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Cold Dark Night

by Joan Hall

I read the prequel to this story, “House of Sorrow,” and loved that, so I was eager to read the first book in the Legends of Madeira Series. Jason and Tami Montgomery left Driscoll Lake for Jason’s new job as the town’s police chief in Madeira, New Mexico. They buy the house that was in the prequel and quickly settled into the small, mostly welcoming town. It was nice to see characters from the Driscoll Lake series, but unnecessary to have read those books to appreciate this story. I enjoyed Jason’s growth and how he approached his new job. Tami immediately made friends and got involved in the town’s historical society that was doing a book on the town’s history. Tami, who had been a journalist, jumped right into her part of researching past police chiefs. She soon found herself looking for more answers as she dug deeper into the murder mystery of two of these chiefs. I loved the characters, and Madeira was a place I’d like to visit. Many subplots were woven in that added an extra depth to the story. Tami was a favorite character, as was the neighborhood’s stray cat, Oscar. There was a mystery to be solved, and it appeared Jason was in danger. I had a few guesses and changed my mind more than once, but finally, by the end. I realized who it was, but not why. I love the use of legends, history, and psychic abilities mixed in with well-rounded characters and a mystery that goes back over one hundred years. This is a nicely paced read that I can highly recommend.

Dead of Winter, Journey 6 — The Fluting Fell

by Teagan Riordain Geneviene

I have loved the journey through “Dead of Winter.” Journey 6 offered some answers, but also added more questions. Emlyn is pulled into another’s dream and experienced a horrible time in the other dreamer’s life. That moment made it clear what evil the group was dealing with. After the reactions to the shared dream, they continue on their way. I love where they make camp for a while. I could easily imagine the old mansion through the vivid descriptions. Learning more about the household, and interacting with ghosts made this one another page-turner. They ended up in a strange place that didn’t appear to be safe, but it certainly set the stage for the upcoming Journey 7, which I can’t wait to read.

Word Craft: Prose & Poetry: The Art of Crafting Syllabic Poetry

by Colleen M. Chesebro

In “Word Craft: Prose & Poetry” Ms. Chesebro has written a detailed guide of syllabic poetry. There’s history, instructions on writing the poem, several examples, and then the information is recapped for each form. Section one of the book offers Japanese Syllabic Poetry. Here are the chapters covered, Haiku, Senryu, Haiga, Tanka, Gogyohka, Haibun, Tanka Prose, and Renga. Then the second section is the American Syllabic Poetry. The types covered here are Crapsey Cinquain and all variations, Etheree, Nonnet, and Shadorma. Although I’ve spent years writing free verse poetry, I’ve come to love syllabic poems too, thanks to Ms. Chesebro. This is a fantastic guide to learn about syllabic poetry and how to write them. I will buy the paperback version for a quick reference to a style I want to try or simply refresh my memory on writing a certain type of poem. I highly recommend this guide for all poets who love this style or would like to learn about it.

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  1. Good reviews! Cold Dark Night is a fun mystery. The small town setting is awesome. I enjoyed Dead of Winter Journey 6 too, and I just finished Journey 7, like literally 90 seconds ago. It’s a good one! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on Chesebro’s book. I do get lost and frustrated when trying to write poetry (of any kind), so I’m glad to know there are helpful guides out there.

    1. Thanks Priscilla:) I finished Journey 7 a few days ago and and loved it like I did the rest. Such a good story. I’ve always loved doing freeverse, but find Haikus and other types a lot of fun. This book is a great resource if you are interested in it. I agree Cold Dark Night is a great mystery, which I always enjoy. Happy reading!

    1. The paperback hasn’t quite made it to my shelves, yet, because I keep finding reasons to go back to it! Thank you, Colleen 🙂 I love how poetry allows us to express that take of life. Thanks for all you do for the poetry community xoxo

  2. Thanks for the lovely review of Cold Dark Night, Denise. The only time I attempted to write poetry was when I was in high school. (Except for a writing class a few years back where I had to write Haiku.) But I’m usually lost when it comes to poems. You are a gifted poet and I admire those who can write it.

    1. I’m looking forward to the next book, Joan 🙂 I’ve always loved free verse and found it a good way to express what I saw or was going on inside better than if I tried to say it. I tried writing a Haiku as a challenge of trying something new. I’ve learned a lot since then and it’s great there is a book I can use as a reference to keep going. Thank you, Joan, I think it helps I love writing it so much xo

  3. Three wonderful authors, Denise. What great reviews!

    I’ve read Joan Hall’s Cold Dark Night and was riveted from page one. I’ve been enthralled by all of her books, but this one is my new favorite. Teagan is an imaginative story teller and Colleen weaves poetry on a beautiful loom of words. Congratulations to all three. Many thanks for sharing.

    1. Cold Dark Night was such a great setting and storyline, you may be right about it being her best! I enjoy Teagan’s imagination for sure! She never disappoints. Yes, Colleen can weave together some beautiful words and I’m glad I have a guide to help me along. Thanks, Mae 🙂

  4. Wonderful reviews, Denise. And an eclectic mix of genres. Congratulations to all the authors, and best wishes to them. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  5. What a wonderful surprise to find your review right after I was finally able to get Internet again, Denise. I’m thrilled that you are enjoying Dead of Winter. What a beautifully done review. I realize it can’t be easy with shorter volumes like these.
    You have really made me interested in Joan’s book. She’s getting a ton of good press.
    Enjoy your vacation. Stay safe. Hugs on the wing!

  6. I’m so glad you got your internet problem finally resolved and your new one is working for you! Yay! Each journey has a different flavor to comment on, so that’s very helpful when I review. Yes, Joan’s new book has been getting a lot of good press, and it’s much deserved!

  7. Fantastic reviews, Denise! I absolutely need to get started on Teagan’s new series. I keep saying that, then forgetting until I see another amazing review. I loved “Cold Dark Night!” Great story. Thank you for sharing!

    1. Thanks, Jan 🙂 It’s a great series that I think you’ll enjoy! Cold Dark Night was a great story for sure.

  8. Great reviews, Denise. I have all three of these, but have only gotten to Colleen’s so far. I’ve been buying books faster than I can read them! Hopefully another great month of reading ahead. Enjoy!

    1. Thanks, Diana:) I have the same problem I can’t keep up with the books I buy! Luckily reviews I read remind me of some of the buried books. Here’s to another great month of reading.

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