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I haven’t been writing as much as I normally do over the last several months. It was only poetry I could turn to, and even then, not as often. This new year brought in with it lots of hope, but I don’t think our past lessons are quite done with us and add more worry to our lives.

So, one way I clear out my worries is poetry and nature. Sitting outside and taking in the forest’s splendor surrounding me is healing.

When I sit on my cement bench with pen and paper, the words find their way into my pink journal. At that moment, my soul has opened.

Here’s a Tanka I wrote a couple of weeks ago.



Winter’s sweet silence

Quietly I exhale

Into the frigid air

Along my magical trail

Here is where I find my peace.


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Embrace your inner child with poetry! May we all find that peace we are seeking. D. L. Finn

18 thoughts on “When Poetry is Healing. #poetry #tanka #writingcommunity #poem #nature #naturepoetry #IARTG #ASMSG #healingpoetry”

  1. Oh I love this, Denise. I’m with you about this past year and the present. Nothing is more healing for me than nature. Thank you for this beauitul reminder. 💗

    1. Isn’t nature amazing? All my problems slip away when I’m in the forest or by the ocean. oxox Thanks, Gwen

    1. It really does, Mae. One of those few peaceful times of pure silence. It offers so many possibilities to open up and really hear. Thank you xo

  2. A wonderful way to de-stress and open up, Denise. Nature sure is healing and calming. Poetry is something I turn to when my emotions are heightened, and it always helps. Sending healing hugs your way. Oh, and I am soooo intrigued now about your ‘exciting news’! I’ll be watching this space 🙂

    1. Nature definitely is soothing and healing. I do the same thing when my emotions are confused or heightened, I write it out in poetry. When I get back to nature I know I’ve purged it. Thanks, Harmony xo

  3. Though 2021 brings with it lots of hope, we aren’t quite done with the dark days, are we. I’ve also found writing a strain. But we’ll get through these tough months and things will brighten. I’m holding out hope. And you’re right about nature, Denise. It’s there to bring us constancy, peace, and comfort. A gorgeous poem. <3

    1. No those dark days are still lingering. You are right we do get through tough times and find the brightness waiting. Nature always brings me that peace and comfort, especially if I can just sit and be. We are lucky it is there for us. Thank you, Diana! Xo

    1. Thank you, Joan 🙂 You captured that perfectly there is healing in the words in tune with nature!

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