had issues in the past. Zelina brought Thomas along when she spoke to Lynn during her coma. Zelina and Thomas are keeping an eye on Lynn until she needs them again.

Dian the evildwel has a hold of someone near Lynn.  She thrives and feeds off fear. Her current host satisfies all her needs, but she desires Lynn’s death.

The battle begins…will Lynn survive it?

My appreciation and thanks goes out to John for offering your blog to help celebrate The Button’s release:)

Pre-order The Button here: Amazon

I’m celebrating the release of “The Button”  with a blog tour. I’ll post the links here so you can stop by and say hi! The “Random Finn Facts” will be different at each stop.

Tomorrow there will be two blogs. One will be a tour link and the other is: Mae Clair’s cover release! Don’t miss out on all the fun.

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“The Button” Idea…

button collection

The “idea” for this book was a question from my husband. “Do you still have that F*** off and Die” button?

“Yes, I do.” He laughed when I handed it to him.

It has been tucked away in my closet for years (without the asterisks). It’s a reminder of the “old” me. The one who might have pushed some boundaries. The one with an attitude.

I found this button in Berkeley in the late 70’s or early 80’s. It made me laugh so I bought it. No, I didn’t wear it on my purse like Lynn in The Button, but the message might have been my mind set for a while. Lynn was a more forward with her button, but then she had a lot more to deal with than I ever did.

Now, I have a big collection of buttons in my laundry room.  They tell of the history of my life and the life around me. I still add to them when I find just the right button with a saying that makes me laugh, a “hey that’s right” or simply a memory or like.  I may have lost a few buttons over the years before I realized I was collecting them.

The day when I was asked if I still had this button the next thing I found myself joking: “I should write a book based on it”.

We might have laughed, but the idea stuck.  That rebellious side of me woke up and created Lynn. She was far more rebellious than the book shows–she wanted me to tone it down a bit.

Then other ideas started to form. I wanted a character who grew up in an abusive household which Lynn took on.  I had some knowledge to bring to the story, too. Then the angel Zelina insisted on being with Lynn back in 1976 when she was in that coma. With Zelina came another evildwel and an angel in training, Thomas. Making The Button a kind of a prequel to This Second Chance  but with a different tone.

The Button is not as much a love story as a survival story set in the 1980s, although there is love, too. Lynn is much younger than Rachael from This Second Chance and Lynn still experimenting with “things”. After my input Lynn completely took over the story. I’m not sure I would have made some of the decisions she did.

I must point out this was all fictional besides that button. Even the things that did happen, didn’t happen the way they did in The Button.

So, I wrote this book based on a question about a button. And after much reflection yes, the word is in my book–without the asterisks in it.

Pre-order it here: Amazon

My appreciation and thanks goes out to: Eden, Jan, and Mae for offering your blogs to help celebrate The Button’s release:)

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