Fifty years ago…one small step


Fifty years ago a young girl watched with fascination, on the state of the art 19 inch TV, when a man walked on the moon. She thought it was a fantastic birthday present. She still believes that years later:) Here’s a poem from “No Fairy Tale” honoring that day when man imprinted his presences on that glowing globe and a young girl’s imagination soared.


The night loved me.

It was mutual.

The stars,

The quiet,

The crickets,

The moon—especially the moon.

Hours passed

In perfect silence,

Eyes staring

As the huge

Parental face

Stared back,

Its familiar glow

So far away.

All things were possible,

And just as impossible.

So, no surprise on my seventh birthday

When I watched and heard,

“That’s one small step for man,

One giant leap for mankind.”

The astronaut Neil Armstrong,

The spaceship Eagle,

The Sea of Tranquility

Were my gift.

I’m positive

That gentle, glowing face,

Swelling each month

So I can see its full magnificence,

Hasn’t forgotten me

Or the day

When man first encroached

On the moon and our innocence.

The moon still watches me,

And sometimes

I remember to look.

Embrace your inner child by moon gazing this summer! D.L. Finn

43 thoughts on “Fifty years ago…one small step”

  1. I think it’s so cool that the moon landing happened on your birthday, Denise. What an amazing event to honor your special day.

    Loved the poem and the photos. So special!

    1. Thank you, Mae:) I was very cool to sit next to my grandma and watch it happen and then have another celebration later that day.

    1. It was an amazing event, Jacqui. I hope something that pulls us all together again like that moment in history:)

  2. How terrific, Denise. You’ve brought this the memory of this event into perspective with personal memory, making it *feel* as important as it is. Your photos remind me of myself at that age. Hugs on the wing!

    1. Thanks, Teagan:) Glad I could make you feel that small girl’s excitement! I have some interesting “Bang cut” pictures from then, too…lol. Hugs on the wing right back to you.

    1. Thank you Balroop:) It always reminds of all the possibilities I felt in that moment.

  3. Hi, Denise! It must have been a thrilling experience to view this historic event, to be there when it happened. Your poem is lovely and resonates the excitement and awe of the moment experienced by that little girl. <3 I hope you had an amazing birthday weekend!

    1. Thanks Vashti. Had a wonderful weekend. Went 4 wheeling ( via Son in law) to a lake and enjoyed a peaceful day using a pink fishing pole.. Next day headed to another lake and swam:)

      It was an event I can still see happen so clearly and I’ll never forget the date!

  4. Lovely poem, Denise. And a belated Happy Birthday! I remember the moon landing. We were visiting with my grandparents in Alabama at the time. Special memories.

    1. Thanks:) It was such a special moment that I can see so clearly still. Glad you enjoyed the poem and those old time pics!

  5. Watching the moon landing must have been quite something, Denise. Even looking up at the moon today, it’s hard to imagine that human feet have stepped on its surface. Thank you for sharing, the poetry, as always, was excellent!

    1. It was an amazing event to watch. I can still see it so clearly in my mind. Yes I agree looking up at the moon and thinking humans have walked there is mind blowing. Happy you enjoyed my reflection on it!

  6. Darn it. I’m not getting notified of your blogs again. (Sigh. Grumble, grumble.)

    Love this, Denise. Now, back to my WP Reader to figure out what the problem is. Sorry.

    1. It happens to me with the same people too. I just noticed recently Story Empire wasn’t showing up in my emails. Boo.

      Thanks, Staci.

  7. This is awesome. A great way to acknowledge two great ‘Happenings’ on the same day. Your day of birth and a moonwalk!

  8. That was lovely. Happy to have found it. I sort of remember that night. I too was sitting in front of a fancy TV. Complete with record player on top. 🙂

    1. That certainly was fancy with a record player, too! Happy you found your way here. This is a moment to hang on to.

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