The Missing “The Button” Reviews!

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I’m not sure why Amazon removes some book reviews. Indie authors work hard to get these reviews. I personally appreciate the time each reader takes to write one. Thank you to all who have left reviews it means the world to me and all Indie authors:)

A huge thanks to Rave Reviews Book Club for making sure these reviews are seen on their website!

Here are two reviews Amazon recently removed from”The Button”:

I was intrigued from the beginning of The Button reading the prologue. Usually, these things put me to sleep, but D.L.Finn packed hers with information about the paranormal side of this story that became the handbook for the rest of the tale. We readers were brought in early to the fact that the protagonist was a depressed person who had no regard for her life. We were also given the inside information that the two angles who are casually discussing the protagonist’s future are tasked with helping avoid a soulful disaster. It is not often I read a prologue that is useful, but this one is excellent.

I enjoyed this book. There was enough excitement, intrigue, mystery, and paranormal maneuvers for anyone to enjoy. The characters were well defined and carried a depth that was utterly satisfying. The pace of the book was just right to keep the reader involved while still getting enough of the details into the scenes to make them live.

I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a well-written story that is very hard to put down. 5 Stars–John W. Howell

This is a fascinating tale of good and evil. Replete with angels and demons, it takes the reader on a journey through complicated family dynamics. It is a thriller that keeps us on edge as one page after another exposes the dark side of generational abuse.

D. L. Finn is ingenious in her approach and manifests her writing skill in this well-crafted and equally well-edited novel. 5-STARS–Gwen Plano


Thank you John H. and Gwen! Also a huge thanks to: Jan, Billy, John C., Rhani, Mae, Marcha, Shirley, Maretha, Karen, Wendy, and Sandra for your recent reviews:)

Next week I’ll be sharing my Halloween Book Reviews!

I will have pre-order available very soon for my new novelette: A Long Walk Home: A Christmas Novelette. It’s in editing now and is a bit over a short story–unless it becomes a short story again during editing process…lol  Thomas from The Button made an appearance in this story! I’ll keep you posted, but plan on a early November release date.

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Embrace your inner child by reading a good book! D.L. Finn


22 thoughts on “The Missing “The Button” Reviews!”

  1. Amazon removes reviews I write and reviews I earn. It’s so frustrating. I tried appealing once and was shut down. Hard. Sorry you lost a couple, but kudos to you for receiving such accolades to begin with. Hopefully you won’t lose any more of them.

    1. Sorry to hear it’s happened to you too. I’ve had some removed I’ve written as well. Complaining did nothing like you said. Thanks Staci:)

  2. Oh Denise… I’m so sorry about the reviews (but kudos on getting them). I don’t have many and it broke my heart when Amazon removed some 5 star reviews… And can I say how much I hate the arbitrary “stars” ratings in the first place?
    A friend recently sent a glorious review, but only gave it 4 stars. She said 5 stars are only for her all time favorites, like the Lord of the Rings… That’s fine, but other people don’t recognize that kind of thinking when they see a lesser review… They just think something is wrong with the book.
    Okay… sorry. I’ll get down from my “Julia Sugarbaker” soapbox now. 🙂 Hugs!

    1. It is heartbreaking to lose any reviews when you only have a few like I did, too. Although not a fan of ratings I can appreciate they help the give in getting others to read and try our “product”.

      I only give four or five stars for book reviews on Amazon. If it’s less I will privately contact the author and let them know the issues I had. I’m happy with four and five star, both will push me to buy a book. I figure I may see it differently. But five stars do earn an extra smile for sure.

      Some readers are suspicious if all a book earns is 5 stars, and any review is good. So not sure if that’s true, but it hurts getting reviews and giving them if they are removed for no reason.

      Anyways welcome to climb aboard the soapbox here, I felt the need to as well. Thanks Teagan:)

  3. It’s so frustrating how Amazon plucks reviews from our work. I’m missing several on Cusp of Night. It also seems that when they pull one of my reviews, they pull a second at the same time. They haven’t disallowed any I’ve made on other books, but I know that day is coming. 🙁

    Congrats on the fab reviews for The Button. They are well deserved.

    1. I had one of my reviews pulled on one of your books, but not Cusp of Night. I complained and was told they would fix it, but they didn’t. Although I made sure it was posted on Goodreads and Barnes and Noble still wasn’t happy about it from the reviewer’s side. Good to know they always pull in twos so maybe that’s it this time? Thank you Mae:)

      1. Denise, thanks so much for trying on that review Amazon pulled. I had no idea. I appreciate that you went the extra mile and posted on GR plus B&N. Sometimes Amazon is just the pits.

  4. Thanks for posting my review, Denise. I enjoyed the button. This is not the first time Gwen and my reviews have been pulled. I think there might be a connecton since we co-authored a book. Amazon probibly thinks we colluded on the reviews. Go figure.

  5. Sorry to hear this, my friend. I too lost several 5 star reviews on “The Alternative” I’m so grateful that they were shared so generously on The #RRBC site. It’s very disheartening for all concerned. These good folks take the time and effort to leave a review on our work, and let’s face it our TBR lists are all overflowing. I hate seeing that effort wasted.

    1. Sorry you list reviews too Soooz:( We are lucky lucky for RRBC, but I still post them on other sites, too. Hopefully the word gets out that way. Yes, I really feel bad for those who took the time to write them…

  6. It absolutely hate that Amazon takes away reviews we try to hard to get. It is just wrong on every level! Thanks for sharing the reviews here. “The Button” was a great story!

    1. Thank you Jan:) That’s how I feel that it’s wrong on so many levels. I’m hoping some competition will pop up to Amazon and they will have to treat us better or at least be accountable.

  7. I hear you about Amazon, Denise. There’s been several times that I’ve had to rewrite a review because they deem it “unacceptable.” This is what happens when a company gets too big. They start to believe they are untouchable and make unreasonable demands. History often proves them wrong. I’m glad to see your novel is getting some well-deserved positive reviews. I’m sorry that I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, I have a few other books to finish first. It’s on my TBR list. I’m looking forward to reading yet another one of your supernatural thrillers!

    1. Thanks Mark. Do they give reason for wanting a review rewrite? That’s crazy. Yes, they have gotten too big by far by being convenient. Hopefully history will repeat. I know about long TBR lists:) Can’t wait to hear what you think.

      1. They would give the typical “Politician’s Reason.” So, you know, about as clear as black paint. In all cases, I would just change a few words and resubmit, and it would be accepted. From what I can tell, they seem to be against any form of repetition when it comes to reviews (character names, certain words,etc) If a book has hundreds of reviews, how do you keep from repeating some things?

      2. I don’t understand that type “logic”. Not sure they even know why they are doing it. At least most make it through…

  8. I loved “The Button” and it deserves the 5 star rating. I do not know what can be done to stop Amazon from eliminating reviews, but somehow it must stopped.

    1. Thank you Karen:) Glad to hear that! Yes, this has to stop. It hurts their sellers and buyers. It discourages the very reviews their system requires and probably misses the people who are taking advantage of it.

  9. Hi Denise! Thank you for sharing these reviews for “The Button” they’re excellent. Congrats! I’m halfway done reading your book and I’m enjoying it very much. I will also write a review for it afterward. 😀 xx

  10. Congratulations on these fabulous, well-earned reviews, Denise! Sorry to hear they were removed. I’ve yet to understand what Amazon is doing. Keep smiling. 🙂 Big cheers to you!

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