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Our kitty, Zuzu, expressing her thoughts on 2020 in a modern dance pose.

Things have been smoky in our forest with all devastating fires on the west coast. I had to get creative in finding ways to clear out the smoke that crept into the house. People were posting ideas and this is one of them, taping a heater filter on a square fan. I don’t have one of those fans so I improvised with this. It seems to be working, along with a couple of other fans too:

Staying indoors all the time in a worried state isn’t a healthy way to live. So, I pulled out the Halloween decorations:

Only poetry has come easy for me lately, besides revising. So, I’m sharing a recent Tanka poem.  I was going to save it for October, but since I’ve already decorated…

The Moment

The howling begins

As the full moon approaches

This is the moment of change

When the wolf sheds fur for skin

The night he walks as a man.


1. There will be no weekly blog on September 27th. I will be on vacation:) I’ll be back on October 4th with reviews.

  2. If you are a monthly newsletter subscriber watch your email for it later today.

  3. My time on social media and blogs will be limited this week. Not sure if I’ll be able to participate in the challenges.

Embrace your inner child by reading a good book. D. L. Finn

23 thoughts on “Some random thoughts and a #Tanka #Poem! #filters #cats #halloween #poetry #IARTG #ASMSG #WritingCommunity”

    1. Thanks, Lynda! We got two wonderful smoke-free days. I went outside and enjoyed them. I hope we get one of those on vacation so we can take a ride. A break is much needed. Hope all is well with you. Looking forward to reading your latest! Xo

    1. I wish I was as limber too, Jacquie:) Glad you got a smoke break there. We had one for two days and I enjoyed the sun and fresh air, but it came back. I do have fun with Halloween. Hugs.

  1. I’m so happy you are taking a vacation from usual responsibilities. This is such a demanding time — you need to find a hide-a-way where you can relax and enjoy life. BTW, beautiful Tanka and I love your Halloween decorations!

    1. I agree, Gwen. It is important to take that mental vacation even it its at home. I’m hoping we get a smoke free day to enjoy a ride. Thank you, I always enjoy Halloween:) xo

  2. What a great idea to help combat the smoke, Denise! I know being restricted to the indoors can be depressing, especially when you live in such a beautiful paradise, but kudos to you for getting into the Halloween spookiness! I love the poem! That last line – the night he walks as man…WOW! Prayers that the fires are soon a distant memory!

  3. Thank you, Jan. We got a couple of smoke-free days after a month straight and it was wonderful to go outside! I’m hoping we get another break on vacation so we can go on a ride. Hopefully we will get some early rain.

    I always enjoy Halloween and I’ve been a fan of werewolves, or like-minded creatures so I had fun with that poem:) xo

  4. ZuZu is such a cutie!
    I am sorry you’re still having all the issues with smoke out there. It’s so scary what is going on. Living on the east coast it’s hard for me to imagine. Praying for your safety and that things clear up so you can enjoy your beautiful outdoors again.

    The Halloween decorations are lovely, and as a long-time werewolf fan, I loved the Tanka!

    1. Thanks, Mae:) I’m a big werewolf fan too. I did switch this up to fit a prompt picture:)
      Zuzu is entertaining and that pose cracked me up.
      We had smoky days for a month but finally had our first smoke-free two days which I was so grateful for. I enjoyed the sun and blue skies. Hoping to get another break this week, fingers crossed. It’s hard to wrap my head around the loss from the fires. Hoping for early rains. Xo

    1. Thank you Balroop 🙂 Yes so grateful for the clear air. I think we are getting more this week, here. Really does uplift my mood. 🙂 xo

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