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I’m excited to welcome the founder of #RRBC and #RWISA, author, Nonnie Jules on her “No Pedigree” Blog Tour!

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Hi, and thanks for dropping in on Day 6 of my NO PEDIGREE blog tour!  After today, there’s only one day left and I’m so grateful to those of you who have followed my tour thus far.  I’m especially grateful to Denise for hosting me today on her blog.  Here is just a snippet of Ch. 6 from my short story, NO PEDIGREE.  If you enjoy it, I do hope you’ll pick up a copy of the book!


 “Do you know who I am, girl?” Claire Tillotson had a reputation for making the lower class feel two feet tall.

“Uh, the name’s Baylee, and no, ma’am, I don’t believe I do,” Baylee replied, tapping her chin with her pencil, feigning innocence.

Mrs. Tillotson peered over the top of her glasses and raked her steely green eyes over Baylee, from head to toe. Her weak attempt at making Baylee nervous, failing.

“Should I … know you, that is?”  Baylee could feel the heat emanating from Mrs. Tillotson’s body.  Her now candy apple red complexion, a sure sign that her blood was boiling, gave her away.

“Isn’t your Motha that colored woman who works for Betsy Sinclair?” Mrs. Tillotson sneered.

Now, it was Baylee’s temperature on the rise.

“Ma’am, my Motha isn’t colored any more than you are,” Baylee snapped back, mimicking the woman’s Southern drag on the word.  “Now that we’ve cleared that up, once again, what … can … I …get you?”

Baylee had only one trigger – negative talk about her mom.

“How dare you speak to me that way, you little piece of white trash!”

“Claire!” Mrs. Tuttle reached for her chest with her left hand and across the table with her right, gently placing it atop Mrs. Tillotson’s in an awkward attempt to calm her down – clearly embarrassed at what had been said aloud.

Baylee wasn’t impressed by her gesture, though.  Her mom always said, ‘Birds of a feather, flock together,’ so witnessing Mrs. Tillotson’s blatant racist nature on display, was surely not a first for Mrs. Tuttle.


Growing up on the wrong side of the tracks, Baylee never quite fit in… anywhere. She was taunted and teased because her clothes had no designer labels, and spit upon because her only pair of shoes had holes in the bottom. The butt of many jokes, she was excluded from all social activities, sneered at by the parents of her peers after school as she waited for the bus, watching them drive away in their fancy cars; assaulted in the most unthinkable fashion.

Having been born to a white father and a black native American mother didn’t make things any easier. In fact, that circumstance made her life ten times harder – until the day she made them all stand up, take notice, and regret every ugly word and deed they had inflicted upon her.

Review by Author, D. L. Finn

5.0 out of 5 stars I highly recommend!

Reviewed in the United States on March 2, 2020

Edition Verified

“No Pedigree” is a short story able to convey so much in a few words. It tackled difficult subjects, including racism and poverty. Baylee was thrust into an elite high school where her mixed-race left her shunned and cruelly treated in a world of designer clothes and attitudes. Her mother worked hard to make ends meet, giving her daughter a good example of how not to give up. Baylee’s strength was the center of this story, especially when she suffered through a horrendous attack. Karma came to mind as it all played out to a satisfying ending. This was a well-written short read that I highly recommend.




Hi, I’m Nonnie JulesPresident & Founder of RAVE REVIEWS BOOK CLUB {RRBC} and RAVE WRITERS – INT’L SOCIETY OF AUTHORS {RWISA}.  As a writer who values the (polished) written word, it is my mission to help my fellow authors understand that their reputations as writers should be treated as rare treasure, and that the only way to be taken seriously in this business, is to ensure that your writing (no matter the forum) is impeccably written and well edited.  If not, you’re just another “Joe” with a pen who was the first to raise his hand when Amazon asked, “Hey, any old Joe out there wanna publish a book?  Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be good and there’s absolutely no hard work involved.”

FYI:  If you don’t care what you put out into the world, you’re just a laughingstock in the literary community … and your name is “Joe.”

Connect with Nonnie via Twitter:  @nonniejules

To purchase your own copy of NO PEDIGREE, https://www.amazon.com/NO-PEDIGREE-Really-Short-Story-ebook/dp/B083SB1RMN/

To learn more about Nonnie and other ways to connect with her, please drop in on her RRBC Author Page!

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47 thoughts on “Welcome to Day 6 of the “NO PEDIGREE” Blog Tour! @NonnieJules #RRBC #RWISA @4WillsPub”

    1. I’m happy to have you and your great story here, Nonnie:) Glad you like my dolphins.

  1. Thank you for hosting Nonnie today, Denise. I’m looking forward to reading No Pedigree. I just received the replacement for my broken Kindle and all my digital books magically transferred. No Pedigree popped up and beckoned. Happy days are here again! ♥

    1. Loved this excerpt, Nonnie! Baylee certainly had a lot of poise and control in the face of blatant racism and hatred – especially considering her age at the time. It makes me want to go back and read No Pedigree all over again!. Thanks for hosting, Denise!

      1. It’s what I do, John! I go back and read and read and read! It’s such a cool story. I love Baylee “bad-ass” 🙂

        Thanks for dropping in!

      2. I agree John, Baylee showed a strength and poise that was inspiring. Thanks for dropping by!

    2. Hi Gwen:) I recently dealt with Kindle issues on their end and got all my books back, too. I was happy to host. Enjoy your reading xo

  2. This excerpt from “No Pedigree” showed in a strong way, Baylee’s character as well as Claire’s lack of character! Thanks for hosting Nonnie today, Denise!

    1. I was happy to host, Jan! Yes, I agree, this excerpt did show Baylee’s strength and Claire’s weakness.

  3. Hi, Nonnie. Another awesome peek into No Pedigree! I am enjoying the book and should be finished reading this weekend. It’s hard to believe that race issues are still a thing in today’s world. So sad.
    Thanks for hosting, Denise. I hope you are having a lovely weekend, so far. 😀

    1. It is sad to see racism still so strong now, Rhani. I was happy to host:) Having a good weekend so far, hope you are, too!

    1. Thanks, Diana! It has been a fun tour to follow along.
      Doing well here. Kind of the same routine for me,though. Hope you are doing well, too!

  4. Hi Nonnie and congratulations on your tour. I have my copy and do intend to read it. Have a wonderful rest of your tour.

  5. Finally caught up on your blog tour, Non. So great to learn so much about your book and its background before diving in to reading it. Thanks so much for hosting, Denise!!

    1. I always love to learn the background to what I’m reading, Marlena:) I’m always happy to host!

  6. My students could learn a thing or two from Baylee’s ability to calm her reaction when confronted with ignorance and hate. This was such a great story, and I’m glad that you are helping highlight it, Denise. 🙂

    1. It’s not just the kids who could take a lesson from Baylee, Yvette, there are many many many adults who need these lessons.

      Thanks for following my tour! Greatly appreciated 🙂

    2. This would be a great story for teens to read. I’m very happy to highlight it, Yvette:)

  7. Dear Nonnie, I’m hoping to catch up on your blog tour. No Pedigree is a book that has stayed in my mind. I hope many folks have an opportunity to read it. Thanks Denise, for hosting Nonnie on this part of her journey.

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