I’m pleased to have fellow #RWISA #RRBC author, Eric Borgerson and his book, “When the Eye Sees Itself” here today. His book is on my TBR list.

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Award-Winning Genre-Bending Novel: A Legal and Political Epic, Sci-fi Thriller, and Hard-Knocks Spiritual Allegory. Winner in Science Fiction at the Independent Press Award. Best Book in Science Fiction at the Pinnacle Book Awards. First Runner-Up In General Fiction, 2018 Los Angeles Book Festival.

In a society that segregates Aggressives and Vulnerables from full-fledged Citizens, a culture war rages over access to the powered class.

Behind this public conflict lurks a new technology that enables people to touch minds. Intelligence agencies and hacktivists, cops and criminals, spiritual seekers and purveyors of institutional oppression, commercial opportunists and political revolutionaries race to control its staggering potential.

The struggle for power lays bare both a rift and a linkage more fundamental than even the most sacrosanct of divisions, as the fight for country and world becomes a battle of the mind.

When the Eye Sees Itself is a fast-paced epic, an exciting mosaic of human interconnection, and a cautionary mirror for a world growing both smaller and larger at speeds too fast to perceive.

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This book was an intriguing read. It doesn’t fit neatly into a genre, which is one of its strengths. It has a sci-fi element, but I wouldn’t call it a sci-fi novel. It’s an allegory, and the technology serves both as a fascinating story on the surface, and more deeply as a flexible and powerful metaphor for human interconnection. The story has a lot of threads and I was delighted to see them all weave together over the course of the book. This is an intelligent, fast-paced, challenging and profound piece of work. It goes through some dark terrain but it is also fun and funny. Dystopian but not pessimistic. I’ve never read anything quite like it.


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Author Bio: 
Eric has been a writer in one form or another since junior high school in Oakland, California. He completed degrees in philosophy at Reed College and law at U.C. Berkeley. His career has included work in labor and civil rights law and politics, as an organizer, attorney, writer and journalist. He is also a fan of good science fiction, an avid science enthusiast, loves backpacking, music, film, and literature, and is a lifelong student of philosophy and spiritual traditions. When the Eye Sees Itself is Eric’s first major work of fiction. While it is neither biographical nor autobiographical, it is informed and animated by Eric’s extensive experience with politics and the law, as activist, participant and exile. Eric lives in the Palm Springs, California area.

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      1. Thank you very much for the kind hosting, Denise. You are an angel.

    1. Thanks so much. Alexandra Kronz and Jessica Bell were the spectacular artists who helped create that.

    2. Than you, Mae! Alexandra Kronz painted the original watercolor, and Jessica Bell designed the cover. I was involved in its development but it was their brilliance as artists that made it so spectacular.

  1. What a wonderful spotlight post, Denise!! I have Eric’s book on my Kindle and am intrigued and compelled to get to it! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Jan! I was happy to spotlight it and like you looking forward to reading it.

    2. I’m excited to hear your thoughts, Jan. You are such an accomplished writer and brilliant spirit. Thank you for adding my book to your list!

    3. Thanks a lot, Jan. I look forward to hearing your thoughts. You are such an accomplished writer and brilliant spirit. Thanks for adding my book to your list! (I tried posting this a minute ago but it looks like it disappeared into the void. Apologies if it shows up twice!)

    1. It is an eye catching cover, Balroop:) It does sound like a unique read which I look forward to. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. Thank you, Denise, for introducing Eric. I’m entrance by the title and cover, so I’m heading to Amazon! All the best to Eric!

    1. It’s the title that intrigued me first, but the cover finished pulling me in. Happy you dropped by, Gwen:)

    2. Thank you, Gwen! I appreciate your steadfast support and encouragement. I hope you enjoy my book!

  3. What an interesting book. Clearly, man wants to control men–even today–so this doesn’t sound too far fetched. He postulates an interesting method–separating out the best and worst in a category. I saw one story that forced gifted dancers to wear weights as they danced, to fit in better with the norm.

    1. No, i agree Jacqui, it doesn’t sound too far fetched at all, unfortunately. Holding the good back by weighing them down sounds like another intriguing story.

    2. That sounds like an interesting story, Jacqui. Thank you for your interest and support.

  4. Great “Author Spotlight” on Eric, Denise! His book reads fascinating. Congratulations to Eric on his awards and great review! 😀

    1. Thank you, Sooz. You are such a caring and supportive member of this community. Thank you for the kind encouragement!

    1. Thanks, Rhani. I’m looking forward to reading your work as well. I appreciate the support.

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