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I took a day to relax in the backyard last week. Impressions of what I saw and how it processed through my mind burst into these poems. I’m planning on doing a second poetry book in the future, but I don’t have a working title yet.  I added a link to Just Her Poetry below if you are inspired to read poetry this summer. I know I am.


The sun blares down on the landscape

The trees and plants welcome its energy

Growth has exploded…

Only slowed by the lack of moisture

Sprinklers offer a welcome drink to the thirsty strawberries

While the roses burst out in blooms

Tomatoes redden, kale offers their leaves,

Pumpkins bloom into bulbs that will be ready for fall

It’s the season of peaceful progression.

While people cool off in lakes, rivers, or air conditioning.

The forest is wrapped in a hue of hushed harmony…

As the animals shelter from the temperatures

Only the buzz of the bees can be heard

While the whimsical winds wander.

It is a serene moment to just be

As I embrace the silent heat of summer.


We put up a fence…

Trying to keep out our worries.

Safety behind a wall we are assured.

Yet, it’s only a few feet that life can climb

Where birds can scour the landscape

Where squirrels chirp their annoyance

Where bugs find a home

Bears can knock it down

Mountain lions can climb over it

And foxes go under leaving a way for the skunks.

The fence can hold a dog in…most of the time

The cats mock the dog from the other side.

It doesn’t repel burglars or fires

Floods will flow right through this barrier

Winds can tear it apart

While snow and rain gnaw on it

Tree roots push it out of their way

Weeds float carefully over.

Still, we keep building them

To protect our belongings and family

From the terrifying world beyond our property lines.

They give us the illusion of power…

In a world spinning out of our control.



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Embrace your inner child by reading a good book this summer! D.L. Finn

48 thoughts on “Some Summer Poetry”

    1. Thanks Soooz. I am glad to hear that. Fence might end up being one of my favorites, at least from this summer.

  1. Lovely, Denise. I agree, fences offer the illusion of safety during these crazy times. We feel protected even though we are not. Beautiful poem and powerful message!! ♥

  2. These are awesome, Denise! I especially loved the “Fences” poem. Such poignant observation and raw truth. Great news that you’re working on a new book of poetry!

    1. Thank you, Jan:) I went back and forth about sharing that one right now, but it is becoming one of my favorites. Might take me a while to do the poetry book, but I will keep adding to my new collection.

    1. Hi Miriam, thanks! I have some trees that do that same thing, too. They certainly have a different feel than a real fence.

    1. Thanks, Lizzie:) I’m happy to hear you enjoyed them and Fence caught your imagination.

  3. Wonderful poetry for the summer season, Denise. Both poems were great, but these lines really stood out for me in Silent Heat of Summer:

    The forest is wrapped in a hue of hushed harmony…

    As the animals shelter from the temperatures

    Only the buzz of the bees can be heard

    While the whimsical winds wander.


    1. Thank you. Mae:) I’m less likely to write poetry in the summer unless it’s on vacation. So this was a nice break to sit like I used to as a kid. I’m glad you enjoyed them, i had a lot of fun with allierations.

  4. Hi, Denise! I love these poems! The first poem is a clear depiction of summer. The second one is so true, fences do give us a false sense of security but they satisfy our little territorial hearts as we mark what is ours. 😉 xo

    1. Thank you, Vashti! I don’t sit outside in the heat much so this was a treat for me to just be. That’s a good point that we do like to mark our territory with fencea. Better than how some animals do it…lol.

    1. Thank you, Jacquie:) It is unfortunate it is true. Sorry you had issues with the Twitter button. I tried it and it does seem to have a glitch but it posted after. I keep saying I’m going to try another format on word press see if I can avoid theses these strange issues with that and comments. Xo

  5. Wonderful poems, Denise! I love the summer one, especially since I’m picking ripe tomatoes now and my kale is waiting for me to pick some. The fences poem is so powerful as well, as we try to protect our property but Nature is still “queen of the mountain” so to speak. Another book of poetry sounds like a great plan!

    1. Thank you, Julie:) I have to go out and pick our kale today. I have been putting it off. The rest of the tomatoes are almost there and can’t wait for the pumpkins to grow now. Nature sure does seem to have a mind of her own and is definitely queen! I have lots of plans and now just need the time to get them all on track.

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