Release Day for “Whatever It Takes” by Suzanne Burke @pursoot

Today is the Release Day for “Whatever it Takes” by Suzanne Burke. I had the pleasure of being a Beta Reader and now can’t wait to read it in its final glory! If you haven’t picked up your copy I highly recommend you do!




James Kincaid had it all.

He’d made it to the ‘A’ list in Hollywood, a town that prized and idolized winners above all else. Three golden statuettes currently graced the mantle of his Los Angeles mansion. Next year’s Oscars held the sweet promise of more.

Then life began exacting a price that no man could be expected to pay as the people he cared about began dying and dying badly.

He couldn’t move on with his life or the dream without knowing why.

Andi O’Connor is the woman he’d hired to do ‘whatever it takes’ to find him the answers.

Could this disenchanted, street-hardened, ex-homicide cop uncover the truth without adding to the growing list of those already sacrificed on the altar of one besotted human’s insanity?

From Hollywood to New York, the body count continues to rise. Time is not on their side.

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Today I’m celebrating the release of Whatever It Takes by introducing you to Andi O’Connor.

I had such a marvelous time creating Andi.  She was both a challenge and a joy to breathe life into.

In Chapter 1 we first meet Andi. After much soul searching she has tendered her resignation as head of crack Homicide Investigation Team with the NYPD.

Say Hello to Andi the morning after her farewell celebration.



Excerpt: Chapter 2.

Andi grabbed her ringing iPhone and smiled as her best friend Keiko’s number came up. She tried not to give away how hungover she was as she answered. “G’mornin, sunshine.”

“Sunshine is it? How’re you shaping up this mornin’?”

“I’d like to say great, but, it’s not pretty. Just how much did we drink last night?”

“You don’t want to know, trust me.”

“I vaguely recall a couple of the guys pouring me into a cab. Did I do anything I should have been arrested for?”

“Not unless murdering karaoke is now a capital offense. That was some farewell, girlfriend.”

“Oh, God. Really? Karaoke?”

“Well, the guys actually voted for pole dancing. I figured karaoke might be easier to live down.”

“It didn’t end well, did it?”

Keiko spluttered, “Last I saw, two of the uniformed guys went searching for duct tape.”

Andi laughed before she remembered how fragile her head was. “Oh, hell. You know I actually caught myself getting into work mode just before you rang. Then reality kicked back in.”

“You need to get away for a while, Andi. Get your head sorted.”

“Yeah. Yeah, I do. You know I’m gonna miss it. Well, some of it.”

“Have you thought through your options? You could always use that Harvard degree, girlfriend.”

“Oh hell, Keiko, I know. I need to give that a lot of thought. I always have that as an option whatever I decide to do now.  I just don’t know which direction I’m headed in yet.”

“Whatever you decide to do, you know they’ll welcome you back here with open arms.”

“Thanks, hon, but I can’t see me ever doing that. I’m not good at traveling backward.” Andi closed off discussion on that topic, “Anyways, are you on shift today?”

“No, thank God. My stomach couldn’t handle a homicide scene at the moment.”

“That’s what you get for being so good at your job.”

“Anybody can read a camera image, Andi.”

“Not everybody can find the things you find in those images. I wish I had that skill.”

“Yeah, and I’d love to head a team the way you do. Did. So let’s just admire each other’s brilliance and get on with it.”

Andi laughed, “I’m already missing you, smart-ass.”

“We’ll catch up next week. Doug’s back in town on Thursday, but that’s the only night I won’t be free for a couple of hours.”

“I’ll give you a call.”

“Okay, hon. I’ll talk to you then.”

Thanks so much for stopping by to help me celebrate my release day. I hope you enjoyed this very brief glimpse into Andi O’Connor.

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Suzanne Burke resides with her daughter and grandson in a small country town located hundreds- of-miles to the west of her previous home in Sydney Australia.

Suzanne had long wanted to write, life interrupted and she didn’t begin her journey into the world of writing until she was in her early fifties.

Suzanne has written her memoirs under the author name of Stacey Danson, both her non-fiction books have ranked in the top 100 paid in kindle on Amazon. “Empty Chairs” and “Faint Echoes of Laughter” continue to earn wonderful reviews.

Suzanne writes her powerful Thrillers “Acts Beyond Redemption” and “Acts of Betrayal” and her Paranormal anthology “Mind-Shaft” as S. Burke

Contact the author:

Twitter:  @pursoot


Blog/Website: Welcome to the World of Suzanne Burke



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  1. ❤️️ Thanks so much for helping me celebrate release day, Denise. The contributions made by my beta readers has added immeasurably to the final MS. Your support has been so very much appreciated.

    1. Happy Release day, Soooz:) So happy for you! I’ve found Beta readers to be such an amazing step and necessary help, too. I was honored to be one for this book. I wish you nothing but a ton of success with this book. I’m in the middle of reading another book but yours is next. Can’t wait.

      1. I love Suzanne’s writing and can’t wait to read this new book. (On my way to Amazon.). It’s great that you posted a section of dialogue which I think is one of Suzanne’s greatest strengths. It is casual, colloquial, interesting, and so revealing of her characters. I don’t know why her boys from “Shadow of the Drill” are still with me, but they are. Every now and then I think about them and wonder how they are faring. 🙂
        You are so generous, Denise, in all you to for us writers!

      2. Hi Mary. Like you I’m a huge fan of Soooz’s writing. Her characters do stay with you much like Rhani’s:) I think you will equally enjoy this book. I’m always happy to help.

  2. Congratulations to Soooz! Like you, Denise, I had the pleasure of reading this in beta form, and can’t wait to dive into the final version. I have one book ahead of this, which I’m starting tonight, but Whatever It Takes is next on my list.

  3. YES! “Whatever It Takes” arrived on my Kindle today! I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing, Denise! Soooz, I wish you much success with this new release!

    1. There’s something so exciting when a new book arrives on your Kindle:) This was one I was eagerly waiting for, Jan.

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