An Interview with Nature. “Just Her Poetry Seasons of a Soul”

Just Her Poetry Cover

For March, I’ll be focusing on poetry to celebrate the release of “Just Her Poetry Seasons of a Soul.” This will include a blog tour with some amazing hosts. Although, there will still be my Book Reviews, along with any special edition posts.

This week I’m interviewing Nature, who’s had a huge influence on my poetry and writing. She’s been particularly busy, so I feel lucky she was able to drop by for a quick visit.

 D.L.’s interview with Nature.

DL: I’m happy to be here with you today Nature.

N: Well, I’m happy to be here, but then I’m always here. You are usually inside your house.

DL: Yes, that’s where I live, but I love being outside with you.

N: You do look happier once you are with me.

DL: I am. Thank you. I love to write poetry under your grand trees or by the ocean.

N: I’ve observed that. You sit by yourself with that blue notepad. Sometimes your family is down the beach, or your wonderful kitties are by your side when you are home. I did have to wonder when I saw you on the back of the motorcycle, writing. I thought perhaps you weren’t well or needed help.

DL:  I didn’t think you noticed, but yes, I try to write in as many places as I can, including on the Harley with my husband. His back comes in handy as a table.

N: I see everything and wish more people would notice me. They would be so much healthier and peaceful.

DL: They would, I agree. Your four seasons are amazing, Nature. Do you have a favorite?

N: They are all wonderful in their own way, although some places don’t have all four of my seasons. If I had to choose…well, I won’t. It would be like picking a favorite child. Do you have a favorite child?

DL: No, I love them all equally and get why you won’t pick a season. Each one has their gift.

N: Exactly. You seem to enjoy all of my seasons. I’ve watched you snowshoe through the icy drifts in the winter, lay on your deck at night stargazing in the summer, hike through the fall colors and work in your garden or sit by the river in the spring. I’m glad you’ve included all the seasons in your current poetry book.

DL: It’s because you’ve inspired me no matter what season it is.

N: Thank you. I’m honored to be such a substantial part of your writing. I appreciate your pictures of me, too. I think you’ve captured the forest on this cover. The sun peeking through was a nice touch. I’m hoping that more people will think about me as they read your words. Then, they might start taking care of what I have to offer. In these modern times, they seem to prefer staring at their cell phones.

DL: I’m glad you like the cover. It’s my favorite one to date, but all I did was take the picture, you provided the rest. I’m with you; I hope people will put their phones down, venture outside and enjoy what you have to offer and take care of it, too. You help us connect to our souls.

N: Well your souls are what communicate to me. I’ve learned a lot from those interactions. Mostly all good.

DL: Some of it isn’t good?

N: No. Better not to talk about that while we are promoting your new poetry book. There are a few that…well…never mind.

DL: Understood. I’m thankful you were able to make time to visit with us today, Nature. I know I’ll be seeing you soon.

N: Anytime and yes, I will see you in a couple of hours when you walk the dogs. That always amuses me how you say you are walking them when they are dragging you.

DL: I can’t argue that.

N: No you can’t. I’d better get back to work. Bye.


I have a favor to ask! My youngest daughter, Danielle who has been on my blog before, wrote a book and “Mom” has beta read it. I think this requires another set of eyes or two. So if anyone has “extra” time and could help with a read, I’d be forever grateful.  Email me at if you can help out. I know how busy everyone, too. I will be helping her publish hopefully this summer. Right now we are “discussing” the benefits of editing and joining clubs…


Embrace your inner child by reading a good book! D.L. Finn

22 thoughts on “An Interview with Nature. “Just Her Poetry Seasons of a Soul””

  1. I love your intrinsic connection with nature. You poetry is always filled with that earthy vibe, both tranquil and pulsating with energy, depending on which slant you take. I look forward to your book and also wish your daughter the very best. I wish I could factor in a beta read, but deadlines are killing me–as usual! Is she writing fiction? Poetry? Does she have her own blog? I look forward to hearing more about her work as well as your upcoming blog tour. I’m looking forward to participating!

    1. Hi Mae, thanks:) I’m so at peace in nature:)

      Danielle wrote a paranormal book with some romance thrown in. No problem I know everyone is busy and completely understand. Just thought I’d put it put there:) No website or blog yet, she is one of those busy people that does a million things at once, so I’m helping her with this part.

      Thank you for your help with the poerty book release…I’m excited about it.

      1. Happy to help and happy for Danielle, too. I will definitely look for it when it releases and will be happy to help with her launch. I think it’s great you both love to write!

  2. I loved this, Denise! It’s such fun when our pooches take us for a drag … er walk. Your words clearly spring from a deep love of nature. I’m so excited about the new release. I’d be delighted to ‘beta read’ Danielle’s Paranormal novel. I’ll send off a confirming email. 😊

    1. Thanks Soooz:) Its hard to take both of them together on a walk. I like tonthink Im getting a full work out, but know they could take me down if tbey see something.

      I appreciate that and you!

    1. Thank you Jacquie! I had a lot of fun with it. It is exciting times for us. Yay!

  3. What a fun read, Denise! You’ve captured Nature’s playfulness and beauty, and in doing so, you’ve given Her a voice. How marvelous. ♥

    1. Thanks, Gwen. I really had a fun time with this. I couldn’t think of a better interview for the book other than nature:)

  4. Oh, Denise! This is fantastic! What a great idea to commune with Nature, where your poems originate. This is clever and tells us so much! Congrats on the new book and I wish you much success! I do love the book cover!

    1. Thank you Jan. Nature is certainly my favorite place to be! I really enjoyed doing this interview. Funny thing about the book cover is it’s this month’s picture on the calendar I make every year for family with pictures I take. I completely forgot until I turned the page and there it was the same month I’m releasing…lol.

  5. This was so creative and clever, Denise! I loved it.

    It’s so exciting that your daughter is following in your footsteps. While I don’t have the time to beta read (too many obligations and not enough time), I am happy to help promote when she is ready. You know where to find me.

    1. Thanks, Staci:) I had a lot of fun with this interview.

      No problem about the Beta read Staci. I completely understand how busy the life of a writer is! Thank you for your offer to help.promote:)

    1. Thanks Julie:) That was a question she wasn’t willing to answer…lol. i tried!

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