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Welcome to spring. I love this time of year when everything is growing and blooming. The birds have returned and the bees are back to collecting nectar for honey. This is the season of hope and wonder. Mother nature at her best. What a perfect time to read an amazing story, outside in all the beauty, if the weather allows. If not snuggle up inside and enjoy all the rebirth that surrounds us.

Like each season offers us something new, books do the same thing. Taking us on an exciting journey into the unknown, an insightful perspective, or a glimpse into a young character’s strength.

I’m excited to share the three spring books that changed me. I included both the blurb and my review again because I believe these books deserve a second look! Here they are in no particular order:


by Yvette M. Calleiro


Cici’s junior year in high school is going to be the best year ever. Popular co-captain of the varsity cheerleading team, she’s dating the starting quarterback. Even her jealous co-captain’s attempts to steal her boyfriend can’t curb her enthusiasm.

When her mom moves in with her fiancé, a handsome, wealthy man, only one small detail threatens Cici’s perfect life. The school’s social pariah is about to become her stepsister, and Cici wants nothing to do with her.

Everything changes when someone Cici cares about throws her life into a tailspin, and the one person Cici couldn’t stand becomes her only ally.

Warning: This story contains scenes of sexual assault.

My Review

“HYPE” is a YA story centered on Cici’s life at home and school. She is a popular co-captain of the cheering squad, and her boyfriend is the quarterback on the football team. Everything is perfect in her world, except her dislike of her co-captain, Nicole. But everything changes when her mother remarries, and she gets not only a stepdad but a new stepsister that everyone avoids at school. Cici’s POV is direct and takes the reader into her world. She can be shallow but has her world figured out until she doesn’t. Halfway through the story, there is a betrayal and horrible event that is painful to read, and my heart went out to Cici. Although Cici is a strong character that I was rooting for, I loved her stepsister Gaby/Grub’s complexity. How Cici’s relationships grow and change is skillfully reflected in what is happening in her life. This is a good read for not only YA readers but adults too. I highly recommend it.


 Things Old and Forgotten

by Mae Clair


A man keeping King Arthur’s dream of Camelot alive.
A Robin Hood battling in a drastically different Sherwood.
A young man facing eternity in the desert.
A genteel southern lady besting a powerful order of genies.
A woman meeting her father decades after his death.

These are but a few of the intriguing tales waiting to be discovered in Things Old and Forgotten. Prepare to be transported to realms of folklore and legend, where magic and wonder linger around every corner, and fantastic possibilities are limited only by imagination.

My Review

This is a wonderful collection of short stories, each with a unique flavor. The descriptions and images pulled me into each tale’s world. Although I enjoyed all the stories, many stood out including, “Robin of Sherwood,” “Miss Lilly Makes a Wish,” and “Father’s Day.” I loved the twist of a post-apocalyptic Robin Hood and saw all the favorite characters in a new yet familiar role. When Miss Lilly finds a lamp with a genie in it, it’s so much fun. I didn’t expect that ending or how she handled things. Then, in Father’s Day, there was a lot of raw emotion, along with a scenario that completely surprised me. These short stories were hard to stop reading. I had planned on going through the book at a leisurely pace, but found I needed to read just one more story. I highly recommend “Things Old and Forgotten.”


Flashes of Life: True Tales of the Extraordinary Ordinary

by Pamela Wight


Wow! Life goes by in a flash.

Philosophers and mystics ponder the mystery of these flashes. Pamela Wight writes about life flashes in her short stories that include family and friends, love and life’s challenges. Wight’s “Flash Memoir” promotes the belief that we all share sparks of the extraordinary that occur in our everyday life. Each short story is true and brings a smile of recognition to her readers: that life transports and enthralls us in all its confusing, amusing, challenging, and astonishing ways. Each story is light-hearted and short – like a flash – but be prepared for a page-turner that keeps you in your seat, smiling.

My Review

“Flashes of Life” is a charming collection of real-life tales. Ms. Wight shares micro-stories that are broken into eight sections and come from all stages of her life. Each one is a quick read that touches on everyday life. I could relate to each story. I found myself shaking my head in agreement with some of these tales, and a couple had me laughing out loud. I appreciated the gratitude weaved in, and it left me pondering on my blessings. The well-crafted writing brought me into Ms. Wight’s world, and I felt like I was sitting next to her on the beach, talking about life. A fantastic glimpse into the world of a daughter, mother, wife, friend, and grandmother. I highly recommend reading about these extraordinary ordinary tales!



Note: I will be off next week soaking up the new season! I hope you all have a great week 🙂





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    1. Thank you, Jacquie 🙂 I agree about everything Mae writes, never ran across anything I didn’t like!

    1. Thank you, Darlene 🙂 Both books I had to reshare. I’m looking forward to the week. I hope you enjoy yours.

  1. Hi, Denise. What a pleasure to find Things Old and Forgotten included here with books by Yvette and Pam. I am truly honored by your review and this share. ❤️

    1. It definitely needed to be on my best read books list, Mae! I hope it gets a lot more readers 🙂

    1. Thanks for adding your reccomendation, Craig 🙂 It was a good that had to be on this list.

  2. Thank you so much for including HYPE. 🥰 Cici thanks you for bringing attention to her powerful story. 😘 I’ve read Mae’s book and loved it. I’m off to check out Pamela’s books now. 😊

    1. HYPE needed to be on this list. A very powerful read. You will enjoy Pamela’s book.

  3. Wonderful reviews, Denise. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. So far, I’ve only read Mae’s (and it was fantastic). But all three sound great. Best wishes to all the authors.

  4. I’ve read “Hype” and “Things Old and Forgotten” and totally agree with you on both reviews. Great books! Thank you for sharing, Denise and congrats to these authors!

  5. Great shares, Denise. Congrats to Mae, Yvi, and Pam. I’ve read Hype and Things Old and Forgotten and will have to check out Flashes of Life too 💕🙂

  6. Congratulations, Yvette, Mae, and Pamela! I’ll read anything by Mae and Yvette and I will be checking out Pam’s book. Thanks for another great list, Denise.

    1. I’m with you about reading anything they write, Mark 🙂 I believe you will enjoy Pam’s book!

    1. Thanks, Gwen 🙂 Yes, definitely great reads. I have a feeling you’d enjoy Pam’s book too. Xo

  7. Wow! Wow wow wow. What a wonderful surprise for me to find this week. Sorry I’m so late. Had some minor surgery so I had to take a break from reading blogs for a while. Thank you thank you thank you!!

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