June 7th Tree Fairy Blog Stop! #newrelease #childrenbook #middlegrade #fairies #writingcommunity #summerreading

Hi! Today the fairies and I are visiting fellow Story Empire Author, Gwen Plano! Gwen was one of the first people who reached out to me when I started publishing my books—and was my first interview! Her words and presence are a constant inspiration to me.

Please stop by and say hello:)


15 thoughts on “June 7th Tree Fairy Blog Stop! #newrelease #childrenbook #middlegrade #fairies #writingcommunity #summerreading”

    1. I’ve added most of my typed stuff onto my computer. I do have a folder from high school of stories written way back when. At least I had handwriting I could read when I was young. Not now though…lol. I’ve been meaning to hunt down my old typewriter, it’s somewhere in the garage.

      1. Yes, back in those days, your handwriting had to be legetable. I read a document my hubby filled out when her was 12. I could read every letter. Right now I can’t read any of his writing 😂.

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