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Here’s Colleen Chesebro’s Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge #246. This week it is the poet’s choice.

I went with a picture I took while waiting to pick up my husband after a surgical procedure. I couldn’t be inside with him due to COVID, so part of the time I sat in the hospital parking complex. Here’s where I saw a dolphin-shaped cloud. I immediately knew that meant he’d be okay, and he was. I wrote some poetry that day too and added one to the picture which makes this a Haiga Poem.


dolphin in the clouds swimming in heavenly skies washing love ashore

46 thoughts on “#TankaTuesday Weekly #Poetry #Challenge #246 @ColleenChesebro #haiga #haiku #poem #writingcommunity #poetrychallenge”

  1. The message came LoudAndClear in cLoud (as in icloud) and you paid attention and downloaded it. What loveliness. Yes. Glad you were present. Thanks for sharing this. Hope your husband continues to mend. You are blessed. Stay happy. Enjoyed reading this today.

    1. Thank you, Selma 🙂 I definitely was present and downloaded the experience. My husband is doing very well, and I am blessed. Xo

    1. It was and I wish I had gotten the picture when I first saw it was even clearer. Thank you, Staci.

  2. Denise, I’m so happy your husband made it through that surgery. Not being able to be inside with your loved one was the most frustrating thing I ever went through, so I totally understand how you felt. This is an awesome haiga! I love it. <3

    1. Thank you, Colleen and glad your husband is home and recovering. It is horrible not to be with our loved ones during these times. They told me come back in 8 hours, and going home wasn’t an option, it was too far so I found ways to keep busy and my phone always handy. Here’s to a complete healing period. xo

    1. I was surprised when I looked up and saw it. It was much more in form before I finally got the picture. Thank you, Pricilla 🙂

  3. I love dolphins ever since I painted the first ceramic dolphin when my daughter and I took a ceramic class together when she was about nine years old. I collected many dolphins in glass, ceramic, magnets, and many other forms.
    I wish to collect your cloud dolphin, Denise. Lovely poem of the dolphin washing the love ashore!

    1. How fun to take that class with your daughter, Miriam. I collect dolphins too. I love my wooden mother and baby that I found at a street fair years ago. Seeing them in person is breathtaking, I hope to see some soon. Yes, please collect the dolphin cloud. Thank you, Miriam 🙂

  4. This is beautiful, Finn! Glad your hubby is ok . It’s so nice you found comfort looking at the clouds, I’d call it a secret message from nature to you. Your poem is beautiful!

    1. Thank you, Elizabeth 🙂 I’m grateful how well he has recovered and doing. It definitely was a secret message from nature to me, I agree.

  5. Denise, sorry I’m late! I hope all is well with your husband. Dolphins are such healing, beautiful mammals. Great piece and that cloud is an uncanny resemblance to one. xo

    1. You are never late here, Eden 🙂 He is doing really well and we are seeing improvements like we’d hoped. Dolphins are sure beautiful and healing beings so I knew seeing that was a good sign. Xo

    1. I am too, Sandra! It was more defined when I first saw it. It took me a few moments to decide to take a photo. Xo

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