‘Fiction In A Flash Challenge 2021.’ Week #41. @pursoot #IARTG #FlashFiction #WritingPrompts #WritingCommunity #99words #flashfiction

Here’s Suzanne Burke’s ‘Fiction in a Flash Challenge 2021’ #41.

This week I decided to write a very short story where I used 99-words. No more, no less.


I stood every night on the edge of the precipice. My tears had stopped flowing, but the valley hadn’t stopped burning. Everything I’d known was gone. Only my father heeded the signs and prepared our escape. Unfortunately, he could only take my baby brother and sisters. He sent mother and me to the mountain, promising to return. Mother never left the cave but kept our fire going. I caught fish and lugged our water from the icy stream. She insisted we were the only ones alive, but I believed. Tonight, my dreams were answered as my father’s balloon appeared.

22 thoughts on “‘Fiction In A Flash Challenge 2021.’ Week #41. @pursoot #IARTG #FlashFiction #WritingPrompts #WritingCommunity #99words #flashfiction”

  1. Alexander Pope wrote’ Hope springs eternal in the human breast” You have captured that so perfectly in your micro-flash piece. I have just had the pleasure of sharing this post. Thanks so much for joining in the fun. 😊

    1. It was really hard to squeeze a story into 99 words…lol. My theory is they found a beautiful place to start over and had a wonderful life.

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