“Me” Day Poetry

a walk in the woods

“This Last Chance” is in the hands of my beta readers, who I am eternally grateful for their input and precious time.  I decided to take a couple of “me” days to unwind after some intense editing. The weather has been unusually warm and sunny, which I enjoyed. These days always seem to lead me to write poetry. For the very first time, I was compelled to write some Haikus, too. Here’s a sample of my “Me” Day Poetry:


It’s a warm winter day

The forest is silent and solemn

The bees, birds, and bears are absent

But the ravens follow me with interest.

I hike over the dry terrain

The leaves still scattered

From the winds of fall.

The woodrats nestled in their cozy houses

While the caterpillars are awaiting spring

I, alone wander through the pines

With my dog by my side

On a warm winter day

When rain and snow should be falling

In a time when nothing is normal

The trees remind me of what we can survive.

The soaking rains stopped

Winter’s magic vanished

Fire danger returns

The beams of sunlight

filtering through winter trees

caressing my face

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Embrace your inner child, always! D. L. Finn


24 thoughts on ““Me” Day Poetry”

  1. I always love your nature poetry. The scenery and setting springs to life in my minds eye. I am sure I would love living where you do. You are so lucky, and describe everything so beautifully.

    I wrote my first haiku recently. At first, I was intimated, and it took me FOREVER to produce something, but now I think I would like to try it again. It’s fun expanding our creative horizons.

    1. Thank you, Mae:) It’s a magical place to live even with the fire worries.
      Haiku is intimidating to try to get a vision out in few words. I think Bette’s book inspired me. I hope you share some with us! It is fun to keep exploring new things! Xo

  2. I love this, Denise. You transport the reader. I tried some haiku several years ago for a writing class. Like you, I chose a nature setting. It’s not easy to write, but you did it beautifully!

    1. Thanks, Joan:) I think nature offers the most to capture in so few words. I tried it only once before, but seeing it as a book telling a story made me realize how much it offers.

    1. Thank you, Robbie:) This story had its own time frame. Happy to hear you enjoy the nature poems! I love writing them.

  3. Thanks so much for the wonderful journey your poetry takes us on,Denise. I can see, hear and feel the emotions, you have a gift my friend,

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