One of those nights and a poem

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As a child, the night scared me. I imagined all sorts of evil lurking in it. The light became my defender of this darkness. Although I mostly outgrew this, sometimes the darkness reminds me of its power. I had one of those nights this last week. The only thing that resolved that moment was getting out of my safe bed and satisfying myself that the house was secure. Then, I turned on the hall light that cast a glow pushing the shadows away. From this irrational fear came creativity, trying to explain the unexplainable. When dark meets light and good vs. evil is a common theme in my writing. This is the place it comes from, so I accept those moments, knowing the light is never far away. Although I grant wary respect to that darkness and what may be lurking. Here’s a poem from that night.


I soak up my surroundings slowly

It’s dark, dense, and full of doom

My hand clasps my comforter like a clamp

My breath grasping for balance or bliss

My heart reaches for heaven and hope

It’s an empty effort as darkness fills my eyes

So, I softly soak up the silence waiting for the light.

NOTE: I’m looking for Beta Readers for my latest book “This Last Chance” (I’m planning on it being the final book in the evildwel/angel saga unless the characters have a different idea.) It should be ready to read in a couple of weeks. I’m furiously editing it right now. Email me at if you are interested. Thanks:)

Watch for a special edition blog tomorrow:)

Embrace that inner child with a good book! D. L. Finn



18 thoughts on “One of those nights and a poem”

  1. You captured it, Denise. I’ve had a few of those. I’ve actually tried to start walking around my yard in the dark. Hard to do!

    1. Thanks, Jacqui! Walk around alone in the dark in my yard….I’m not that brave yet:) I commend you for that.

  2. Super poem. I still have these episodes, Denise. I have them labelled so that when I wake I can cast off the feeling. Took years to do this though. Sending you an e-mail.

    1. I’m glad you could cast them off finally. Animals around seem to help me:) Thanks, John.

  3. You’ve captured the rugged edge of the in-between…when we wait for the light. Well done, my friend. ♥

  4. I get freaked out about the dark sometimes too, Denise. I always did as a child. It’s amazing how imagination can run wild. I remember many nights of needing to turn lights on to assure myself nothing was lurking in the shadows. I can so relate.

    Congrats on finishing your draft. I’ll email you about the beta.

    1. Thank you, Mae:) I wonder if those freaked out moments created that need to write it down? Lights are at the top of my list for inventions!

  5. Darkness definitely has some power, we tend to imagine figures and eyes play strange tricks. I’ve been there Denise. Once I am bed I never open my eyes! 🙂 You have captured those moments so well!

    1. That is smart not to open your eyes again once you get into bed. Balroop:) My ears are equally as creative as my eyes unfortunately. Thanks, Balroop!

  6. You captured the emotion perfectly, Denise! And, how ironic that our topic for Aspire To Inspire yesterday was all about those opposites – good/evil – light/dark. Great poem!

    1. Thank you, Jan! I loved the show and the story of the wolves. I was definitely feeding the negative one at that moment.

    1. Thanks, Julie. I love gazing at the stars, or watching metors showers as long as I have a watching buddy! I agree its very soothing.

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