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POETRY by D. L. Finn

DL Finn


The icicles dangle downward

Reaching for the substantial snow

Each drop bringing them closer

As the landscape merges into itself

It is silent in its existence

Until a raven reveals itself

Wondering what’s in the trash

Yet, the moment remains peaceful

Sitting and surveying in the chill

An instant promising potential

When there is no celerity

When crackling fires call

When surroundings are concealed

Soon, the renewal will be revealed

But now it’s the stage of contemplation.

For sustenance

For solace

For soul

To live on our abundance of the past

This is the gift of the snow

When we can replenish our hearts

In the silence of the icicles.


FREEDOM (Musings from the back of a Harley)

The freedom of the blue skies

Welcome us warmly back

Our path is asphalt

Our vehicle a mechanical horse

Our guide is the wind

Lush green walls soar

The sun illuminates the way

Oaks are waking up after a long nap

And I…

I fill my soul

With nature’s flowering renewal

Bursting with beauty and abundance

In the freedom of spring.


Roaring white, pounding the granite

Swirling, swelling, splendor

The air is heavy with anticipation

It blows over me like a lover’s touch

Filling my heart with sweet floral ecstasy

I relax into the experience

Each breath carries away my worries

My eyes fill with abandonment

As the rushing liquid serenades me

Singing the praise of this paradise

Until the different directions converge

After a brief resounding rumble

They combine and continue on their way

Leaving the moment where the rivers meet.



As I sit perched up high on our lanai

Comfortable on my recliner in the shade

The ocean draws my gaze

Its sapphire and emerald water calls me

While the blue pool floats in its space—uninviting

I hear the sea’s song as it smashes onto the shore

The surfers ride its motion

The snorkelers gaze into its depth

And the swimmers float on its perception

Our attraction is undeniable

Opposites: one of air, one of water

It beckons, and I must respond

Offering myself up to the hidden world

Under the cerulean summon

I answer, embracing the ocean completely.

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20 thoughts on “Welcome to the WATCH “RWISA” WRITE Showcase Tour! #RRBC #RWISA–D. L. Finn @dlfinnauthor”

  1. So lovely, Denise. …”the gift of the snow”…you’ve captured the experience beautifully! ♥

    1. Thank you, Gwen:) I never tire of admiring how beautiful snow makes any landscape.

  2. I enjoy all of your poetry, Denise, but I must admit “Where The Rivers Meet,” is my favorite. It reminds me of my riverboarding days through the rapids of the Ottawa River. All the best on your tour and beyond!

    1. Riverboarding through the rapids in Ottawa must have been spectacular. I can only imagine that since I observe the rapids from the shore:) Thank you, Mark!

  3. Engaging poetry as always, Denise. And I loved how you conjured winter for me through “Icicles” despite the fact it’s sweltering outside. That is the power of words and excellent writing!

    1. Thank you, Mae:) It is a different feeling reading about the chill of winter in the heat of summer, I agree! You are too kind, but I’m definitely smiling now.

    1. Thanks, Jacqui! I enjoy the challenge of writing with the wind blowing in my face:)

    1. Thank you, Robbie:) I just saw it a bit ago. Thanks for dropping by here, too!

  4. It’s winter here in Oz.” Icicles” portrays my view of the world outside my window so beautifully. “But now it’s the stage of contemplation.” It is indeed, my friend. The imagery you capture with your words allows the reader to be right there with you in that moment. This is a lovely selection, Denise. Bravo.

    1. Thank you. Soooz:) I always forget you have the opposite and Christmas is warm. Enjoy that time of contemplation, it’s one of my favorite parts of the cold season.

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