Welcoming Back Spring, A Poem

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We welcome back the renewal of spring this week in the midst of chaos. To remember the beauty in our world, here’s a poem that shows spring breaking through on my magical trail.


The trail weaves through the forest

Winding around logs of past lives

It takes me past a mysterious pit

While brushing the edge of wilderness.

I meander slowly on the red dirt

Like a river on a warm summer day.

Each step brings me closer to my soul

As spring magic sprinkles the trail

Awakening the beauty of renewal

It rises from its quiet hibernation

With a long stretch, its eyes open.

It embraces me in a cyclic cuddle

That flows through me an awareness.

Each tree becomes a welcomed friend

The birds are now my exclusive guides

While the insects teach me about life.

This eternal nexus tethers me to the moment

Grateful, my meditative walk continues

Guided only by the magic on my trail.


It’s time for the 2020 Spring “Books That Changed Me” List! Watch for it this week.

If you are subscribed to my newsletter it will come out Friday! Check your emails for it on 3-20.

Stay safe everyone while you embrace your inner child by reading a good book! D. L. Finn


30 thoughts on “Welcoming Back Spring, A Poem”

    1. Thank you, Jacqui;) We got winter back, 18 inches of wet snow and counting…lol.

  1. A vibrant poem to welcome back the return of spring! I saw my first robin the other day and felt like a giddy kid (or maybe I was embracing my inner child). Happy almost spring, Denise.

    1. I’m with you. Mae:) When that first robin comes so does that excitement of spring. Ours just arrived along with our dove. That sweet coo is so uplifting. Unfortunately, winter just returned and we are buried under 19 inches of wet snow. I hope the birds found a cozy spot to ride it out. Happy almost spring xo

    2. It might take a bit to melt. We ended up with over 2.5 feet, but very happy to have our power back again!

    1. Thank you, Jan:) We had some beautiful weather to inspire. Now back to winter…lol

    1. Thank you, Eden. I am doing well and very happy to have our power back after a big snowstorm! I hope you are staying and doing well, too, Eden xo

  2. Thanks so much, D.L., for these lovely thoughts expressed in your poem on Spring. Yes, I feel the need to hurry Spring along and when I venture into my garden despite the cold and wet Lancashire weather, Nature is awakening, Spring-flowering bulbs are determinedly pushing through mulch and my trees are beginning to bud. Enjoy the good Spring days, although here we might have a flashback to proper Winter even at the end of April. Have a pleasant weekend and stay safe. 🙂

    1. I agree it is nice to see spring peeking through even with winter making appearances. I hope you make out into your garden soon. I always look forward to see your pictures of it on Instagram.

  3. Lovely, Denise. Spring has finally arrived in our area and the robins are everywhere present. New Life, a New Beginning. YES!

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