Fall Colors and a Book Review


 It’s been one of the most beautiful fall seasons I’ve ever seen on our mountain. The dogwoods have been wearing the biggest crown of colors. Their pinks, reds, and golden hues actually glow at times. Maybe it’s because we’ve had such a dry fall and that’s left the leaves alone to change and stay on the trees longer? I’m not sure of the science behind it, but I’m enjoying it. But, as beautiful as this is and capturing it on my camera has been fun, I’m hoping California gets some rain soon. I’m not used to being on high fire-alert in November, but my house is as ready as can be and certified by CAL Fire as such. Until the day we get the goats (that I always talk about getting who keep the underbrush down) it’s up to my husband and I to make that fire-break around our house–and we have. 

Since I wrote this more devastating fires have started. My thoughts and prayers go out to the residents of Paradise and other effected communities in Northern California, along with all the people dealing with the out of control fires in Southern CA and their losses.


destroyer pic

Destroyer’s Blood: The Adventures of Devcalion- The Blood Series Book 1

By Michael Lynes

This is a fantasy about a young Greek demi-god Devcalion “Dev” and his sword, and closest friend, the Betrayer “Tray”. Although his father is Prometheus and uncle is Zeus, it starts out with Dev doing a normal human activity climbing half-dome, with his telepathic sword after several months of hiking. Dev runs into a relative during a fall, Hermes, who has a warning for him. This message changes Dev’s carefree life and leads him back to Mt. Olympus—or a place he hates. Here things happen quickly that could throw him into a task with someone he’d rather avoid. The characters pulled me into the story. I really enjoyed the relationship between Dev and Tray including their inner communications and battles. There were a lot of details, so you could easily imagine his god-filled world. I don’t want to give away any of the surprises in the story, but some of the descriptions had me wanting to take a long shower after reading them. This is a well-written story of a complicated relationship between not only a young man and his father and uncle, but someone who considers himself an outsider. Dev had to learn what he, and others, were capable of, besides learning what was important to him. If you love fantasy with lots of intrigue and plenty of action this is the book for you. I eagerly await the second book in this series.


“A Long Walk Home: A Christmas Novelette” went live this week. It includes a character from “The Button”. Thanks for the review Mae:) I’m smiling in Nevada City.

Embrace your inner child, D.L. Finn

17 thoughts on “Fall Colors and a Book Review”

  1. I’m very intrigued. I love mythology, so this book reads fascinating. Another one for my Kindle! Thanks for the review, Denise! <3 Beautiful fall pictures. I'm sorry to hear about the fires. I'm hoping that the powers that be gain control over it quickly. <3

    1. Thanks Vashti. I’m a fan of the use of mythology in books, too. I’m hoping the same thing about the fires and helping where I can.

    1. Thanks Staci. I’ve seen so many personal videos of it…it’s chilling. Rain would make a huge difference and can’t come soon enough.

    1. Thank you Mae! It seems to get worse every year. So far we are safe and as ready as can be at the same time.

    1. Thanks Teagan it was a fun read:) We thankfully are safe and well so far. This has been the worst fire conditions I’ve ever seen in the 28 years we’ve lived in the woods. I will definitely be dancng in the rain when it comes.
      Hugs back.

    1. Thank you Lizzie it’s easy to get a good shot when everything is so beautiful. Yes thinking of them all and doing what we can for them.

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