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Chasing The Red Queen by Karen Glista

Chasing the Red Queen

Excerpt: (thin line between love and hate)

Donja watched his fluidic movement as he streaked across the room and in the blink of an eye appeared at the bar. He removed the stemmed ball from atop a crystal whiskey decanter and poured himself a drink. He raised the fluted stein to his lips, thrust his head back, and downed it in one swallow. Donja couldn’t pull her eyes from him, the fury within mounting. It occurred to her in that moment just how much she would enjoy clawing his eyes out. Suddenly her mom’s tears flashed through her tortured mind. She cast her fur coat and clutch to the sofa as her feet, by no will of their own, marched straight to him. He turned to face her, his seething eyes on her body, not her face—and that just served to infuriate her further.

“You bastard,” she said as she slapped the stein from his hand

He suddenly grasped her hands. “It’s not me you’re angry at, Donja, you’re angry at yourself, the way you talked to her, the pain your words inflicted.”

“You forced me!” she screamed, struggling to free her hands. “I had to hurt her to keep her alive, you bastard. I hate you!”

“No more than I hate myself,” he said as he forcefully spun her around and spooned her back, holding her hands firm to her waist. “Do you see this room?” he groaned, his chin to her shoulder with his deep, masculine voice resonating. “This is who I am. This, along with my villa in Italy, is where I have spent the last two hundred years of my life, waiting patiently for what I thought would never come again.” He forced her forward to the windows and pointed to the floor. “Do you see that path worn in the floor?” he scoffed. “That’s where I have paced, day after day, locked in a prison of hell.”

Karen Glista


Karen Glista is a registered nurse and award-winning author. Living in the great lakes state of Michigan, she finds solace in a remote home nestled within a dense forest (which she believes is enchanted).  In the moss laden woodlands, she often wanders, all the while delving into and living fantasy as much as reality. Driven by heart, visionary characters, and underlying dreams, she embraces the fictious and much like you comes to know them, and with such, spins a tale that in the dark of night lights your soul.


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    1. Always happy to host:) This has been great getting to know Karen and read her emotion-filled excerpt.

  1. The excerpt left me curious. Congratulations Krista and fellow Michigander! Go Blue!

  2. Another compelling excerpt! I now have this book on my Kindle and it’s jumping up and down waiting to be read! Thanks for hosting, Denise!

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