COLLEEN’S 2021 WEEKLY #TANKA TUESDAY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 232, #SPECIFICFORM @ColleenChesebro #writingcommunity #indieauthors #poem

Here’s Colleen Chesebro 2021 Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge #232. This week she challenged us to take a favorite form of poetry, change it up, and give it a new name.

So, I took the Tanka form of 5-7-5-7-7-7 and changed it to 7a-5x-7a-5b-5x-5b. I not only altered the syllable placement but added in some rhyming and called it a Ranka Poem 🙂

With the drought and fire danger that surrounds so many, including me, this poem came to mind of a careless match thrown and the destruction it can cause.

oppressive summertime heat

a silent forest

dry leaves crunch under bare feet

two well-lit matches

careless disposal

death’s fire attaches.

47 thoughts on “COLLEEN’S 2021 WEEKLY #TANKA TUESDAY #POETRY CHALLENGE NO. 232, #SPECIFICFORM @ColleenChesebro #writingcommunity #indieauthors #poem”

    1. Thanks, Staci. It was fun playing around and coming up with something new.. i can’t help but think of fires with the holiday and people shooting off illegal fireworks.

    1. Thanks, Susan. I’m hoping people will be more aware especially this weekend.

    1. Thanks, Balroop. Fingers and toes crossed we make it safely to healthy rainy season!

  1. Oh my goodness, Denise! This is brilliant and ends with such an ominous thought. Here’s hoping the wild fires stay away this year!

    1. Thank you, Jan and all to real. I keep a watery aura around the house hoping that helps, although it does encourage plumbing issues… lol

  2. You’re very creative, Denise! The wildfires season just started. The president met with the leaders on the west coast including CA governor to look at the situation. This year’s wildfires will be worse than last year. That is horrifying as indicated in your poem. No fireworks for the 4th this year.

    1. Thanks, Miriam. I hope they came up with a quick solution for this crisis. PGE is starting to pul some lines underground FINALLY. One near us but that was after they spent a fortune replacing the same lines and equipment recently. We’ve done all we can do living within a forest. I do worry about the wild animals too and how they will survive a fire. Fingers crossed a rainy season starts early.

    2. They are still doing firework up here but not at the safe fairgrounds where it’s usually done, but at a lot surrounded by dry trees. Luckily the fire department will be there, but still.

      1. Taking about the color version of your book, I did created a color version of Songs of Heartstrings, and a hardcover, color version on B&N. Even if I don’t sell those copies, I could have a few copies for myself and family.

  3. Wow, Denise. Profound message there. We were in a similar situation ten years ago in Texas. It was scary times. Hoping things improve for your area.

  4. Thank you, Joan. It’s hard to completely relax worrying when there’s wind and heat. This weekend with people doing illegal fireworks will be a challenge. Hopefully rainy season will come very early.

    1. Thanks, Robbie 🙂 It was fun but definitely required some extra thought!

    1. Thanks, Diana 🙂 It was fun to take on something new and a challenge. We are definitely in fire season, it’s like its as dry as September already. You stay safe too! Xo

  5. Well done. Adding rhyme and changing rhythm. Too bad about careless folks. More than one careless person has caused forest fires. Even home fires. As my family is full of volunteer and compensated firefighters I have heard too many stories.
    One of the same woman who left candles burning on a table – twice and twice the house burnt down.

    1. Thanks, Jules 🙂 That’s crazy to do the same thing twice that burnt the house down. Didn’t learn her lesson. We knew a man who didn’t want to cut up his firewood and fed it into his woodstove. Everyone warned him not to but he continued until one time he fell asleep and burnt the house down, and he didn’t escape the fire. Hopefully people will learn to treat the power of fire with respect.

  6. You’re so talented! We’re under critical fire zone in British Columbia, as well, with 75 fires going at the moment and one that ripped through the town of Litton and destroyed 95% of the buildings.
    Stay safe!

    1. Awe, thanks Jacquie:) I heard about Litton, how horrible! Crazy temperatures and I hope the fire danger subsides soon. Stay safe! Xo

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