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Looking forward to Book Two, etc.

Storytelling is a lifelong passion for me. No sooner had my keyboard cooled down after writing “The End” on book one when my mind was began to imagine book two. There is a scene in The Sleeping One when Professor Thorndike mentions a demonic cult that controlled much of Eastern Europe before the Roman Empire reached their borders. The cult worshipped Satan and fifty specific demons. When the Romans encountered them, they attacked and slaughtered them without mercy, which was not an unusual tactic for the Roman Empire. That kernel of an idea sparked what has become Carl Prescott and the Demon Queen.

At the beginning of book two, a medieval castle is discovered buried beneath the Bertrand Aloysius Thorndike Academic Institution. This is a problem on many levels. First, the school is located in the Azores in the middle Atlantic. That archipelago was not discovered by humans until a thousand years after the cult was destroyed. The second quandary is that the only evidence that such a castle ever existed was in the few records of the cult. Decent civilization chose to erase the cult’s existence from history. The problem gets worse when Carl meets Sylvia, the demon who led the cult and now wishes to reestablish it. That removal will cause the school to collapse into the pit left behind.

The Demon Queen takes me back to familiar territory. I have written five other novels that feature a direct connection between the hero and Divine beings. As an eager reader of books on cosmology, astrophysics, and quantum mechanics, this latest story allows me to go back before the Big Bang and explain the origin of the universe in a nonscientific way. My solution is not meant to be a theory of anything, only a story mechanism, and hopefully a clever one.

As with most entertainment, the book is a series of scenes. A few of my favorites from Demon Queen are Carl’s birthday party, Carl and Sylvia’s date night, the journey back through the Big Bang, the Crossroads of Existence, the gravity bubble, and especially the Rope Bridge. They are listed here in no particular order. I hope you will select your own favorites in the coming weeks.

Book two is far from the end. Book three is completed in rough draft form. It is tentatively entitled Carl Prescott and the False Universe. Book four is in process, although I have had some mental blockage and plot issues. Four could be the last in the series, but I will not know until it is complete. That is always the way with stories. In the words of baseball legend Yogi Berra: “It isn’t over until it’s over.” The Demon Queen will be my twentieth published book. For a moment, I thought that was astounding, but there is no time to celebrate when more characters demand my attention. I can guarantee that my storytelling days are far from over. I sincerely appreciate your interest and readership.

For the curious, the other five novels mentioned are Two Doors, Hand of God, Demonic, Whistlestop, and Sleeping One.

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Karl Morgan Bio

With a long career in finance and as author of almost twenty books, I like to say that words and numbers are my life.

I have had a lifelong fascination with stories in the science fiction and fantasy genres, whether it was the Tom Swift novels by Victor Appleton I read as a young boy, or television like Lost in Space and Star Trek. More recently, I have devoured film series like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings. That fascination is combined with a keen interest in cosmology, astrophysics, quantum physics, and spirituality.

That quirky combination along with the fantasy genre allows me to craft stories that reinforce the importance of family, friendship, and love. The protagonists must overcome incredible danger and challenges to survive their journeys, but eventually end up on top. It goes without saying that as a finance guy, my life has been less action-packed than my characters (thank goodness).

With Carl Prescott and The Sleeping One, I ventured back to comfortable territory. Many of my stories reinforce our direct connection to the Divine. While that is an element of this story, the sequels feature that relationship to a much greater extent. That element in my stories is an homage to what I believe really matters in this life.

I am the son of an Air Force pilot and as such, I have lived in many places, never for more than four years at a time. Thankfully, as an adult, I have lived in Chula Vista, CA for the past thirty-seven years. I met and married Aida, the love of my life, thirty years ago. Our grown children have made us grandparents four times over. It is a blessing to be around such wonderful parents and children.

My new goal is life is my stories. I hope you can follow me on this new adventure.

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  1. Karl,the mind of a writer is a fascinating place and yours seems to be on overdrive! Congrats on the new release and best wishes! Thanks for hosting, Denise!

  2. Hello Karl Morgan. I’m just trying to keep up with you. Your 20th book! Your head is going to explode if you stop writing. LOL. Have a great tour. D.L., your are a very supportive host and member. Thank you for bringing Karl’s story to us.

    1. Yes, I can’t imagine having 20 books written.
      Thank you Shirley so are you:) . Happy to see you here.

    2. Thanks, Shirley. My brain is an interesting place to rummage through. As I tell my friends, I know millions of facts that no one cares about. But I know them!

  3. Another great stop on your tour, Karl. How wonderful to have twenty books published, congratulations. And Yogi Bera was so very right, “It isn’t over until it’s over.” Thanks for hosting Karl today, Denise.

  4. Hi, Karl. Isn’t it great when something spawns an idea? It has happened many times to me, and each time, I feel a sudden burst of excitement and can’t wait to get to my computer!
    Denise, thank you so much for hosting.

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