#Tanka Tuesday Challenge #PhotoPrompt! @ColleenChesebro #Poetry

Here’s my Tanka Poem for Colleen M. Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge #PhotoPrompt!

Colleen's Weekly Challenge pic



Exiting the trees

The old train tracks offer hope

Exhausted she slows down

There is no noise of pursuit

Exhilarated, she escapes.


Embrace your inner child with some poetry! D. L. Finn


42 thoughts on “#Tanka Tuesday Challenge #PhotoPrompt! @ColleenChesebro #Poetry”

    1. Thank you, Marje:) Yes, it is fun to have an open interpretation! I agree it is fun to see all the different perspectives.

  1. I;m always fascinated by the train tracks, especially when the track seems to go on forever but then disappears into the woods or mountains that may goes to a mysterious place. Your poem is perfect, Denise!

    1. Train tracks do seem to go on forever into new places, Miriam. I love trains and will ride one anytime I can.

      1. I love train rides too, Denise. We used to take train rides to San Diego or Santa Barbara. The longest train ride we took was from Denali to Anchorage in Alaska.

    1. They do draw us to distant horizons, Sandra:) So many possibilities. My muse is sticking to poetry and editing right now. Hope yours is being helpful. Hugs Xo

    1. Me too, Colleen:) Thank you, I had fun with that picture and my first poetry challenge!

    1. I love trains. Ive taken some rides through some incredible beauty. You have me curious how one took you to a new life and unexpected:)

    2. I’m sorry you had to hide out but it was sure meant to be that the train took you to your second husband!

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