Stop by and say hi! Vocal Challenge, “That Moment.” #writingcommunity #indieauthor #challenge #writingchallenge

Hi! I’ve been inspired by stories written by Staci Troilo, Harmony Kent, and John Howell over on Vocal. So, I decided to give a challenge a try. Here is the challenge I did as described on site: “Coming of Age. Share a story about the time or event in your life that changed everything.”

So I took the theme and wrote a singular event that gave me a new perspective on life. It may be a heavy read, but it gave me the faith and strength to be the person and writer I am today.

If you like it, I’d appreciate a heart 🙂 Here’s the link:


35 thoughts on “Stop by and say hi! Vocal Challenge, “That Moment.” #writingcommunity #indieauthor #challenge #writingchallenge”

  1. Thank you for sharing this very heart touching story, Denise! It was a sad experience you had to made, but it forced you to walk your way, like you personally wanted to do. Have a nice week! xx Michael

    1. I’ll comment here, since there doesn’t seem to be a place there. Very close POV on the story, lots of real, genuine feeling. I don’t know if it’s a true memoir or not, but it feels authentic, like a real memoir should. Nicely structured, and the lack of a saccharine ending is very believable. : )

      1. I appreciate you commenting here. No, I haven’t seen a place to comment there either. Unfortunately and fortunately it did happen to me. I’ve struggled writing about it, even in my memior, so I’m happy you felt it coming across to you. Thank you, Cathleen 🙂

    1. I keep wanting to write a story about near death experiences, and hope to come up with an idea that I’m sure will go off in its own direction. Thank you for the heart and yes, but more ahead.

    1. Thank you, Mae for the heart. I’m glad it came across well, I tend to detach as I write parts of it, this time I made myself get in there more.

    1. Thank you, Karen. I think of that voice as my guardian angel and I’m very glad I heard it! Sending lots of hugs to you xo

  2. Jeez, D.L. An incredible story. Sad. Glad you paid attention to that voice that sent you back to do the living you still had inside you.
    I feel bad for the 14y.o. We don’t get to choose our families.
    Glad you shared the story.
    I couldn’t vote/like but I want you to know that I adored the way you told the story. Powerful. Thank you. Keep going. 👏 a winning story.

    1. Thank you, Selma. I’m glad I listened too 🙂 No, we don’t pick our family but we do get to create one as adults. I’m glad the story came across to you, it’s a hard one to tell. I really appreciate you commenting here! Xo

  3. Your story touched my heart and my soul. All that pain produced a wonderfully sweet person. I’m so sorry you endured needless pain, but your life is full of miracles now and you are a model of strength for all of us. 💗

    1. Thank you, Gwen. I’m glad the experience came across. We all seem to endure needless pain at some point but the miracle always seems to be waiting for us nearby. Sending you many hugs xo

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