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lots of snow

I recently wrote some poetry. The poems are on the darker side and right now I think something more positive is needed.  The gloom I felt in that moment will be shared later– maybe. They were written in the darkness of a power outage while I was snowbound, sick, and the news grew increasingly bad by the hour. So, here’s two poems I wrote while sitting in the forest just a few weeks before.

tulips and mountains



The forest is silent…

Not a woodpecker within its boundaries

But their past work is on display.

Broken trees still stand proudly reaching for the sky

Filled with abstract holes creating a stunning design

All from the bird’s simple search for bugs.

Some of their creations are arranged on the ground

Where the carpenter ant’s creativity takes over.

It is a limited forest engagement, though

The artwork will disappear into the landscape

Only to become part of another tree and concept

The woodpeckers will start all over again

One peck at a time, hunger pours into beauty.


I find peace here deep in the forest

Away from modern conveniences.

Sitting on a hard-cold bench

That’s long lost its visual appeal

I don’t mind; it’s my special place

Where I find heart amongst the beauty.

Its intelligence is more than a feeling

From the long-standing cedars, pine, and firs

Knowing wonder in the design of a pinecone.

I deeply breathe in health…

Releasing all the anger, frustration and worries

As the gentle winds caress my soul.

I know from the alertness of my dog

Others join in the moment, safely hidden

Deer, bears, raccoons, foxes, and rats.

They leave a bit of their presence

A welcome gift to me that I accept.

We all share this place…

A place we can be free under the sun

As it filters down into a healing

I’m grateful for my moment of peace.

My blogs in April will be all reviews since I’ve done a lot of reading this month. I’m taking off one Sunday for Easter. There will be special edition blogs to watch for.

Sorry I’ve been quiet on social media. I was processing what’s going on in our world, and focusing on family.

Embrace your inner child by reading a good book. Stay safe! D. L. Finn

30 thoughts on “Nature Poems”

  1. This positive, adapting to the world is perfect for what’s going on. Thank you, Denise.

  2. Such beautifully expressive poems, Denise. I totally understand having to process what is happening to our world. You are in my thoughts and positive energy is sent your way!

    1. Thank you, Jan xo. You are also in my thoughts and sending you lots of positive energy back:)

  3. “One peck at a time, hunger pours into beauty”…beautifully rendered Denise I love the way you see the woodpeckers’ urge to dig deeper. Lovely poetry.
    Stay positive dear friend, nothing is permanent in this world. Distant hugs. 🙂

    1. There is beauty in almost any situation if we only look deep enough. Yes, I agree nothing is permanent. Sending hugs back.

  4. Hi, Denise. I love the poems. It can be difficult to process everything that’s going on, especially for a sensitive soul such as you. Remember that this too shall pass. Take good care of yourself, my friend. <3 xo

    1. Thank you, Vashti. It definitely is for all of us creative souls. Yes, it will pass and my hope we come out stronger and healthy. Stay safe, too, Vashti. xo

  5. These are very beautiful poems, Denise. I love the one about the woodpecker. I raised a Hoopoe bird which is from the woodpecker family when I was a teenager. They are fascinating creatures to watch.

  6. Thank you, Robbie:) What a cool experience to raise a Hoopoe and observe something so special as a teen. We learn so much being around animals and birds.

  7. Thanks for the poems on nature, D.L. and yes, I feel the same, sometimes one needs to take time out and focus on family, especially in these uncertain times. Keep safe and let those beautiful thoughts keep flowing. Kind regards, Maretha

    1. Thank you, Maretha:) I hope you and your family is staying safe. Sending lots of hugs xo

    1. Thanks, Sandra:) It was a beautiful day walking amongst the tulips a couple years ago. Xo i hope the same for you.

  8. You put her heart onto the paper and that is a rare skill. And what a beautiful heart it is! ♥

    1. Thank you, Gwen. I’m so happy to hear you can connect to the words. Sending you lots of hugs xo

    1. Thank you, Julie:) I was just sitting out on my bench in the forest today. I really love that spot and so happy that the poem resonated with you. Hugs!

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