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I’m VERY excited to have Sandra Cox here today to share the release of her exciting new book, “Gwen Slade Bounty Hunter”!

My review is at the end of the post.

Thanks so much for having me today, Denise.

Old West Factoid:

There were bounties in the thousands for some outlaws, i.e. Jesse James. But the majority of the bounties were in the low hundreds or less.

Bounty hunter Gwen Slade always gets her man. Until she meets charming outlaw Jordie Kidd.

After Jordie saves her family, she finds she can’t in good conscience turn him in, even if he is worth a thousand dollars dead or alive. Instead she sets her sights on the meanest, most-wanted gang in Kansas. Gwen always works alone until she goes after the gang then finds herself partnering with an unlikely source.

This time around, not only her life, but her heart is on the line.



“Hello, in camp.”

She cursed under her breath as she recognized the voice.

“Come in and keep your hands where I can see them.”

Jordie Kidd rode in.

“What are you doing here?”

“I’m coming with you.”

Her jaw went slack and she stared at him. Recovering herself, she snapped it shut. “No, you’re not.”

“Yes, Gwen. I am.”

He swung out of his saddle.

“Get back on your horse and ride out of here.” For emphasis, she motioned with Betsy.

She might as well have saved her breath she thought in irritation as he loosened the saddle girdle of his Appaloosa.

“If what I hear about you is true, we’re the two fastest guns in Kansas and we’ll still be at a disadvantage going up against those boys.”

“Don’t you understand English? You aren’t coming with me.”

“Worried about your virtue?” He threw her an amused look.

“No. And even if I were it wouldn’t have anything to say to the matter. Now get on out of here.”  She motioned again with Betsy.

“I’m not going anywhere. Get used to it. I’ll sleep on this side of the campfire if it makes you feel better.” He motioned to the far side of the fire. “Though we’d be a sight warmer if we were sharing some body heat. Strictly platonic you understand.” He flashed that disarming grin again.

She stared, trying to figure out how the situation had gotten so quickly out of her control. Throwing up her free hand, she set down Betsy, dug into her saddlebag and tossed him a piece of jerky. “You can ride with me to the next town, but that’s as far as you’re going.


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About Sandra Cox

Sandra is a vegetarian, animal lover and avid gardener. She lives with her husband, their dog and cats in sunny North Carolina.

Her stories consist of all things western and more.

She can be found at .   If you’d like to stay abreast of what’s going on in her world and any new releases you can send a note in her comment form while you are there.  Or simply sign up on the follow by email request form. Her twitter handle is: Sandra_Cox and her Amazon page is


Gwen Slade, Bounty Hunter

by Sandra Cox

Gwen is a young woman who’s raising her little brother with the help of a family friend, Chen. She took after her father, who was a Bounty Hunter. After a job, she comes home to a man who saved her family from a would-be robber. The hero, Jordie, leaves the minute the sheriff arrives. Gwen finds out that Jordie is wanted, but she doesn’t go after him after saving her family. Gwen wants to move to Montana and start a new life on a horse ranch, so she takes the job of catching three of the worst outlaw brothers. I love Gwen’s strength and ability to take care of herself in a time when women were more dependent on men. Promising one last job to her little brother, she sets off, against the sheriff’s advice, to catch her outlaws and earn her big retirement payoff. She ends up with an unexpected partner. I love the relationship that develops between them on the trail. There are great conversations and plenty of action. As the two learn about each other, a dog finds them. You can’t help but fall in love with these amazing characters or the dog. I didn’t expect a couple of twists, and the scenery was detailed, making me feel like I was along on the ride. This is an exciting Western romance that I didn’t want to end, but it did, and very satisfactorily. I hope we aren’t done hearing from Gwen Slade. She’s a wonderful heroine. I highly recommend “Gwen Slade, Bounty Hunter.” Five-Stars!


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  1. Thank you, Denise for this fantastic showcase and wonderful review! I’m heading to Amazon for my copy. Congratulations, Sandra!

    1. I like you named your car, Jacquie:) It makes me laugh think of a car and a gun with the same name. But they both goes forward so I think it works…lol.

  2. This sounds like a darn tootin’ fun novel. I thinks it’s just the thing to brighten up our New England snowy winter. Thanks for the intro to Sandra and the review, Denise!

    1. Thanks, Sally:) Books are always a great present, especially to ourselves:) Happy reading! Xo Sending hugs

  3. Somehow in the craziness of my book tour, I missed this post. This new book from Sandra Cox sounds like a really good read! Thanks for sharing, Denise!

    1. Book tours do require a lot of attention, and yours was a good one:)
      It is a good read, Jan. I’ve become very fond of Westerns.xo

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