Poetry to head into summer with…


Four of my cats remain indoor muses

Only one now ventures outside.

He is a tiger cat, who was once a feral

But he is gentle and loves my company.

Our dog travels in both realms.

Both animals had shunned each other…

Until something changed–a miracle.

One day their wariness of each other…

It was forgotten.

The feral cat and dog greeted each other…


Fear floated away and they soon became friends

There is no more flinching when they touch.

As they head into their twelfth year

My muses have gained a new best friend…

They now rush to greet each other in joy.

They both sit by me…

Keeping me company in the peace

Encouraging me in creation

Keeping each other safe.

My wise muses brave the trails with me

It’s our peaceful world together

The three of us walk into the forest’s soul

Given a bond only found in love.

A love that I hope can reflect into the world.


The horizon offers me the world.

It rolls out into forever

Like a tree-covered carpet

Into the mountains.

It is a glance into possibilities

Of abundance offered to all

The horizon gives my soul the hope…

Of what life can offer… if we only believe.


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4. Happy Father’s Day to all you amazing Dads. That wish includes our fur babies Dads!

Embrace your inner child by reading a good book. And remember when the cat and dog lost their fear, they became friends. D. L. Finn

30 thoughts on “Poetry to head into summer with…”

  1. I love both of these poems, Denise. But the one about your cat and dog friendship is just beautiful! However, the first line of “Horizon” makes my heart sing! Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Jan 🙂 Their friendship inspires me to hope for more in our world. I’m happy to hear your heart sang, yay!

    1. They are so cute together. This was a dog who wanted nothing to do with cats before. So it was a huge change of heart. Thanks, Mae. That was a recent back of the Harley poem:)

    1. Thanks Robbie. They are do cute together now. Before our dog disliked cats and our cat was afraid of dogs it was a huge shift.

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