#TANKA TUESDAY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 205, #POET’SCHOICE #Haiku #Haiga #WritingCommunity @ColleenChesebro

Here’s Colleen Chesebro’s #TANKA TUESDAY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 205, #POET’SCHOICE.  I’m using a picture I took and adding in a Haiku, which when combined is a Hagia. For more information on Syllabic Poetry check out Colleen’s Cheatsheet.

Every year I make a calendar for my family and friends using my photographs. I decided to branch out and add my Haigas. Here’s the one I’m using for December.

The picture was taken the year my husband, son, and I took a scenic drive on Christmas day because we celebrated with the family the day before. It was an amazing adventure for us, including some four-wheeling in the snow. We ended up in Reno and had a burger feast.

The three trees reminded me of the three wise men.



34 thoughts on “#TANKA TUESDAY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 205, #POET’SCHOICE #Haiku #Haiga #WritingCommunity @ColleenChesebro”

    1. Thank you, Lisa:) I enjoy making the calendar, it gives me a good reason to be out taking pictures. There have been years I’ve wanted to skip doing it but I’ve been encouraged to do it.

    1. Thank you Jan. It’s a lot of fun to do and I thought adding in the Haikus could blend two things I love. Xo

  1. Thank you, Jacquie:) I have a few of my pictures framed from when I entered them in the local fair. I haven’t tried with the words added.

    1. Thanks Sandra. We need your dance. They might shut our power down next week for fire danger…
      Almost have the book ready to publish…fingers crossed.

    1. Thank you, Colleen:) I’ve done my photos for years and thought this would be a fun change.

    1. Thank you Karen. I’m enjoying doing it, but learned I needed to have them sized right. I’m excited to see the final outcome. Xo

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