“Just her Poetry” Pre-Order Error

I humbly apologize, but when I loaded the final copy of “Just Her Poetry” I forgot to hit the final submit button. So, if you pre-ordered it you are getting the copy with the correct content, but the formatting isn’t as clean as I’d like. I just went back in to fix it, but it may take several hours to become available.
To upload the correct version all you must do is go into Amazon:
1. Your Content and Devices
2. Content
3. By “Just Her Poetry” there will up an “update available” by the title when the correct version is ready.

4. Note: Under Preferences I have my account set to automatically update books. So it may do it for you if you have that option chosen.

Again, my deepest apologies. To make myself feel better I’m giving away a signed copy of “Just Her Poetry.” I will pick a random name from the blog tour comments and throw the names into a hat. Then my husband will pick the winner.


9 thoughts on ““Just her Poetry” Pre-Order Error”

    1. My nightmare too. I uploaded it and checked the preview and hit save but didn’t go to next page to submit. I know better now…lol

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