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In the midst of chaos…
Where words are fear-filled
And actions nourish anger
There is a dismal judgment
And hopelessness is the new normal.
I sink into my chair in dark-despair
Until I hear a sound and wearily lookup
A pair of brown eyes hold my gaze.
Unworthy, a soothing spark surges through me
Confused, I’m gifted possibilities
Accepting, I’m filled with deep peace.
It’s here I find the absent affection…
Offered to me generously.
I reach out and revel in it.
Her tail wags knowingly
Reminding my inner child
There is another direction to take
I willingly choose it
And we walk the path together
My dog and I supported by nature
And… unconditional love.


Watch for a special edition blog this week, along with any challenges I’m doing!


Embrace your inner child with unconditional love! D.L. Finn

34 thoughts on “An August Poem #IARTG #ASMSG #WritingCommunity #poetry”

  1. Unconditional love softens the harsh realities. What a blessing to have it draw near. ♥ Beautiful.

  2. Your poem moved me, Denise. The joy that children and animals bring us with their never ending love and enthusiasm is always a source of hope and inspiration. We badly need that in today’s challenging world. Thanks so much for sharing this with us. 😊

    1. Thank you Soooz:) Animals and children do freely offer us hope and inspiration. They will stop with wonder and remind us to look again. It is much needed right now and at that moment I was given a gift.

    1. Thank you Jessica. They are so loyal and you can see the real person in how they treat them.

  3. This is so heartwarming, Denise. Just yesterday I was thinking about the unconditional love pets and animals give us. They have a way of easing the stress of everyday life. Wonderful poem!

    1. They do, Mae. If you look into their eyes it can lift you up 🙂 Playing with the cats wand is uplifting, too, as they remind me of life’s simple joy as the leap into the air chasing the string. Xo

    1. It’s wonderful to have a cat companion in the garden, Jacquie! I wish I could bury my head right now…lol

  4. There’s so much warmth in your poetry, Denise. The world disappointed us but the unconditional love of the innocent and loving pets remind us of ours. Beautiful!

    1. Thanks, Miriam:) It ceratinly can disappoint and we are so lucky to have that unconditional love to remind of where our heart needs to be during those times. xo

    1. Thanks, Diana:) If we allow ourselves to spend some time in their world it really does lift our cares away.

    1. Thanks, Sandra she does have a sweet face and never lets me out of her sight since we lost our other dog last year. xo

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