#RRBC FEBRUARY “SPOTLIGHT” Author, FORREST STEPNOWSKI @frstepnowski Blog Tour- Day 6

I’m happy to welcome Forrest Stepnowski here today for day 6 of his Spotlight Blog Tour!


Journey to the Rainbow's End by Forrest Stepnowski (1)

Spotlight Author Blog Tour Day 6 

Poetry Excerpts from “Journey to the Rainbow’s End”


Diva’s Lament

 Oh, sweet symphony of joy and love

How you have brought me to the grand stage of life everlasting

The sweet music you give me is a comfort

When I lay here in a world of solitude and seclusion

I am your Prima donna, your first lady, your grand diva

Dreaming that dream of time gone by

As the aria rises out of the ashes, so will I triumph

Bringing tears, laughter, and applause from all

I am the bride and the groom to all

I require love from all, not from the intangible one

I live the life of luxury, but one of humility, grace, and confidence, never scorning, never ridiculing

I am a man living a fantasy world of romanticism and despair

Watch me smile and the world beckons me, watching my every move, listening to my own personal diva’s lament

I put on the charade and musical farce, fooling all of those who gaze at the mystery I present

Who is this diva who masquerades, performing Broadway, rhythm and blues, and sweet arias of a lost era?

Wearing make-up and couture, diamonds and jewels, glitzing it up for the joy of others

Yes darlings, I am a drag queen

Living a lie some may say

The tears, fears, and joy I bring, those are true emotion and my honesty

The pain in my tears, the trembling brow and portrayal of every word comes from my story, my autobiography

You know you can relate

The tear from my eye as I glance into yours, the belt of the high c as your heart races with mine

We are one in the story that I foretell

In love, in lust, in tears, in joy

In grief, in sorrow, in soul, and in fabulousness

we all play a part, this Diva’s Lament 



Ghost of my past follows me with the righteousness and fanfare

Why so many wants, when so many nights have gone by in the bleak mid-winter

I am not the same as I once was back in the day of frivolity and sexual mirth

What am I truly to your heart?

How do you really see me in these shattered reflections of broken dreams?

A Speakeasy to play and dance around to relieve tension or loneliness

Or a quiet and still temple for your love and understanding

There are multiples here at my window of memories

Ghosts of joy, ghosts of heartbreak

Why must they all haunt all at once

Do they enjoy seeing me squirm in the silent horror of my being?

What do they want I ask over and over again?

I am merely a perfectionist made by multitudes of mistakes

Who cannot seem to connect the dots of my dreams, wishes, and needs?

Like a toy train running ‘round and round

Repeating patterns that continue to haunt my darkest desires…. And darkest secrets

Ghosts… of my childhood play…. And adolescent angst

Let my soul rest and the dream begin

Let the ghosts of my past be my wisdom within


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Forrest Robert Stepnowski is an advocate, writer, social worker, and performance artist in the Pacific Northwest. He has been writing poetic works and prose for most of his life. He realized how important it would be to share his work with others, who may have tread similar paths of self-hate, self-deprecation, and self-loathing, in the hopes that they find they weren’t alone. Helping others who have been deemed as “different” because of varying sexual orientations or identities to realize that they are not deviants nor are the “against human nature” has always been of grave importance to him. He wants this group of beautiful people to know they are part of a collective, on an island where being different is embraced and accepted.

37 thoughts on “#RRBC FEBRUARY “SPOTLIGHT” Author, FORREST STEPNOWSKI @frstepnowski Blog Tour- Day 6”

    1. Yes, I agree Robbie! The emotion shines through and makes us feel and observe life differently. Happy we are all here together!

  1. This is an amazing post! Forrest’s poems are beautiful and heartfelt.❤️You can almost feel his emotions while reading them. Congrats to Forrest again! Thanks for hosting, Denise❣️

  2. “Let the ghosts of my past be my wisdom within.” Beautifully put, this post moved me to tears. Thank you for hosting Forrest here today, Denise.

      1. Your words have the power to enlighten and move people, Forrest. It’s an absolute pleasure to support you.

  3. Congratulations, Forrest, on being the month’s spotlight author. Your poems are so emotional and heartfelt! Good luck to you in your endeavors. I enjoyed getting to know you a bit through some of the posted poems. Write on!!

    1. What I love best about poetry is each person takes away something different, Joy:) Always happy to host!

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