‘Fiction In A Flash Challenge’ Week #25 #IARTG #FlashFiction #WritingCommunity #WritingPrompts @pursoot #Haibun #Haiku #Poetry

Here’s  Suzanne Burke’s:

‘Fiction In A Flash Challenge’ Week #25 New Image Prompt! Join in the fun!#IARTG #FlashFiction #WritingCommunity #WritingPrompts @pursoot

I’m halfway through with my NaNo Challenge, hitting 25,000 words today. The story is finally flowing with more ideas I’m adding in. So, I celebrated by doing the image prompt this week. Plus, I couldn’t pass this picture up!

This is a Haibun Poem, which is a prose paragraph and a Haiku combined.


The dusty-book aroma filled me with happiness. The old house was mine now, including this exquisite library. My hand brushed over some of the great classics Treasure Island, Moby Dick, Pride and Prejudice, The Great Gatsby, and Little Women. I sneezed as I continued to rescue the collection from its grimy lair. There would be hours of reading seated by a roaring fire. I breathed in gratitude, knowing all my dreams had come true. Then, I ran across a book that would not budge. A heavy tug revealed what was hidden.

The bookcase a door

A stale room with one rare book

Gutenberg Bible.

29 thoughts on “‘Fiction In A Flash Challenge’ Week #25 #IARTG #FlashFiction #WritingCommunity #WritingPrompts @pursoot #Haibun #Haiku #Poetry”

      1. I hope we never lose libraries they are such a treasure full of some much to explore. xo

    1. Thanks, Jacqui:) I kept writing even if it was about them eating dinner…lol Finally the direction kicked in. I enjoy this form of poetry, its like a mini story.

    1. Thank you Sandra! I had fun imaging finding that book. It’s nice to get over the half way hump. xoxo

    1. Wouldn’t that be amazing? I’m the one who always searches through all the old books people want to get rid of. Never know:)

    1. Thank you Jan. That picture really spoke to me. Fingers crossed I pass over that finish line. xoxox

    1. Thank you, Balroop. I couldn’t resist that image. I’m moving along well with the story thanks to the characters. xoo

  1. It would be a dream come true to discover a copy of the Gutenberg Bible! This is such a great take on the prompt. thanks for finding the time to join in again, Denise. Huge congrats at that 25k milestone on the NaNo journey. I’ve just shared you post on the challenge site. 😊

    1. Wouldn’t it be, Soooz? Your image really called to me, I couldn’t resist and glad it led to the book. Thank you, the challenge seems overwhelming but I keep writing if even if its to have dinner with the characters. Nice way to get to know them. xoxo

      1. That’s an awesome way to get to know your characters. Dinner could get interesting at my place One of my pivotal protagonists in a new wip thinks dinner means a bottle of Jack Daniels with a side order of Tequila. Groan. 😊

  2. Congratulations, Denise, on your word count! As for the image prompt, who wouldn’t want a bookcase with a secret entrance and a rare book stashed behind it.

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